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10 DIY Empty Tin Cans Decor For Home

Decorating the home is something that most people love as everyone craves to stay in a beautiful place. Home decoration has an important space in people’s minds whenever they think of a home to stay in. apart from the basic requirements, home décor is something that no one wants to skip at any cost. Most of the time home décor can be very expensive so it is best if you can DIY home décor items to put up in your home. This would not only save a lot of your money but at the same time, you would also be able to curate innovative pieces for your home that would make your home look unique. Things would be great if you would be able to repurpose your old things to create beautiful décor items. You can also look around to pick something that you always throw into the bin. empty tin cans have to be one such thing that every house has but most people throw that but now you can create some of the best décor things out of the empty tin cans. Here are some of the amazing ways to use empty tin cans so that you can make empty can décor pieces:

Create Small Pots to Have Some Indoor Plants With empty tin cans.

Having indoor plants is something that would make your home look beautiful. Apart from beautifying your home, indoor plants would also attract positive vibes in your home so you would always feel fresh. You can set up some plants if you would repurpose empty tin cans. This would not only bring a use out of the empty can but at the same time, you would not have to spend on the plant pots. Here you have to wash the can perfectly and then cut the top part of the can so that it could look like a pot. Now your work is to paint the can in the best possible way. Here you can use your creative mind to paint the can and the last work would be to set the plants and put it in your home.

Empty tin can beautiful lights

Have Beautiful Light in Your Homemade Out to Empty Soda Cans:

Have you ever wondered how beautiful your home would look if you would have innovative lights in your home? If you would buy such things from the market then you would have bear a lot of expense so it is best to prepare such DIY home décor at home. Here you can use an empty can for the same. Take an empty can clean it and make sure you clean the outer as well as the inner side of the can. Now that you have clean silver can then you have to make holes in the can. Make as many holes as possible in the can and after you would do so then it is the time to fix a bulb inside the can. Light would peep through the holes to make the room look beautiful.

Wind Chimes out of tin cans

Wind Chimes Out of Some empty tin cans:

Wind chimes are one of the most beautiful décor pieces that you can have in your home. These are expensive and look extraordinary as well but now you can use cans to prepare this beautiful décor piece. This can be one of the best empty can décor items that you can prepare and have in your home. Here you would need 4-5 empty tin cans to prepare the wind chime. You have to clean the cans as usual and then you have to paint it in pretty colors. You can now tie all the cans in groups and hang it in the window. You can also attach some bells to enhance the sound of the wind chime. You would of course be able to sense melodious sound while the wind would flow in your home.

Flower decor with empty tin cans

Flower Vase Out of a Big Soda Tin Can:

A can flower vase is kind of similar to that of the can flower pot and even here you would be able to repurpose empty tin cans. Here you can use the biggest empty can that you have in your home. The good thing is that it is very easy to create the can flower vase that even kids can enjoy making it. To prepare the craft you have to put the top part of the can and then crush the can a bit to give it a crushed shape. The last work before putting up some beautiful flowers is to paint the vase. Here you can also paste some colorful beads on the vase to make it look beautiful.

Statement piece made up of tin cans

Statement Piece Made Up of Some Soda Cans:

Having a statement décor piece in the home would change the whole look of the home. You would love the concept if you are fond of ancient décor pieces. Here you have to DIY home décor with the help of an empty can. This would be fun to make and since there is no requirement of cutting the can so even kids can prepare this. All you have to do is to paint the can with a base color and then draw something that you like the most. You can draw a dog or a cat or maybe just a design would do wonders.

Tin cans flowers for the walls

Tin Flowers for the Walls Out of Soda Cans:

This is the best empty can décor that you can have in your home. If you have an empty wall where you want to have some décor piece then you can prepare these tin flower craft which is too easy to prepare. Here you have to cut the tins in the shape of petals and then you have to paste the tin petals one after the other. Once the glue would dry up then you can paint it in beautiful colors. You can hang or attach these tin flowers on your wall to make the room look beautiful and unique.

Lantern from empty cans

Can Lanterns Would Make Your Home Look Beautiful:

Lanterns are some of the great décor pieces for your home. If you like that ancient touch in your home then you can have some lantern hangings in your home. Here you can also use this piece of décor which is great. The best part is that you don’t have to buy such a décor piece from the market rather you can repurpose empty tin cans to prepare some can lantern for your home. The first step is to clean the can and then you have to create some cuts on the can. Make sure you create horizontal cuts on the body of the can. Spread the cuts a bit so that light can pass through. After painting the DIY can lantern, you can have to put a light or candle in between the lantern.

A Beautiful Empty Tin Can Candle Holder:

Decorating the house is very easy if you would have the means to decorate the home. Décor items can be a bit expensive so it is better to prepare some decorative items at home. You can here go for emptycan décor and create a candle holder for your home. Here you would have to get some empty clean cans to cut then into half so that you can have two cup-like things. Now you have to make some cuts on the edges of the can and twist those cuts to give some beautiful shape. You can place the candle in between and use it as you want.

Some Innovative Keychains Out of Empty Tin Cans:

A home without a bunch of keys is next to impossible. Having a lock and key makes the home secure so this is something that everyone would have. While there are keys, there needs to be a key chain as well. Here you can prepare your own customized key chains with the help of cans. You can DIY home décor key chains as well or you can use it to hang in your bag or somewhere else. Here you can take an empty can and cut it into different shapes. Here you have to coat the cuttings with some hot glue and then you can use it after painting it with your favorite color.

A pen stand or holder with soda cans

A Pen Stand or Holder With Soda Cans:

We all require a pen stand or holder in our home but if you but that from the market then you would either have to get a basic one or you have to spend lots of money on an extraordinary pen stand. Well, it would be great if you would prepare that in your home. If you have empty tin cans then it would be possible for you to make some beautiful pen stand. Here you can to clean the can and then wrap it with some beautiful wrapping paper or you can also paint it if you want. You can stick on some paper cuttings on the body to make it beautiful. You can use it once the can décor would dry up completely.

Wrapping Up

Overall these are some of the very easy décor ideas that you can make with some empty tin cans and other basic things. This would save a lot of your money and at the same time, you would have a good time creating those beautiful items. Share your ideas also through write for us for home decor, DIY and many more by reading guidelines.