ConstructionHow to Wrap a Window Sill Using MDF - 5 Steps

How to Wrap a Window Sill Using MDF – 5 Steps

Are you getting ready to cover your windows with a sill? First and foremost, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the following information. If you are the type of person who likes to do projects around the house on their own, despite how intimidating it may seem at first, you will really like working on this project.

5 Steps to Wrap a Window Sill Using MDF

You will quickly be able to wrap a window Sill, after you have the necessary gear and know the many methods and tips involved in the process. Therefore, here are the five stages that need to be completed for you.

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Step 1 – Take Your Measurements

Get started on this undertaking by measuring the length and width of your window sill. The window sill width should be increased by at least three inches. You may need this to make corner caps.

Additionally, add at least 1/8 of an inch to each measurement you took for the three sides of the sill. You may require this for the face, underside, or top of your sill. Add up all the measures after you have them prepared and ready to go. This will be the final measurement for the whole piece of MDF Sill being measured.

Step 2 – Transfer the Measurements

Transfer the measurements when you have finished using the brake and coil stock. Check if the MDF does not form a snug fit around the window sill. It needs to have a generally loose fit to it overall.

Step 3 – Frame

Carry out the same procedure with the frame of your sill. You may have to work through a few parts before getting the hang of the procedure. To ensure a snug fit, you should provide bending tabs and relief cuts.

Step 4 – Corner Caps

When you want to build corner caps, you have to hold the cape up to the window sill like this. As you go through this process, mark each end of the sill. Create a box by bending the tabs over the sill and then pressing them together.

Step 5: What Can Be Done to prevent it

When wrapping a window corner sill MDF window sill, it is crucial to clearly understand what it is that you will be trying to avoid. Moisture issues will arise if the procedure is not carried out appropriately.

This occurs due to the wall cavity becoming exposed, which allows all of the moisture from the outside to enter the structure.

When finished correctly, the window will end up being far more robust. Keep in mind that windows are a barrier between the inside of your home and the outside elements. Make sure you do it the right way to keep your house safe.


The MDF window sills may now be wrapped around a window corner sill, concluding the five processes. After you have finished, you will feel a sense of pride in yourself for having finished a project to such a high standard.


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