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8 Incredible Stucco Maintenance Tips to Increase Longevity

Stucco is one of the most popular products for home exteriors. The versatility of the stucco aesthetic is one of the key reasons it became so widespread. When you invest in stucco, you need to do your best to ensure it lasts for as long as humanly possible. By knowing what to look for, and how to fix any potential issues, you can more easily get the most for your stucco buck. To assist you, here are eight incredible stucco maintenance tips you should know about:

1. Clean Your Walls Frequently

More importantly than any other tip on this list, you must always put a ton of effort into cleaning your stucco walls frequently. Preventing dust, dirt, and other build-ups will make or break your ability to make your stucco last for a long, long time. If you cannot clean your stucco yourself, it’s worth seeking out professional stucco remediation specialists who can do the job for you.

2. Immediately Repair Any Cracks and Holes

If you allow visible cracks and holes to exist for too long, they will lead to expensive, hard-to-reverse damage to your stucco. Use high-quality, waterproof acrylic to help do repairs. Repairing your stucco can be complex, so be sure to do your research before attempting this difficult task (or hire a professional to do these challenging stucco repairs for you).

3. Avoid Peeling Issues

The more frequently you check your stucco for damages, the easier it will be to avoid any potential peeling issues. When your stucco has been repainted multiple times, the likelihood of peeling becomes higher. High-moisture environments can also cause peeling issues, even with high-quality stucco products. Being aware of any peeling areas will help you quickly correct the issue and prevent further damage.

4. Paint Failure is Preventable

If you want to make your stucco’s paint job durable, you need to do everything you can to prevent paint failure. Paint failure occurs when incorrect painting techniques and poor maintenance practices are used on your stucco. Be sure to follow any and all manufacturer notes for the paint you apply to your stucco, or paint failure will become much more likely.

5. Use High-Quality Products

The best way to ensure that your stucco lasts for a long time is to invest in only the highest quality stucco products. If you allow professionals to install your stucco, and only hire professionals to repair and clean your stucco, you will greatly increase its lifespan. Avoid cheap products, as in addition to not lasting as long, they can cause issues with other aspects of your home’s exterior. If you can talk to someone who knows a lot about stucco, you can ensure that you’re buying the best possible stucco products.

6. Invest in the Right Type of Stucco

Depending on where you live, you may need a certain type of stucco product, paint, and other features. High-moisture and humidity environments, for example, will need sturdier stucco, and properly treated paint, to stay in a solid condition for decades to come. Whenever you’re uncertain about whether a stucco product is right for your locale, you should consult a stucco professional for answers. Doing so can ensure you do not make a devastating mistake during this key home improvement investment.

7. Do an Exterior Inspection Every Other Month

We’ve already mentioned the importance of checking on your stucco a few times. However, it’s important that we also mention just how often you should be doing these inspections. Every few months, you should do a full-scale inspection of your stucco, making sure that it does not require maintenance. As you do so, you can also do a fantastic job of checking for any other needed home maintenance and repairs.

8. Be Careful with Power Washers

Many people use power washers to clean their stucco. While doing so is absolutely fine, you must use the proper settings and intensity if you want to avoid potentially damaging your home’s stucco (and other parts of your home’s exterior). When you power wash your stucco, you need to ensure any detergent you use in the process will not harm your stucco’s paint as well. With the right prep, you can enjoy the often-relaxing process of power washing your stucco.

Make Your Stucco Shine

Every stucco product comes with unique maintenance needs. Before doing any maintenance or repairs, you need to read the manufacturer’s notes or consult a professional. Additionally, always approach repairs and maintenance with great care and caution. By doing so, you can ensure that your stucco shines for decades to come.


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