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Contreras v. Bank of America*

$11 M

Wright v. Home Depot*

$9.8 M

Viloria v. Stewart Title Company*

Contreras v. Bank of America was a wage and hour class action on behalf of all Mortgage Loan Officers working for Bank of America. Plaintiffs alleged that they, and all other Mortgage Loan Officers were subject to deductions to their pay, in apparent violation of Cal. Labor Code §§221 and 2802.

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Wright v. Home Depot: One of several class actions against Home Depot for failure to provide meal periods. Here, the Plaintiffs alleged that cashiers working for Home Depot could not take a meal period unless they were given specific permission to do so.

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Viloria v. Stewart Title Company was a misclassification case involving Title Officers of Stewart Title Company. In addition to receiving funds for the class, Stewart Title Company reclassified its Title Officers so that they now can receive overtime compensation.

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Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC473093 Pending in front of the Hon. Judge Jane L. Johnson.

Ms.Alvarez and her fellow salaried employees had their salaries when their employer instituted a furlough day policy. California law requires, with a few exceptions, that all exempt employees (those who do not need to be paid overtime) must be salaried, and thus must be paid the same amount regardless of the hours worked during a day, or week, or month. Thus, Plaintiff alleges that when her salary was reduced because she was furloughed, she was no longer exempt from overtime compensation and should receive payment for the numerous overtime hours worked, but were not paid for.

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Alameda Superior Court Case No. RG14742027 Pending in front of the Hon. Judge Wynne Carvill.

Plaintiffs were employed by Eagle Systems International, Inc., (also known as Synergy), as technicians and who were employed to install energy efficient products in residences throughout the State of California. While they were paid for the installation of these products, such as weather stripping, energy efficient light fixtures, etc., Plaintiffs allege they were not paid for time spent on administrative tasks and travel time to and from various worksites because they were paid only for those products that they installed, which is known as piece-rate compensation. California law allows for piece rate compensation so long as the employee is paid for all hours worked. Here, Plaintiffs allege that they were not paid for their time spent on job preparation, administrative tasks, and travel time.

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San Diego Superior Court 37-2014-00013288-CU-BT-CTL

This is a consumer class action against Heritage Operating L.P., a provider of propane to homes, for allegedly changing propane at artificially inflated rates. If you suspect that you are paying too much for propane, please contact us.

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Common Reasons to File A Class Action

Unpaid Overtime

Many employees find themselves classified as "salaried" when, in reality, they should be paid overtime. Examples of positions that may be misclassified include Title Officers, Escrow Officers, Computer Programmers (who are paid less than $75,000 per year), Assistant Managers, Mortgage Loan Officers and Salesmen (who aren't paid a commission). If you suspect you are misclassified as salaried, please contact us.

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Working Off The Clock

Sometimes, employers will ask their employees to perform duties before or after their shift, or employees feel they have to work "off-the-clock." Employees should be paid for all hours that they work, and if this happens to you, please contact us.

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Missed Meal Periods

California employees are entitled to at least one, uninterrupted meal period for every five hours worked. If you are not able to take a meal period because your supervisor won't let you, please contact us.

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Unreimbursed Expenses

Under California Law, all employees must be reimbursed for all expenses incurred in the performance of their duties. If you have unreimbursed expenses, or if you are not fully reimbursed for mileage, travel expenses, home office expenses, or any other expense incurred at work, please contact us.

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Consumer Fraud

Sometimes companies take advantage of their customers by claiming their products have benefits they don't actually have, or mislead about the price of the product. Sometimes, companies even go so far as to put illegal substances in their products. Class actions can help.

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Discrimination based on race, gender, color, national origin, disability, age, and sexual orientation is treating a group of people differently and not treating them as individuals. Discrimination can occur at the workplace, when looking for housing, or in the use of public facilities. If the discrimination affects enough people, a class action is appropriate.

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