About Us

Hi, I’m Elliana, a passionate blogger, and a home developer. My prime motive is to let my audience know about the specifications of home improvement as well as, designing. You may already guess about the main purpose of our website by the name itself which is about home décor and improvement.

For a very long time, I wanted to work on home designing and my passion for the work brought me to blog about it. I am glad I could present some innovative information about home designing that readers enjoy and this would even help those who are about to get their home designed. Here you would be able to come across many articles that would constantly help you in improving the quality of your home. You would also be able to know about new designs to make your home look beautiful at the same time. Here you would come across home appliances along with the buying guide so that you can make better investments for your home. You can search for different topics related to home décor and my prime duty would be to present that information through this website. I also try to cover different segments related to the home on this website that would help people while decorating home.

It is very hard for someone to decide about designs if it is the first home of that person. We all know how special the first home is for us and that is the reason why we always try to put up all the efforts to make our first home look the best. Sometimes we lack guidance and fail to make it what we expect for the home to be. It becomes really easy if you would know about certain things so that you can at least have a fair idea about making your home look top-notch. When I started back with my home, there was no one to guide me so I had to struggle for making my home look good but now that I know the trick so I try to help others. There might be so many questions running in your mind while getting a new home and I try to answer them all.

Things that were in my mind when I got my new home:

  • How to work with the budget and still make the home look beautiful?
  • The color coordination of the home as well as preferred colors that would suit the home
  • What about getting the perfect furniture pieces for the home?
  • How many home appliances I would need in my home?
  • Do I need to have a specific type of curtains in my home?
  • How would I be able to buy the perfect pillows for my home?

There are so many other questions that might be bothering you but getting into this website would help you a bit. These things are of course confusing but once you would start understanding your home and decorations, things would be easy for you.

Most people search things in Pinterest and that is when more confusion takes place. Since this is very common so people take the chance to know about home designing through Google as well and they get more confused at the end of the time. These things don’t work out as such if you would not know about the basic concept of home designing.

I didn’t know much about such things when I started back but slowly I gathered the information and this could be possible because my passion for home décor was very strong. No matter if you are here because you searched for home décor ideas or you searched for some good home appliances, you would get all the information here.

The main purpose for me to open this website is to let people know about the beauty of home décor. I would continue to do my part of work so that you can get all your home décor related issues resolved here and we also appreciates others to write for us home designing on our blog.