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Lynn’s Story

Good day, I purchased a brand new Ford Explorer in February 2015. I have been ill for the past 1.5 years. After receiving information in the mail at the end of Nov. 2017 explaining the carbon monoxide I decided to see my Specialist again.He sent me to the lab and I have carbon monoxide poisoning. I am 100 percent certain that this had accumulated in my body since 2015. I am the sole driver of the Ford. I have put on 56622 kilometers since I purchased the car.   Steve's response I am very said to [...]

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Successful Explorer Repairs

Sent in by Dr. Albert Donnay Describes two successful Explorer exhaust repairs completed in Waldorf, Md. Good news for Ford Explorer owners: Since the release of CSP17N03 on 10/26/17, a Ford dealership in Waldorf MD has been able to completely eliminate CO leaks in 2 Explorers in which I had previously recorded peaks during high speed acceleration of 6 and 24ppm.  This repair did not require the replacement of either rear air extractor. Tempered by bad news: These repairs required the assistance of an engineer sent by Ford who provided services that are not mentioned in [...]

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Matt’s Story

Hi. This is my fourth Explorer dating back to 2014. I have had the CM problem with every one. I have filled complaints with Ford and they keep telling me they're is no known issue. What can I do? I had a seizure in August with no explanation and I can almost guarantee it was from CM poisoning but took the CM blood test too late which gave my system long enough to expel the poison. I drove about 1000 miles per week and cannot stay employed without being able to drive.   From Steve At [...]

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Bridget’s Story

I need to speak to a lawyer about my vehicle that I’ve been breathing carbon monoxide for 3 1/2 years now and my family and now I have health issues because of it. I own a 2015 Ford Explorer   Steve's Response Mine was also a 2015 Let me give you a few tips. These are things that a lawyer will ask - Have you had your vehicle for a "repair" or at least an investigation at a Ford dealer ? - When you and your family have been sick, did you go to a doctor [...]

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Stephanie’s Story

I purchased my explorer in March of 2014. It was a dealer car and had around 5,000 miles on it. I kept smelling exhaust fumes coming in my car when I would excell fast. In December of 2014 I took it to the dealership it had around 20,000 miles on it. I told them what was going on. They checked it out and said nothing was wrong with it. At this time I didn’t know about the carbon monoxide issue with the explorers. So it kept driving it and I was feeling bad. Almost like I [...]

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Tom’s Story

I saw your interview on CBS online. I own a 2015 Ford Explorer Limited. I noticed the smell if I went over 4,000 RPM's. Our local Ford Dealer did the fix that Ford is recommending to fix the problem. I had that done, it didn't work. The second fix that Ford did was to replace the muffler assembly with turned down exhaust tips. That solved the problem for me. I like the vehicle and am happy that it's fixed.   Steve I am very happy that you have a fix. You are the only person that [...]

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Chandra’s Story

I have a 2013 Explorer and have noticeably been smelling exhaust for months. When I took it to Ford, they told me they couldn't find anything and asked if maybe I had just been smelling fumes from the window being down. This is a known problem!!! So I took it to another mechanic who said this isn't even safe to be driving and Ford should be fixing it. Ford said they don't have the parts for another month. Meanwhile I am driving my kids around without the heater on trying to minimize the fumes. Awful!   [...]

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Debbie’s Story

Three weeks ago, I took my explorer on a two hour trip. Going, I slowly began to feel tired so, I opened my windows for some fresh air. I made it safely. However, 40 minutes into my return trip I began to feel faint and my heart rhythm starting beating extremely fast. My eyes started to blur. I quickly pulled over and opened all my windows. My heart arrythmia continued a few minutes more. My sisters was ten minutes ahead of me in her car and I'm so glad I was on the phone with her. [...]

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Tim’s Story

I called Sutton ford in Matteson, I'll where I bought my explorer. I then emailed them. Still have never received a call or email. I'm getting exhaust and antifreeze smell in cab. Giving me my wife anbought explorer new in 2015.d two grankids headaches and sick. -- Steve I would absolutely follow up on this for your safety and the safety of your grandchildren. There are a number of steps that I would take 1) Get a Carbon Monoxide detector to install in your Explorers for your own safety 2) Immediately go to a hospital and [...]

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Candace’s Story

My 4 year old daughter has been complaining of headache and not feeling well while in my car for a long time. I tried to figure out what was wrong with finding no issues until this morning while watching the news. Thank you she goes to the Dr. Tomorrow and for blood work. The ironic part is back in June my husband took my Explorer to the dealership complaining about how my hatch doesn't seal right and the aliment of it is off.   Steve Thank you for reaching out to me  I would absolutely follow [...]

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