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10 Best Bean Bag Chair Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

As we know the how bean bag chair is populated for kids and adults as well when it comes to make home decor and coziness. Everyone prefers to have bean bag chairs instead of wood chairs. These bean bags provide a high comforts and cozy sitting and maintain best postition without any discomfort.So here you will also know the some history of bean bags and some purpose. From old times we are using wood chairs and that was not good for environment because more and more trees were cutting.

Bean bag chair buying guide

There is always a replacement of everything in this world. We have bean bag chairs to replace the wooden chairs and sofas. Interesting part of these bean bag chairs is they have a short history. Bean bag chairs history lead to the 1968 in the Italian designers’ workplace. In that time the three designers Piero Gatti,Cesare Paolini5 and Franco Teodoro of Italy introduce the world with a radical shape bean bag chair.

It was not although the proper chair but with the partnership of Zanotta it become a complete product. The designers of this chair called it Sacco that means shapeless in Italian. It is improved by many different designers as well with the passage of time. Many different technologies are used to make it more useable. In the process of improving bean bag chair many engineering and creative aspects are added. Idea of bean bag chair was no doubt produce a brilliant item but also contribute to economy in generating good revenue for the country.

Bean Bag Chairs Quick Guide








38 inches

42 inches

46 inches

50 inches

54 inches


21 inches

24 inches

28 inches

32 inches

36 inches

Bean Filling Required






Weight Holding Capacity

Upto 50Kg

Upto 70Kg

Upto 100Kg

Upto 130Kg

Upto 150Kg

Best for




Plus size

Giant Size

Best Bean Bag Chairs Reviews 2021

After 1968 when bean bag chair was introduce to the world many different companies started working on them. So, there are tons of companies in the industry that manufacture bean bag chairs. We have a list of bean bag chairs of those companies that ensure the quality of their products. After a long process of research on the companies and their products we listed 10 best bean bag chairs for you. All the features of the items are mentioned and these items that we listed on the market recommendation. By comparing their features we also listed some pros and cons of below products that make easy for you to choose the best one.

1-Big Joe Classic 98 Bean Bag Chair

The number one selling product on the list is Big Joe Classic 98 Bean Bag Chair from brand Big Joe. It is well known brand when we talk about manufacturing of bean bag chairs, pool floats and patio furniture. They have three categories in bean bag chair one is just for kids, second is refill bean and third one is indoor bean. Their bean chairs are famous because they are super comfortable and have wide range of designs and colors as well.

Their size is 33″L x 33″W x 20″H and the material is textile. The shape is round and weight is 3.1 pounds. The chair dimensions are 33 x 33 x 20 inches which is length, width and height respectively. This is the smartest choice for your home because they are water resistant, stain resistant and most importantly they are easy to clean. Price is affordable for every one of these bean bag chairs.

  • It is refillable and portable
  • It is economical luxury
  • It is durable
  • Leaking of air from bean chair.

2-CordaRoy’s Chenille Bean Bag Chair

The next product on our list is CordaRoy’s Chenille Bean Bag Chair from brand CordaRoy’s. They are famous for their standard beds and water protection covers. They give lifetime guarantees for their products. There is huge range of bean bag CordaRoy’s providing to the customers. It is also a USA based product.

This is full size bean chair and material is polyester & polyester blend. It is round shape and weight is 36 pounds. Its fill material is foam and dimension is 42 x 42 x 32 inches. It is extremely comfortable because of fill material is foam.

  • It is convertible into the bed
  • Available in full, king and queen size
  • Its cover is washable.
  • Not suitable for too much conversion from chair to bed.

3-Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Moving onwards on our list of bean bag chairs we have Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair of USA based brand Chill Sack. The most interesting thing about this brand is college students able to afford their products. So, we know their product’s prices are reasonable and specially bean bag chairs.

Shape of Chill sack bean bag chair is round and of 5 feet size. Dimensions of this chair are 60 x 60 x 34 inches length, width and height respectively. The filling material is memory foam and has wide range of colors.

  • Big sofa with soft micro fiber cover.
  • Machine washable.
  • Light and fluffy shredded foam with premium zippers.
  • Hand selected fabrics are used which are double stitched to increase the durability.
  • Easy discoloration of cover.

4-Posh Bean Bags Refill Foam Filling Shredded

It’s Posh Beanbag on our list of bean bags of USA brand Posh Beanbags. Like every brand has its own unique quality it also has one which is CertiPUR-US approved foam. Following certification of the product insures consumer that product is made without ozone depleters.

Posh beanbags refill foam filling shredded are filled with memory foam. These are available in multi-colors and are foam material. They are floaty because their weight is 5 pounds and are available in various sizes start from 5lbs to 2PK. Shape is round and dimensions are 14 x 14 x 14 inches length, width and height. These beanbags are available in different styles.

  • Long lasting when we talk about their durability.
  • Compact compressed packing.
  • No fire retardants.

5-Big Joe Blazer Milano

Next product is Big Joe Blazer Milano from Big Joe brand that is USA based. Big Joe is famous for manufacturing different and elegant design furniture. Consumers most favorite bean bag chairs are produce by Big Joe. Fashionable and comfortable items of this brand make it hot seller.

Big Joe blazer Milano is available in regular and large size. Made-up of textile material and weight of the chs and dimensions which are 32″x29″ and 43″x35″. They are available in air is 6.6 pounds. The dimensions of the item are 31 x 36 x 32 inches length, width and height respectively. Different colors of Big Joe Blazer Milano are available.

  • Covered with premium fabric
  • With supportive sides, arms and back
  • Double stitched with dual zippers.
  • Volume is too much for small places.

6-Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair

Now moving towards to next product of our list, which is Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair. This product is again from Big Joe. Now we can understand the popularity of this brand especially in production of bean bag chairs. Their bean bag chairs are designed considering all type of work place and homes.

Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair is L- shape that means it is dorm shaped and weight is 4.75 pounds. It is available in six different colors. Dimensions are 33 x 32 x 25 inches length, width and height respectively. It is made with the Smartmax fabric. It is stain and water resistant. It is also tough and durable chair.

  • Covers are refillable
  • Easy to clean with damp cloth
  • Built-in handle makes it easy to grab
  • Built-in pockets are so convenient to place water bottles, books and other stuff.
  • Using after a while will lose its shape.

7-Nobildonna Stuffed Storage Bird’s Nest Bean Bag Chair(Cover)

Moving further we have Nobildonna Stuffed Storage Bird’s Nest Bean Bag Chair Cover item on our list. Nobildonna Stuffed Storage Bird’s Nest Bean Bag Chair Cover is of Nobildonna brand, this brand is high rated by experts because of its quality.

It is wroximately seven different colors. Its weight is 1.18 pounds which pretty much easy to grab everywhere. These can be filled with foam and pillows.

  • Thicker and softer fabrics are used that makes it luxurious.
  • Convenient to wash and dry.
  • Have extra-long zippers covers that are easy to remove.
  • Place closet stuff inside
  • Not comfortable like normal bean bag chairs are because of no filers.

8-Lumaland Luxury Bean Bag Chair

Next item is Lumaland Luxury Bean Bag Chair from Lumaland brand. Its Europe’s leading brand. Quality checked according to American standards of the products. Lumaland use recycled foam that makes it distinct among other brands.

Coming towards our item Lumaland Luxury Bean Bag Chair, it is made of leather and suede. It is round shape bean bag chair that is available in 3 foot to 7 foot size. Approximately these chairs are available in eight different colors and dimensions are 26 x 41 x 26 inches length, width and height respectively. It provides proper relaxation and also reflects your body heat. It contains beige polyester inner cover. The micro suede covers of these bean bag chairs are designed for daily use. They are stylish and perfect for homes and offices as well.

  • Long lasting comfort
  • Machine washable and ultra-soft
  • Deep colors and different sizes
  • Filled with high class foam material.
  • Lounger like a big sofa
  • Not easy to grab because of heavy weight.
  • Huge in size

9-Posh Bean Bag Chair, Medium Canvas Animals

Our second item is Posh Bean Bags Bean Bag Chair, Medium-27in, Canvas Animals from the list. It is also from Posh bean bag brand. This brand has wide range of bean bag chairs. Posh bean bag is popular for their quality material used in manufacturing.

Some features of Posh Bean Bags Bean Bag Chair, Medium Canvas Animals are its variety of sizes and styles. The sizes of this item are medium, large and extra-large which are 27, 38 and 48 inches respectively. These chairs are available in different canvas of variety of colors. The weight of this item is 5 pounds and round shaped. The volume occupied by this item is 27 x 27 x 22 inches. Textile material is used. It’s cotton blend. They are stuffed with comfortable polyester beans that make it soft and durable. It is with removable cover which keeps it clean.

  • Ideal size for every place.
  • Premium bean bags that are durable
  • Removable stylish covers you can select patterns and colors from huge list they offer.
  • Patterns are not suitable for most of the offices.

10-Big Joe Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair

The last product is Big Joe Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair of Big Joe brand on our list. Big Joe manufactures home decors and furniture. The unique designs of bean bags are available that are cozy and comfortable.

Big Joe Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair is available in large size with and without removable cover. They are in different six colors and in round shaped. The material is Lenox textile. The dimensions are 48 x 48 x 34 inches length, width and height respectively. They are filled in the USA in zero landfill certified facilities.

  • Built-in handle and no need of refilling
  • Better insides and staying green which means it is environmental friendly
  • Fuf foam has to refresh over the time by fluffing.
  • Heavy in weight so it is not really portable.

Bean Bag Chair Buying Guide

Market is flooded with a lot of different kinds of bean bag chairs of different companies. When a consumer is searching for good item he may not give attention to the factors that affect him or in some cases to the product in a long run. So, to prevent the buyer from long run suffering, we gather some factors that are most important while purchasing the bean bag chair. Here is the list of some necessary factors in order to guide the buyer of the product.

Chair Size and Portability

The size of the chair is essential because it tells rather it worth for the place where you want to place it or not. It includes the volume of the chair which is how much space this chair required. Some chairs are too huge in size that cannot place in small rooms.

Portability is the weight of the chair. From the weight of the chair we can decide the rather we should buy it or not because if it is heavy and grabbing of chair will quiet often then it will be imperfect match according to the buyer’s demand. On the other side if the chair is very light weight that anyone can grab it from one place to another when it will be perfect choice for the buyer. In case of light weight chair the chair become multi-purpose due to easy portability of the chair, it can be use as indoors and outdoors as well.

Material Used

Material which is chair is made-up of necessarily to know. From the material the softness of the chair will know.

If the foam material is used then the chairs become easy to sit for long time. If the filler of the chair is only air it will lose its shape and have to fill again and again. Some bean bag chairs are come without fillers; in those we can put our stuff in them.


The cost of bean bag chair various ranges start from 38$ to approximately 300$. Cost depends on the different factors:

  • Such as size large size of the chair cost more as compare to small size.
  • Zippers of the cover are available with some chair but few do not offer zippers with the covers.

Keep in mind that bean big chairs are quiet expensive as compare to the ordinary chairs. But they are more durable as compare to ordinary chairs, so it worth to invest in them.

Convertibility and Conformance

The convert able chair is more costly and more comfortable as well. Some of the chair converts into the bed and few convert into L-shaped sofa. Bean bag chairs that have arm sides increase the comfort level.


When we talk about the fabric of the bean bag, it should be ultra-soft and cozy. There should be friction free fabric that makes easy to sit for long time. Different kinds of fabrics are used in bean bags such as velvet, cotton and polyester. Generally cotton is used considering the conformance.

Removable Covers

Their removable zipper covers make them easy to wash and stainless. Most the bean bag covers are easy to wash in machines as well. Few can be clean with the help of damp cloth.


When we discuss the design of the bean bags there is wide range of designs of them. Every company has its unique and different design of bean bag chair when we compare to the others.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bean Bag Chairs

Bean Bags Chairs Are Comfortable?

Bean bag chairs are more comfortable as compare to regular wooden or plastic chairs. It is perfect for office work because muscles and joints do not hurt while sitting on them for long time. So there will be no muscle pain, which makes it comfortable.

Bean Bag Chairs Are Portable?

There is no doubt in the portability of the bean bag chairs because most of them are light weight to grab anywhere. Therefore these are best to grab everywhere you want to sit.

Bean Bag Chairs Are Convertible?

Most of the bean bag chairs are converting able into bed or into the L-shaped sofa.

Where to Place Bean Bags Chair?

Bean bag chairs are design in such a way that they can be place anywhere like homes and offices. They are available in different volumes and sixes that can be adjust in small rooms as well. So it is up to the buyer where he has to place the bean bag chair and also select the color of it according to the place.

Are Bean Bag Chair Washable Chair?

They are washable chairs. Bean bag chairs are covered with the cover that has zippers so it is easy to remove them and wash into the machine. Few of them can also be cleaned with damp cloth.

Are Bean Bag Water and Stain Resistant?

Bean bag chairs are water and stain resistant depending on the material type used in manufacture and inner lining as well.

How to Fill Bean Bag Chairs?

Fillers of the bean bag chairs are different .Different companies fill different material or some without fillers offer. Generally these are filling with foam which is also of different kinds.

Who Can Use Bean Bag Chairs?

Bean bag chairs can be used by every age of human being, some are for animals also. These chairs are easy to use and that’s the reason anyone can use it without having any issue of discomfort.

Are They Available in Different Colors?

Bean bag chairs are available in different colors and also some are with different patterns.


In this age of technology our environment is effecting too much and we have to save the natural resources. Unfortunately, we are not considering it as a biggest threat that we are finishing our forest. Now we can stop the cutting of the trees and replacing our industry of wooden furniture to the bean bag chair. That’s how we can save ourselves from many natural disasters. It not only helps us to protect our forests but also it helps us from many physical pains that are very common in our generation.

However,Bean bags are very good source to avoid back, joint and other muscle pain. Therefore it is necessary to choose a good item while purchasing. There are different design of bean bag chairs in market.When you choose a product do not only consider the price of the product but also compare features that help to select most efficient one.

By choosing the best bean bag chair makes your home and offices more stylish. Now there will be no worry about hurting of muscle due to sitting for long time. Addition to it you also now mentally relax that you are not contributing in destroying your environment.

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