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Crazy Floor Stain Issues With Insane Solutions

While you plan to have a home, the most common thing is to think about the floor of the house. You can skip any of the luxurious things but you can never skip having a floor in your home. There are different options of flooring to go for and with that, come the most common floor stain issues. If you would be a bit careful about maintaining the floor then you can even prevent the stains but knowing the solution would help you a lot in this case. Here are some of the common solutions to the floor stain issues that you should know so that you can deal with the issue easily:

Crazy Floor Stain Issues With Insane Solutions

The Floor Stain Issues With the Marble Floor:

If you would consider the most common types of floors then you would come across marble floors. This has to be one of the most beautiful flooring options that most people like to go with. This would, of course, make your home look beautiful but on the other hand, it is very tough to clean or maintain marble. If you are worried about the floor stain issues then marble floors can be your biggest nightmare as marbles get stained easily. Usually, you would get marbles in light colors and that is the reason even the lightest stain would show up on the marble. There are so many types of stains that can get on the marble but careful cleaning of the floor then things would be better. Here are some easy ways to clean the marble of your home in regular intervals to avoid unnecessary staining of the floor:

Food Stain on the Marble Floor:

This has to be the most common type of stain that floors usually get. Even if you prefer to keep your food on the table while eating then also it can fall on the floor. Marble is such a delicate material then almost all types of wet food can stain it. The best way or you can say the prevention is to have a rug over the floor. Even if you don’t put up the rug then also there is a solution to deal with the stain. Here you should always choose a marble cleaner to clean the marble floor of your home. Make sure you don’t do this regularly as that can be harmful to the marble. It would be great if you would at least clean the marble floor twice a week to maintain the quality of the marble. This is the best solution for your floorstain issues with marble flooring.

Deal With the Rust Issues of Marble Floor:

Marble is the most beautiful floor option that one can have but this would not look beautiful anymore if there would be rust. Getting rust stains over the marble is very easy and sadly this would make the marble look worst and changing it can be very expensive. The only way out is to find the solution to this floor stain issues of marble rust. Here you can use some baking soda with some water to make a solution. Now cover the rustic areas with the solution and let it sit for 30 minutes then wash it off with warm water. This would help you minimize the appearance of the rust stain over the marble floor of your home. Don’t use this more than twice a week as more use of this can damage the delicate marble floor material.

Deal With the Floor Stain With the Tiled Floor:

Tiles are one of the most beautiful options that people go for while selecting good flooring options. Tiles are the most used material in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen so it gets stained the most at the same time. If you would ignore the stains over the tiles then that would become a permanent mark over it so you have to be careful. The good thing is that marbles don’t hold that much friction so it is very easy to clean it but at the same time, you have to clean it often. If the stains over the tiles worry you the most then you have to find the solution to floor stain issues of tiles. Here are some of them listed below that you need to check out for the tiled floors of home:

The Issue of With Blood Stains Over Tiles:

There are several works that include dripping of blood on the floor. If you are about to wash a non-vegetarian item in your kitchen then there are chances that it would spill some blood over the tiles. Such stains are very hard to deal with but you have to find a good cleaning solution to deal with this floor stain issue of tiles. It would be great for you it would be quick while cleaning the tiles otherwise the marks can also settle as permanent marks. The best way to clean such a stain is by dabbing a wet cloth over it so that the stain could soften. Then you can start scrubbing the stain with the help of diluted bleach as it would take off all the stains from your tiled floor.

Spillage of Coffee or Tea Can Create Hard Floor Stain Issues:

If you are an active coffee or tea drinker then you would be aware of the stains that it leaves behind. Coffee or tea stains are hard to deal with and sadly these two strains are very common in every household. You would not want to have an ugly tea or coffee stain over your beautifully designed tiled floor so you need to get rid of the floor stain issues. The best way to deal with this issue is to regularly clean the tiles and for that, you can rely on tile cleaners. If the stain is a couple of days old then you can dab some detergent and water solution over it. Leave it on for about an hour and then rinse it off with the use of warm water as that would help you out in dealing with the tile stains.

Deal With Floor Stain Issues of Wooden Floor:

If you are passionate about classy home furnishing then you would love wooden floors. Wooden floors are indeed very delicate and hard to maintain but it makes the home look so beautiful. If you don’t want to compromise with the beauty of your home then you have to deal with the floor stain issues of the wooden floor in your home. Apart from some hard stains, wooden floors also get the stain of scratches, and dealing with such scratch marks has to be the hardest thing. If you would be open to the solutions then things would be better for you. You can also prevent such issues by putting on a rug over the floor. If you still get stains over the wooden floor then here are some of the best solutions to it that you need to check out for you home:

Remove Scratch Floor Stain From Your Wooden Floor:

This has to be the hardest thing to deal with when it comes to wooden floors but you cannot let it be and destroy the floor. Finding the solution would be the best thing that you can do after getting scratch over the floor. The most common reasons to get such scratch marks are due to pets or you can also get such marks over the floor due to furniture. Now that you know about the main reason behind the issue so you can be a bit careful about it. You can use vinegar over the scratch marks as it helps in dissolving the mark with the rest of the floor. With a few uses of the vinegar and water solution, you would be able to see a clear difference.

Remove Common Floor Stain Issues With Wooden Floors:

Wooden floors hold the most friction so they get stained easily as well. No matter if you choose a light-colored wooden floor or dark wooden floor in your home but stains would be common in both cases. Flood stains are the most common types of stains that you can get over your wooden floor. It would be great for you to find a solution to such floor stain issues. The easiest way to deal with this issue is to get wood cleaner or wood bleach in your home. You can clean your wooden floor at regular intervals with that of the wood bleach as that would help you in getting rid of this issue.

Wrapping Up

You cannot avoid having floors in your home but you can of course avoid the unwanted stains over it. Floor stain issues have become one of the most common cleaning issues that almost everyone deals with. There are different types of floors that people choose for their home and the worst part is that there are common stain issues that follow. The good thing here is that there are so many amazing solutions to such issues as well that you would love. You can be using any common type of floor for your home but the above-mentioned solutions would always help you out in this case.