Guide6 Interior designing tricks to make your windows look bigger

6 Interior designing tricks to make your windows look bigger

Your home is a safe place for you and your family. You check for the available facilities to provide easy living conditions to your family. In such cases, sometimes you may have to go for a home that has small windows installed in it. Homes look better with larger windows, but worry not; you can still make them look bigger.

There are many interior design tricks that you can use to make the windows appear larger. We can not help fake the sunlight but sure offer ideas to help enhance the window size without spending much money. Read on to learn about expert interior designing tips for your home.

Avoid Dark Colors in Drapes and Blinds.

Dark colored shades will absorb the natural light and make the room and your windows look smaller. Therefore, if you have a home with small and less-luxurious windows, you must avoid using dark colors for drapes. Instead, you can choose soft roman shades to make the window look broader and allow the natural light to shine through them. The brighter your room will look, the larger your window and room will appear.

Go for Longer Curtain Rods.

Curtains to Make Your Windows Look Bigger

Interior designers in Brisbane can help you create a cohesive and beautiful space that is perfect for your needs. They can also help you choose the best furniture and fixtures for your home. They use this trick to fudge the window width and create an impression of larger windows in the rooms. So, when choosing the rod length, keep it 10 inches more than the window length on both sides. It plays a significant role in tricking the mind into thinking that the window is the size of a rod.

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Manipulate Height and Width.

You do not necessarily have to put the drapes 3inches or 5 inches above the ground and a foot below the roof. It is up to you to choose the length of the curtains. So, if you have smaller walls, you must use floor-to-ceiling drapes. In addition, you can add some extra inches to the width and light curtains on the sides. It tricks the mind and makes it difficult to decipher the size of the window. You can use the same trick with shades and blinds; keep them 3 to 4 inches longer and wider than the actual window size.

Equip Your Room With Mirrors.

Small windows make your room look shadier and damper. So, you’ve got to use the mirror technique to make it look larger, brighter, and fresher. You can install a large mirror across the window; it will reflect the light entering the room. The room will look airier and also make the window look larger.

Paint Borders Around the Window

Whether you have small windows in your drawing room or bedroom, if you want to make it look bigger, you must add broad borders. Either paint the edges or use a frame larger than the standard dimension. It is one good and most affordable way to trick the guest’s mind.

Avoid the Same Color for Walls and Windows.

It is important to differentiate the wall color from the window color. It significantly affects the size and design of the room. If you have white windows, choose to color walls with darker cool colors. Similarly, paint the windows in contrast to other bold colors in the room if you have white walls.


Your creativity can help you do the best for your home. Interior designing is nothing but the use of creative ways to enhance the room. It would benefit if you thought of ways to make your room look brighter and lighter. As a result, the mind can be easily tricked into overlooking the window size. Another trick that most don’t think about is outdoor lighting. The outdoor light can make the window appear larger than they actually are.


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