Aaron, aged 6 years old, diagnosis - Autism, ADHD and SPD.

From his mum Leona.

"My concerns of how he would react to all his senses being tested at once were quickly a distant thought. When i saw his reaction to Tina and Socks the pony. He touched, he brushed, he hugged and loved the pony form the second he saw him. Tina's calm understanding and gentle approach made Aaron feel comfortable with every aspect of his session. I dont know who benefited more him or me?  Aaron wanted to know when he would be back to ride the pony. I couldnt recommend this form of therapy any higher, it is an intimate one on one emotional, mental and physical service.

Elliott, aged 7 years, diagnosis - Autism.

From his mum Wendy.

"Our 7yr old son really sufers from serious anxiety. In particular he is afraid of thunder and lightning. Therapeutic riding has helped Elliott to relax. He enjoys the movement of the pony and the warmth of the pony's body against his legs. Tina has often encourage Elliott to lie his head on the pony's neck whilst walking. Elliot closes his eyes and visibly chills out. A rare thing for him. It also helped build his confidence. Riding is his thing and something he can achieve. Tina invents fun games which improves his flexibility and strength.

I would heartily recommend Healing Hands Therapeutic Riding Centre. I have even tried it myself along with my husband for a bit of chill out time. It was spiritual and relaxing as yoga!"