About me

Hello, I am Elliana Green

Welcome to the cheery Home Decor Blog

Home is a big part of a human's life. Home is not just a place for us, it is a emotion. I realized it when I moved to a new home. Whether my new home was pretty good before one. But, I have emotion attached to that one. However, we have to face this situatioin at least once.

It all started from the big passion I had for my personal room keeping it cheered all the time, ever since I was in college. It developed into me to try more new things for my home to make it awesome. Then I turned to set my home into smart home. Whenever i face issue while trying something new, I definitely ended with solution. So I document it all my experiences here, on my blog, so my readers can experience it too. Also, I welcome all homies to write for us as a contributor who want to show their feelings as well.