Air FilterationHow Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Improve Indoor Air Quality

How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Improve Indoor Air Quality

Over time, air ducts can get filled with dust and other micro-particles. And if you don’t clean the air ducts regularly, it can degrade the indoor air quality and make everyone in your house sick. Besides, when there is dust in the air ducts, it can create a foul odor and degrade the house environment. That is why apart from annual HVAC maintenance, you must clean the air ducts.

How Air Duct Cleaning Help Improve Indoor Air Quality

1. Eliminates Mildew & Keeps You Safe from Diseases

Hot and humid conditions allow the mold to grow. But mildew is very toxic and hazardous for humans. When humans are exposed to mold, it can trigger asthma symptoms and other illnesses such as headache, nausea, sore throat, etc. If you have respiratory diseases, you should be more worried about the growth of mold in your house.

As Dallas is very humid, if you don’t maintain a specific humidity level and put off the air duct cleaning, you can notice mold formation in your AC system. Besides, when there is condensation in your air conditioning unit, you might notice mildew in your HVAC unit, especially in the AC vent.

Usually, AC vents are not that accessible. As a result, it is difficult for homeowners to identify mold formation in the early stage. However, you can still identify mold growth in the early stage by looking at the following signs.

If you notice a sharp decline in the IAQ or foul odor in your house, this may indicate that there is mildew in your air conditioner vents.

After identifying the mold growth in the AC vents, you will have to call a professional air duct cleaning expert and clean the air ducts. If there is excessive mildew in the air ducts, you may have to call professional pest control.

Several HVAC companies provide air duct cleaning near Dallas and Fort Worth. Before hiring them, ensure that the HVAC company is certified and has enough experience to clean the air ducts.

Apart from cleaning the air ducts, you can install a dehumidifier to keep the humidity in check and prevent mold growth in your house. A dehumidifier keeps the moisture content at the same level and thus helps you maintain a comfortable indoor environment. You just need to set a humidity level, and the dehumidifier will control the humidity accordingly. Usually, a humidity level of 55%-65% is considered ideal. Above or below this level will cause several issues. For example, excess humidity can make you feel sweaty, trigger mold growth, and make the HVAC unit operate longer. On the flip side, when the humidity is low, you will have skin irritation and dryness.  

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2. Removes Dust & Keeps the IAQ Higher

No matter how often you clean the dust from your furniture, you still notice dust on them, right? It can be because there is dust in the air ducts.

When there is dust in the air ducts, the dust gets mixed with the produced air. And as soon as you turn on the HVAC unit, dust shifts from the air ducts to your rooms and thus, degrades the IAQ.

So, how do you know if there is dust buildup in the air ducts?

When you turn on your HVAC unit, and if you notice a dust popup from the AC vents, it indicates that there is dust in the register and the air ducts. Here, the next step will be to inspect the air ducts.

First, remove the AC vent cover and check if there is dust inside the air ducts or not. If you notice that the metal cover is covered with dirt, you will have to call a professional air duct technician and clean the air ducts ASAP.

Apart from cleaning the air ducts, you must regularly replace the HVAC filter. Besides, you can install an air purifier to keep the house free from dust and other micro-particles.

How Frequently Should You Call an Air Duct Cleaning Service?

Now that you know how air duct cleaning improves the IAQ, you must know how frequently you should clean the air ducts. HVAC experts recommend cleaning the HVAC air ducts every 2-3 years. By adhering to this schedule, you can prolong the lifespan of your HVAC unit. Besides, you can enjoy healthy indoor air with maximum comfort.

Apart from cleaning the air ducts every two years, you need to emphasize regular HVAC maintenance. During regular HVAC maintenance, an HVAC professional will check your entire HVAC unit thoroughly. This is important because, over time, HVAC parts start to endure damage to the compressor and leaks in the air ducts. And if you don’t act timely, it can lead to a system shutdown and require heavy repair fees.

Cleaning Agents Used for Air Duct Cleaning

You can clean the air ducts chemically or by using biological cleaning agents. When you use chemical cleaning agents, it eliminates mildew and other micro-organisms. However, when you use chemical agents, it can cause health problems and can lower indoor air quality. On the flip side, when you use biological or eco-friendly cleaning agents, it doesn’t have these issues. That is why you should tell the HVAC air duct cleaning professional to use biological cleaning agents.

Concluding Thoughts

You must clean the air ducts regularly if you want your indoor air to be free from dust and other harmful micro-organisms. Also, you must perform annual HVAC maintenance checkups to keep the HVAC in decent condition. For air duct cleaning, Dallas-Fort Worth has some of the best HVAC companies. They have trained HVAC experts who can handle all sorts of HVAC systems.


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