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Avoiding House Fires During the Holidays: Simple Fire Prevention Tips

As we approach the holidays and much-awaited festivities, you are likely looking forward to memorable family gatherings, special celebrations, and epic dinners with buddies. If your holidays entail having candles on the table, a cozy fire in the fireplace, twinkling lights on the tree, or cranking up those space heaters to keep warm, you are certainly not alone. Imean, that’s how we set the holiday mood, right? But here’s the deal – these things can be major fire risks.

And it’s not only that. Christmas trees, candles, and all those holiday decorations? They also add to the seasonal hazard list and should not be taken lightly. Also, the holidays can get pretty hectic, right? Everyone’s multitasking like there’s no tomorrow. And guess what? That increases the risk of home fires even more. In some cases, the victims of a house fire may be able to file a burn injury lawsuit in Portland to secure compensation for damages incurred.

Did you know that nearly 156,000 fires occur during the festive winter holiday season? That’s a lot, right? And it sounds like a buzzkill, but these fires led to 630 deaths, 2,600 injuries, and a whopping $936 million in property damage. So, let’s get honest about these holiday fire hazards and risks and how to keep them from ruining the party.


During the holidays, one of the leading causes of fires is fireplace use. If you haven’t used your fireplace all year, there’s a thing called creosote that builds up in your chimney. You should know that it’s super flammable. So, before you light it up, get your chimney inspected and cleaned. And when you’re all toasty and comfy by the fire, use a fireguard to keep those embers in check.

When cleaning out all the ash from the fireplace, it is best to make sure that you’ve got a metal container to collect the ashes. You should never burn paper or Christmas trees, and definitely skip the flammable liquids. Finally, check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to ensure they are working well.


The kitchen is the heart of the holiday action, right? However, here’s the scoop – unattended cooking is the top cause of home fires, which can quickly cause moderate to severe injuries. So, while you’re frying, boiling, grilling, or broiling those holiday feasts, don’t leave the kitchen.

During the holidays, your cozy kitchen is buzzing with friends and family. Everyone’s getting busy whipping up delicious and unique dishes and having a blast. But wait, there is a catch! With all the hustle and bustle, you may forget about that pot on the stove or that dish in the oven, and you don’t want that. So, whether you’re frying or grilling, you have to stay put in the kitchen. No Netflix marathons in the other room, alright?

But, hey, accidents can still happen, right? So, it is prudent that you have a fire extinguisher handy. And not just any fire extinguisher – you need one that can handle all types of fires. Also, make sure that you know where the fire extinguisher is stashed and how to use it. It’s not just a fancy kitchen accessory; it’s a lifesaver!

Christmas Trees

What is Christmas and the holiday season without a Christmas tree? But here’s a buzzkill for you – a dry Christmas tree can go up in flames in under 30 seconds! Did you know that Christmas trees are so flammable that valuable pine trees are used to make turpentine? That’s crazy, right?

So, dry trees are a big no – a better choice is a fresh tree with a solid trunk. You should make sure that your tree’s needles are intact and water it daily to keep it all fresh and moist. Note that as long as your tree is kept well-watered, you are good to go.

Now, let’s talk about some facts – every year, US fire departments dash to the scene of about 200 home structure fires caused by Christmas trees. That’s not the holiday magic we’re aiming for, right? Also, two out of every five of these fiery situations happen due to electrical problems or issues with how the lights are spread around the tree. And one in four cases results from a heat source that is too close to the tree.

Oh, and a quarter of all holiday fires happen because of fancy decorations. So, the rule of thumb is never ever leave your holiday decor on when you’re sleeping or jetting out of the house. It’s just asking for trouble. What is the bottom line? Keep your tree fresh, check those lights, and don’t leave your holiday decor unattended.


We all know that candles are used as decorative features, especially during the holidays. But guess what? Candle fires are almost four times more likely to happen in December. You can minimize the risk of candles setting fire to your humble abode by taking a few simple steps. For example, never leave candles unattended, and definitely don’t crash out with one still burning. If you have kids in your home, it is best to keep those candles high up where they can’t reach.

Place all your candles on a steady surface. When arranging candles, you must pay attention to and prioritize safety rather than aesthetics. Safety is the name of the game, folks! Leave at least a foot of space between the candle and anything that could catch fire. And here’s a pro tip – if you’re paranoid about candles sparking trouble, LED candles are a solid bet.

Final Thoughts

By following these simple fire prevention tips, you can significantly lower the risk of fire in your house and enjoy a safe and fun holiday season. So, keep that tree fresh, watch those lights, and never leave your decorations unattended. With these precautions, you’ll be rocking around the Christmas tree without a worry in the world.

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