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How Long Does Ring Battery Take to Charge? Fast or Slow?

Ring doorbell battery is a portable lock system for homes. These are battery-operated doorbells to secure your home lock. Users can easily place the device anywhere at their room door. Micro USB cables are primarily used to charge these doorbells. So How long does it take to charge a ring battery?

The majority of ring doorbell batteries take 8-10 hours to be fully charged if it is already down to 5%. Still, it depends on other factors to consider the correct charging time. For example, what are your USBs and doorbell types and condition? Also, how long time has it been since used?

Most commonly 1st and 2nd generation locks are carried in-built charging batteries. Due to its designs, users can’t remove the batteries from the doorbell. We have to set the doorbell from the outside. Still, it is common to charge ring doorbells within 10 hours. Taking more time may consider internal or external faults. This guide gives you a detailed guide about ring battery life, faster charging, indicators, and others.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Ring Battery: Detail Discussion

As we mentioned, ring doorbell batteries take up to 8-10 hours to charge fully 100%. But, it very much depends on your device type and the USB type you are using for it. Indeed there are different types of doorbells available in the market. For example, Doorbell 3 Plus, Video Doorbell, Doorbell 2, Doorbell 3 and others.

Original ring doorbell equips quick charging batteries. The charging duration will be five to ten hours if you carry this device. These ring doorbell batteries cannot be removed. You have to use a USB cable to charge the device. On the other hand, a few non-removable ring batteries also take five to ten hours to charge fully. All that means five to ten hours are the maximum duration for an original ring battery charging.

Few conditions also depend on this charging time. So the followings are

  • How much battery is left before charging
  • Ring battery and your room temperature are also involved
  • USB types and their capability
  • Device internal conditions sometimes
  • You are using power sources

How Long Does a Fully Charged Ring Battery Last?

A Fully Charged Ring Battery may last up to 2-3 Weeks. It also depends on your usage and the conditions. However, the lifespan is more extended for ring doorbell batteries.

Ring report says Average Ring Doorbell 2 Battery Life is 6-12 months on using fully charged (once). However, the data says it depends on your Usage and other conditions.

Too much Usage, heat, cold, or video recording can affect the duration of running time of the battery. Besides, poor wifi connection also drains your battery charging time.

But in normal conditions, a Fully Charged Ring Battery can run up to one month easily at first use. However, there are no specific activities to consider normal use. Many users express the draining of the ring battery within three to four months or weeks.

Moreover, you have a conserve power mode to increase battery usage time. A customer on Amazon Reviews regarding battery mentioned that using this mode, the battery goes down to 20% in a month. But, there are disadvantages of using such modes too.

What Are Ring Battery Charging Light Indicators?

Ring doorbells are the most advanced and intelligent lock system for homes. Users can efficiently operate the device from anywhere. The ring is the primary source to get the current update of the device. The manufacturer added indicators or charging lights in these doorbells for convenience. There are several types of light flashing available for users. So the followings are

  • A solid blue light on the device indicates the device is fully charged
  • Right shape light consider the batteries are charging

These are the light indicators in ring doorbells. On the other hand, the second-generation ring doorbell has different light indicators.

  • While the device is charging, it will show a green or red flashing light
  • When it’s fully charged, the light will convert into solid green

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Why is My Ring Doorbell Battery Draining So Fast?

Till now, you have an idea why your Ring doorbell battery is not charging. As a reminder, it all depends on the climate, your Usage, power sources, any faults, and wifi connections. First, go to the ring home page and check the battery condition. If there is no problem, try the below optimization to identify why your Ring doorbell battery is not charging.

Check the Surrounding Climate

Your room temperature primarily affects ring battery charging. The majority of original ring doorbells contain non-removable Li-Polymer batteries. In different weather, your device’s power changes accordingly. For example, the following batteries stop working if the outside temperature is below -20°C(-5°F). So try to avoid this condition in your room.

Similarly, 0°C(32°F) makes charging difficult for your device, even if the power supply is good. On the other hand, a four °C(36°F) climate may affect the charge holding capacity in the doorbell. So the ideal temperature for your ring battery charging is -5ºF to 120ºF. Outside of this range can make power consumption difficult.

Try to Avoid Heavy Usage

Too much video recording, delivery, heat, cold, etc can affect your battery performance. It is not for the ring doorbell; almost every electronic device is affected by heavy Usage. So it is normal, and you have to avoid high power consumption.

What the normal Usage is not specific. However, few maintenance guides are available on the ring’s official site. So the followings are below

  • Try to maintain a ring battery level above 40%
  • Tr to use inbox USB cable for ring battery charging
  • Charge the device every six month
  • Battery start draining from too much motion, alerts, live streaming, and other activities

Check Wifi Connection

Today intelligent devices take strong wifi signals. The lack of this source can affect the performance of these devices. Similar things happen to ring doorbell batteries. Poor wifi signals demand high power consumption. So that the device can get more wifi range. As a result, your doorbell battery starts draining faster.

How Can I Charge My Ring Battery Faster?

Original ring doorbell battery charge within 6-10 hours. Still, it depends on many conditions, as mentioned above. So how should you charge the ring battery faster? Discuss below.

Select Proper Power Sources

As we know, ring Li-Polymer batteries can charge from many power sources like desktops, laptops, and wall outlets. Still, it is recommended to avoid low voltage power sources. Besides, it is also helpful to charge a ring battery on warm days. It helps to charge the device much faster than normal. The golden rule is to attach a USB cable to the device and plug it into a 2.1-amp wall adapter.

For quick charging, You can use Ring Charging Station with 2-pack Quick Release Battery Packs manufactured by ring itself

Minimize Live Feed Usage

If you want to avoid draining the battery and improving the lifespan, avoid using too many live feed features. Limiting the function can improve battery performance. Standard live feed features are auto video or audio recording, delivering, etc.

Adjust Motion Detection System

The motion detection system is a helpful feature in-ring doorbells. Sometimes, a little movement can start the auto motion. It takes more power than usual. So it is recommended to customize the motion frequency setting.

Charge Only When Necessary

Data shows frequent charging can damage the ring battery. Some people prefer a power supply when it is complete or negligible. It can be harmful to your device. As manufacturers recommend, charge the ring doorbell battery below or near 40%.

Why Does My Ring Battery Take So Long to Charge?

Several factors depend on why the Ring battery takes so long to charge. Current weather, battery condition, USB port, and power source type are common here.

If the ring battery life is left at 10-20%, it’s negligible that it would take more time than usual. Similarly, if the doorbell battery is completely dead, no charging will be available.

However, users can check the current battery life from the official ring app.

How should you know the condition? Check out the points below.

  • Go to the homepage app and click on the device which you carry or want to check battery life
  • In the top right corner, you get the option “view battery life” click on it
  • Click on the setting located on top of the battery icon
  • Now you can see the current battery life percentage

Remember, a ring doorbell battery below 30% will increase the charging time.

How to Charge Your Ring Doorbell Battery: Accurate Ways

As we mentioned, ring batteries must be charged every six to twelve months. Besides, it is also recommended to charge only when the power is below or near 40%. For faster and safe charging, you should also follow the above recommendations. For example, accurate power outlets and others. So below, we give you the proper ways to charge your ring doorbell battery.

Note: Original ring doorbell comes with in-built non-removable Li-Polymer batteries. So it is necessary to remove the complete doorbell from the wall and charge it.

  • First, remove the bottom screws with a screwdriver
  • Pull out the ring doorbell
  • Bring a USB cable and connect it to the back socket
  • Plug the other end into a 2.1-amp wall adapter
  • Ring-shaped light appears when the device starts charging
  • When it’s charged fully, the light indicators will turn solid blue
  • No place the device in the mounted area and screw it


Now you know about ring battery charging time, speed, replacement, and other related information. Remember, the Right doorbell should not take more than 1 hour to charge. There are multiple indications available for internal monitoring functions. Follow your manual guide or contact support care if you have any additional queries.

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