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Ring Doorbell is Not Charging [Hardwired Battery Low]

Before going through the article I let you know that this ring doorbell is installed in my home for a long time. Lately, I’ve been facing the problem of the hardwired ring doorbell not charging. I went through many articles and the ring support community for solutions.

With the sudden rise in the popularity of IoT devices, home security systems are the most popular and selling product. The ring is one such company that is famous for its internet-connected home security systems. Ring doorbell is easy to install and use.

Still, it is a machine and the most common problem faced by Ring doorbell owners after a few years of continuous use is that the doorbell stops charging and shows battery low, even if it is hardwired.

Have you been struggling with your Ring doorbell? Do you also prioritize your home security and your valuable items? Is your home really a safe place with a poorly charged doorbell? Well, think about it!

Possessing a hardwired ring doorbell with no charging or having charge issues can be a significant problem for the future. It runs a risk of missing important deliveries and post mates. You will also be at risk of criminals as they go undetected leaving back great tension for the owner.

There can be several reasons why your Ring doorbell is not charging. A damaged and loose set of wires, voltage fluctuations of the wire, hot or cool temperatures outside the given room can be the reasons for the Ring doorbell hardwired not charging. You can either check the wires and appropriate voltage by yourself or use professional help.

Why Is My Hiredwired Ring Doorbell Not Charging?

Since it is hardwired, isn’t it supposed to charge automatically? Yes, a hardwired doorbell device charges on its own. Yet, when it comes to the hardwired Ring doorbell, there are a number of complaints about the Ring doorbell 2 hardwired not charging. We have enlisted all reasons for you with possible solutions.

1. Low Voltage Supply for Ring Doorbell.

Being hardwired, low voltage can be one of the reasons why your device is not charging. There is a specific voltage range that is recommended by the company. If the device does not receive the mentioned voltage from the switchboard, it might cause the doorbell to not charge thus also lacking in performance.

First check the voltage supply for the ring doorbell is enough?

The Ring mobile application can be used to monitor the voltage.

  • Go to the dashboard of the ring mobile app.
  • Go to the setting menu through the setting button.
  • Select the device health option there as shown in the image.

The application shows poor, very poor, good, and very good depending on the voltage received. If the device shows good, then you are on the safer side as the issue might not be voltage. However, if the application indicated poor voltage then you know the cause.

Solution: If your Ring device is hardwired not charging, then check the voltage. It should be anywhere more than 16 volts of AC, as suggested by the company. Check the Ring app to know the reading of your voltage. If it’s the voltage, call the electrician to fix this problem.

If there is not any voltage issue, another way of solving it is to bypass the ring doorbell transformer with Pro Power kit V2. However, Instead of doing it on your own, it’s better to call Ring Customer Support.

2. Weak Network Connection Issue For Ring Doorbell.

The Ring door device flashes a light blue color as a sign of charging. If this light is missing on the circle, it indicates that there is some problem with the charging. Weak Wifi connection or interruption in the network might cause your Ring device to not charge properly.

The strength of your wifi can also be checked on the Ring mobile application in the device health section. Just check signal strength there below transformer voltage as shown above image.

If the signal strength is lower than RSSI-55. Then it is not enough for the ring doorbell.

Solution: Try restarting the device as well as the router. If it is still not working, it’s time to add an extender to your wifi or the only solution will be to replace the router.

3. Power Fluctuations Fault

The power supply using which the doorbell is functioning might fluctuate or be disrupted. People tend to forget to keep an eye on the switch and power functions before operating the device.

If you find out that power disruption might be the reason for the Ring doorbell hardwired not charging, then it is recommended that you immediately call the trained electrician.

Also, this might be silly but there are scenarios where people have forgotten to turn the power switch on. This is also an important thing you must take into consideration.

Solution: Make sure that the power switch is on. Also if you notice power fluctuations or disruptions then it is recommended to call the trained professional. They will have answers to all solutions and fix the power issues.

4. Loose Connections or Loose Wires.

A lot of time the problem turns out to be a loose wire establishment or loose connections either on a point of a fixed line or in the Ring doorbell. There are several errors while connecting your Ring doorbell and are just mistakes that need to be rechecked.

In a lot of cases while fastening the pair of wires that connect to the baseplates of the Ring doorbell to the power source the point of connecting is easily disconnected and is a common case in many households.

This also happens to make random connection errors or frequent use of the Ring doorbell. If you want to use a USB to charge your Ring doorbell then make sure our cable is working in a good condition.

Solution: Before handling any wires, put the circuit off to prevent accidents. If the wires or screws are too tight, or too loose, then it might disrupt the connection. Corrosion can also interrupt the power supply.

Quick Fixing if Hardwired Ring Doorbell Not Charging.

1. Restarting or reset Your Ring DoorBell.

Software issues can cause the doorbell to have poor charging and an unhealthy battery but you don’t have any serious issues as it is a pretty easy fix. Firstly you can use the heath in-app and check the health of your Ring doorbell.

It will very swiftly let you analyze any problems that you may be facing and give optimum results. You only need to restart your Ring doorbell using the power button. This will reboot the device and fix software issues that may be the root cruise of the problem.

2. Start With the Wiring.

There are a number of wires included along with your doorbell. It is not advisable to try proceeding ahead without the right knowledge and appropriate skills. It may be harmful and cause some troubles as this process also has live wires and creates more problems than resolving it.

First, to start you can check whether the battery is connected to the wire. A professional electrician will be able to detect the right wire and find out if they are charged.

Reasons like broken connection twisted wire, battery malfunction can lead to improper functioning. Only a professional can help you to find the right solution for the Ring doorbell hardwired not charging.

3. Take Professional Help.

If you have checked all wires and have completed all trial testing, and still not coming to a conclusion then it’s advised for you to call for a professional hand. You can ask the technician to fix the issue or go through Ring Doorbell Not Charging (Troubleshoot Guide)!.

Make sure you go to some authorized shop You can also take help from the company’s warranty center as they will help you to fix the device properly. Rest assured, the device will be repaired properly.


The Ring doorbell provides optimum security for your home with its unique and salient features. The problem of Ring doorbell hardwired not charging is common in many households and can sometimes be an easy fix.

Remember that while charging your hardwired Ring doorbell it is recommended to fully charge it on the removal of the battery pack that ensures good performance. Many times the root cause is simple human error in connection or overuse of the item with time. However, if there is a serious problem it is not advisable to try resuming the work. You can call for professional help who will guide you with the right knowledge and skills.

We hope our article was helpful and cleared your doubts completely.We also welcome passionate bloggers to write for us home decor guest posts to contribute to our blog.

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