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Why Do I Only Find Dead Cockroaches in My House? Here is Truth

Why Do I Only Find Dead Cockroaches in My House? In such a case, you are not the only one. The experience of coming home to see dead cockroaches is one that many individuals go through regularly. This is likely an inconvenient circumstance for you, particularly if you cannot determine the source of the issue.

The presence of one or two dead roaches in your house isn’t unusual, but a rise in the number of dead roaches in your home, along with the infrequent appearance of live roaches, indicates an infestation. Cockroaches may be killed by fire ants or lizards in your house, which may suggest that you have a massive infestation, but it is possible that predators are destroying the roaches. If you find dead cockroaches in your home, it’s a good idea to assume that there are many more still alive.

The good news is that there is a solution to this issue, and in this article, you will discover all you need to know about what it means when there are dead cockroaches in the house, the reasons for this problem, and how to eradicate dead roaches from your home.

What Does It Mean by Dead Cockroaches in the House?

According to the findings of one research, there may be over 1,000 more cockroaches hidden somewhere in your home for everyone you see. Cockroaches are nocturnal organisms that are pretty good at hiding, which is why this is the case.

The presence of a live roach is a sign that the infestation has progressed to such a point that the existing population of cockroaches has outgrown the hiding places that are accessible to them. This is an even more frightening prospect.

Those still alive and you have seen are most likely hunting for more food sources and hiding places for their young.

Causes Of Finding Dead Cockroaches in the House

There are various probable reasons if you find many dead roaches.

Why Do I Only Find Dead Cockroaches in My House

  • Infestation of Mice or Rats

Rats and mice may lurk in your house if you see a sudden increase in dead cockroaches. Even though bugs aren’t their primary food source, rats may consume them if necessary. This includes cockroaches if they can’t find a better source of food.

Insects’ bodies may be studied in detail. If so, how many of their parts are still intact? If you have cockroaches in your house, they don’t have much of a predator. If you see rat or mouse droppings everywhere, your property may be riddled with cockroach body parts.

Because you won’t have to deal with cockroaches, this may seem like a blessing. It is also undesirable to have rodents in your house. If you don’t get rid of them, they’ll gobble up everything that comes their way.

  • Geckos and Lizards

House lizards and geckos like eating cockroaches. They’re not only a nutritious source of protein but also a delicious one.

The cockroaches will begin to feast on these little reptiles if you have many of them dwelling on your property. Wings and other body features of cockroaches may start to appear.

  • Fire Ants

Insects such as fire ants, and predators, will attack any insects they encounter on or near their territory. Some of their bodies and wings will be left behind when cockroaches are consumed.

  • Dehydration

Water is essential to the survival of cockroaches. While they can last four weeks without food, they can only go one week without water.

To replenish their water supply, they’ll emerge out of concealment, even during the daylight, if necessary. The likelihood of finding dead cockroaches when looking for water is higher if your house has no sources (such as leaky pipes and plumbing).

  • Consumption of a Harmful Substance

Cockroaches that have died over your property may have ingested a harmful substance. This is particularly true even if their bodies show no indications of mauling by predators.

For example, boric acid is a slow-dehydrating toxin that may be used to kill roaches in the long run. In your home, you can find the body of a dead cockroach that has been poisoned somewhere. To counteract the symptoms of poisoning, it was probably looking for water.

  • Playing Dead

Cockroaches are masters of disguise. As a result of a potentially life-threatening situation, people may become unable to move until they can. The cockroaches may seem dead if they are in a vegetative condition. Once the threat is gone, they will begin migrating again. Such cockroaches can be seen near organic wastage.

Because of this, there is a risk of making your home seem like it is overrun with dead cockroaches. Cockroaches that have been frightened into pretending death are, in fact, still alive.

Health Risk of Dead Cockroaches in the House

Health Risk of Dead Cockroaches in the House

While cockroaches may not be directly linked to particular illness outbreaks, Cockroaches may transport pathogens.

  • According to the EPA, cockroaches contain germs that may cause salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus if deposited on food. So cockroach carries diseases that are highly risk for health.
  • Cochlear disorders such as dysentery, diarrheal, cholera, and typhoid fever have been linked to the spread of pests by the World Health Organization.

Cockroach Eradication methods

It is possible to get rid of cockroaches if they have set up shop in your house by following these steps:

  • Baking Soda

Roaches may be eradicated using baking soda, which is used for many home cures. In the end, it’s a really bad outcome. Baking soda causes roaches to burst because it releases gasses in their digestive tracts.

However, you’ll have to make the baking soda more enticing by rubbing it into onions or fruit and storing the laced organic stuff in a shallow basin for easy cleanup. Remember that onions are poisonous to animals and should not be fed to them.

  • Citrus

Citric acid is an easy-to-find remedy that you may already have in your kitchen pantry. Cockroaches dislike citrus fruits like oranges and lemon as much as people do.

Make cleaning solutions using lemon juice, sweep the floor, and clean your worktops. Because of the stench, you may not have to deal with roaches in your home again in the future.

  • Boric Acid

Dogs and humans may safely consume boric acid, but cockroaches should avoid it. Toxicology also kills them by shutting down their neurological and digestive systems, so they die swiftly.

It is possible to make your boric acid trap by putting a food source in a shallow dish and then covering it with the acid.

  • Borax

Borax, the more popular term for sodium tetraborate, has the same base compounds as boric acid. Roaches will swiftly die from dehydration caused by the washing product. Afterward, you may need to find the corpses.

  • Oils of Peppermint

Citrus essential oils are comparable in action to peppermints. As soon as they smell it, the roaches run towards the hills. To get rid of the cockroaches already in your house, use many different approaches, such as placing this spray around cracks and access spots.

  • Strips of Glue

There are several places where glue strips may be purchased. Roaches are attracted to adhesive strips because of their strong odor. Thus those meant to catch and kill them are coated with an enticing material. You’ll have to keep an eye on the strips and swap them out as needed.

  • Baiting Stations

The use of bait stations, or bait tubes, as a commercial solution is another option that may be effective. Roaches are attracted to the bait in these traps, thus the name. The cockroach will die if it takes the poison in the tube, which is also in there. Bait stations should be used with caution if you have youngsters.

FAQs Related to Finding Dead Cockroaches in House

1. What do cockroaches eat?

Omnivores, such as cockroaches, consume plant and animal matter in their diet. Roaches aren’t discriminating eaters, although they like carbs, sugar, fat, and meat. Anything from a living entity, such as plants and animals, is fair game for these creatures.

2. Do Dead Cockroaches Attract Other Roaches?

Yes, dead roaches do attract additional roaches to the area. Oleic acid is released when cockroaches decompose. The fragrance of this chemical attracts other cockroaches who are still alive. They can detect the stench from a great distance away. And when they sense the odor, they search for their deceased counterparts in the vicinity.

3. What Are the Signs of a Cockroach Infestation?

There could be a number of signs which tells you the cockroach infestation. One of the good indicators is finding cockroach feces. More the quantity of cockroach feces lead the high level of infestation. Dead cockroach found in the house and cockroach eggs also helps to identify the cockroach infestation.


Cockroaches are repulsive and may harm human health because they can transmit diseases and make people sick. They are also tough to locate, very difficult to capture, and similarly challenging to take out of the equation. It is not unusual to find one or two dead roaches in your house; however, if you see a significant rise in the number of dead roaches in your home and you very seldom, if ever, see any live roaches, this is probably an indication that there is a problem.

It is not a good indication if you see a rise in the number of dead roaches found in your house. This indicates that they are passing away, but it also shows that you most likely have a significant infestation and that you need to take steps as quickly as possible to get rid of the issue.

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