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Most Amazing Ways To Make Pet-Friendly Home

Having a pet at home is like a blessing and very few people are fortunate enough to have one pet. Different people have different preferences when it comes to pets. You would be glad to know that dogs are the most common pets at home followed by cats. There are some people who love to keep birds around and there are some birds that love to be around people. On the other hand, there are some people who pet tiny pets that include rabbits, rats, genie pigs, sugar gliders, and even squirrels. You would be amazed to know that there are so many people who even go for odd pets rather exotic pets like a snake, turtle, iguana, etc. It is our duty to make our home comfortable for the pet that is brought home. These are some of the best and easy ways to turn your home into a pet-friendly home:

Ways to make pet friendly home for dogs.

Make Pet-friendly Home to Get Approved by Your Dog:

Dogs are one of the most famous rather common types of pets that people have in their homes. There are so many different types of dogs to choose from and most dogs are different from each other. There are large breeds whereas there are some tiny breeds as well but the medium breeds are mostly preferred by people. Different breeds can have different requirements so you have to work on that accordingly.

  • Have chews around: as we all know dogs relish chewing things so you have to make sure to have something like that around. If dogs would not get anything to chew then they would start destroying your stuff. Here you can keep soft toys, chewable toy bone, chew toys, soft clean cloth, or other such things around your dog.
  • Keep curtains or table covers away: Dogs have a tendency to destroy things, while they don’t do it intentionally but they love to chew. Curtains or table cloth covers are the easiest targets of dogs so they would jump on such things. Things can be better if you would keep such things away from the paw friend.
  • Get water-proof cover over the floor: Spilling water and peeing are two common issues that every dog owner has to face. If you want to turn your home into a pet-friendly home then you have to work on better protection of the home. Here you have to get a water-proof cover over the floor.
  • Have some empty space: Most dogs are very active during the day so they need some space to play. If you are not able to take your dog out to play then it would be amazing for you to create some space inside your home. Here you can create a boundary so that your dog can know about the limits of the area.

Ways to make pet-friendly home for cats.

A Perfect Pet-friendly Home for a Cat to Live in Peacefully:

Having a cat at home is already a very good thing as some cuddles with the cat would improve mental health. While your cat would make an effort to play with you and to make you happy, it is your duty to look after your cat. You can turn your home into a pet-friendly home so that your cat can live in your home without facing any such issues.

  • Have a poop and pee corner: Cats would not usually get away from your home like dogs to poop and pee. They feel relaxed if they can throw inside the home so you have to create a poop and pee place for the cat. This is how you can create a pet-friendly home for your cat.
  • Cats love to have a specific couch of their own: Cats are active but they relish taking rest as well. It is a very common habit of cats to find a place that is specifically for the pet cat. You can help your furry friend in this case by providing your cat with a cozy couch to relax whenever the cat feels like.
  • Keep your cat away from things that can fall on the ground easily: Cats love to jump from one place to another and they are quite good at this. If you have a fragile piece of furniture in your home then you have to work on that. This can hurt your cat as that can fall while your cat would jump. Shifting or replacing such items would be the best thing that you can do in this case.

A Pet-friendly Home That Would Be Good Enough for Small Pets Like Rabbit, Rats, Genie Pig, Etc:

Small pets are very delicate so you cannot leave them in your home just like cats or dogs. You need to have a cage or home where they can live apart from your big house but you have to work on the environment of your home. You have to make certain changes so that even the small pets can live in your home peacefully.

  • Always keep the cage in a place according to the temperature needs of your pet: Small animals prefer to live in a warm place but it should not be too hot. It would be a good idea if you would keep on changing the place in order to adjust the temperature. Don’t expose them too much to the artificial lights as that can be dangerous for them.
  • Have enough supply of food and water inside the cage: While cats and dogs have a specific time to eat but most small animals love to keep on munching. This doesn’t make them sick rather it proves out to be healthy for them. You have to make sure that you keep on checking that you filled the water and food bowl of the pet. You can also supply your pet with some snacks to munch on.
  • Keep insects away from the pet: Always cover your windows with a fine film so that no insects can get in. even though other pets can deal with some insects but small pets cannot have it in their life. A house that has some insects is never a pet-friendly home for them. They are so small and fragile that even a small insect bite can prove to be very dangerous for them so you have to look after that.
  • Pay special attention to the cleanliness of the area: If you genuinely want your home to become a pet-friendly home for your small pets then you have to work hard. Things would not be by your side if you would not look after the cleanliness of the area. Cleaning the area quite often is important as you don’t want to see your pet sick.

A Pet-friendly Home Where Birds Can Live Happily:

  • Most birds are not meant for home but there are some birds that are friends with a human, they accept being a pet in the home and they enjoy that as well. You would be amazed to know that there are some birds that even live in the home without a cage but most of the time they do need a cage.
  • Cleanliness is the key: If you would not have a clean home then your bird would suffer that you might not want. The bird gets easily affected by dust and dirt so the first thing that you can do to make your house a pet-friendly home for birds is to clean it. You have to be very particular when it comes to cleaning the home.
  • Don’t have any exposed sharp stuff in your home: birds are very delicate and sometimes they would even fly inside your home. If your home would have exposed sharp corners or objects then that can injure your bird. The good idea is to make sure that you remove all the sharp objects and corners so that your bird can wander freely inside your home.

Create a Special Environment for Your Fishes or Other Water Mammals:

There is nothing much you can do for your water mammals to create a pet-friendly home for them. These are the easiest pets that one can handle. You don’t have to make any changes in your home as these pets prefer to stay inside the aquarium. The aquarium is their home so the only thing that you can do it to keep the aquarium cleaned up. You can also keep the lights dim so that they don’t have to face any problem due to exposure to bright artificial lights for your home.

Wrapping Up

If you have pets in your home then it would be great for you to make your home pet-friendly as well. This would make sure to provide your pet with a better environment and at the same time, you would be able to save your home stuff. You can follow the above-mentioned tricks according to the type of pet you have in your home. Every animal prefers to live in a different way so it is necessary for you to provide them with that. Your home would look different after you would have a pet in your home which is fair enough. Following up on these tricks and plans for making your home a pet-friendly home would prove to be very easy for you. This would not take much effort but this would of course make your home approved for your pet to stay peacefully. This is the first step that you can take as a pet parent.