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Gearing up to watch Wipeout tonight. I am almost afraid of what i will be doing in the show. You guys have no idea how silly we get down on the field. Me, my producer and hair and makeup … we cut up all the time. I just forget that there is a camera and mic on me. However, I must say….. my dancing skills are phenomenal . Don’t hate….



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Nothing really special to talk about in particular. I just wanted to update the site a bit. I will let ya in on a little secret , I’ve decided to get a trainer. Yep…..I’m finding it a little harder to get to the gym on my own here lately. I hate the idea of paying someone to yell “Only 100 more sit-ups”. UUUGHHHH…. However, I am going to get myself back to where I need to be. Also started drinking this strange protein powder drink. It’s actually not all that bad…. i just hope it works. Anyone ever heard of “Pro 5″?
I heard about the “He-Man” movie coming up and I’m hoping for a “She-Ra” movie….. how great would that be!!! I think i still have my cape and mask! Of course i have to work on getting Pilot to act like “Swift-Wind”………..


just another night

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Just sitting here at my computer trying to think of something to write about and i have been at a loss. I decided to write a list, a list of things i love and things i don’t……… here goes

wind, 80’s rock guitar solos, sitting in the shower, the color purple, realizing that i am more and more like my father each and every day, dreaming i can fly, lucky charms, the song i am listening to right now(don’t know the name or artist) , coloring out of the lines, purple tulips, high heels, paintings that contain words, flat pillows, blue jeans, white t shirts, blue diamond wasabi and soy sauce almonds, Pilot(my angry dog), my brothers laugh,owls, the smell of my house in NC, watching the little fluffy seeds float around in my grandmas garden at dusk,my grandmothers cooking, rain, life………….

Don’t Loves

sirens, strobe lights, techno music, non sweet tea, no paper towels, answering machines, bills, sleeplessness, dirty windows, fights ,overpriced food, low computers, dropping calls,mold, weeds, mean people, burnt out light bulbs, pants that are too short, gossip mags, people that litter…..


I need to

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add a new video to my site….. anything you guys want me to tape? (all heads out of the gutter)