BasementThe Benefits of Basement Underpinning You Must Know

The Benefits of Basement Underpinning You Must Know

Looking to increase livable space within your home at an economical cost? Underpinning may be the answer – not only will this process increase ceiling height but it will also repair foundation issues and prevent further damage to foundation.

Formerly, basements were seen as cold and musty rooms used solely for storage or laundry. Now they are becoming accepted living spaces that can be transformed into whatever type of space desired.

1. Increased Structural Support

Basement Underpinning At first, basements were constructed for storage purposes; as their utility evolved with time, people started exploring whether their storage spaces could become living areas. As demand for space rose, people started considering turning their basements into living spaces instead.

Underpinning foundations is one way of accomplishing this. This involves extending the footing further into the ground by excavating weak soils and pouring concrete in order to support the weight of structures. To ensure a solid foundation for your structure, it’s important to hire professionals that can provide customized excavation services tailored to your specific needs. With their expertise in excavating weak soils and pouring concrete footings, they can help you create a foundation that can support the weight of your structures for years to come.

2. Improved Drainage

Basement underpinning offers an invaluable way to improve drainage within your home, by eliminating excess moisture and water that contributes to mold and mildew growth.

Underpinning is a process in which contractors remove existing floors and soil to increase ceiling height in your basement and strengthen its foundation. Once this has taken place, new concrete footings, walls, and flooring are then installed.

Home additions can provide an efficient means of expanding livable space without increasing its footprint, and help to strengthen foundations by stabilizing unstable foundations.

An attractive basement can make the property more desirable to homebuyers than one with weak foundation.

Underpinning is an invaluable home upgrade option for homeowners without the budget or resources to extend their homes inward. Furthermore, it’s an ideal option for those planning on selling their properties soon who wish to add additional value.

3. Protection Against Soil Erosion

Basement underpinning can help protect your home from soil erosion caused by drought conditions that weaken foundation footings and undermine footings of buildings.

Under these conditions, footing can shift and cause serious structural damage to both your basement and above-ground structure, including cracks and separation in walls, ripped drywall ripping upstairs and jammed doors or windows.

Underpinning is the practice of excavating soil from beneath your home and installing new concrete sections beneath its foundation to strengthen and make it more durable and resilient.

Underpinning is also an ideal way of accessing and fixing mechanical aspects of your home, helping ensure it remains in great condition and saving on energy bills.

4. Increased Home Value

Basement underpinning is a great way to increase the value of your home by strengthening its structural integrity, making it more resilient to extreme weather conditions and soil erosion.

Additionally, adding usable space allows you to extend the living area of your house without moving – perfect for family recreation, guest quarters or potential rental income.

Underpinning involves excavating and shoring of soil beneath your home’s foundation, as well as installing new footings, walls, and floors to increase the depth or strengthen an unstable foundation. This complex task is best performed with professional assistance to ensure it is done safely.


Basement underpinning is an investment worth making that will pay dividends over time. Not only can it increase the safety and resale value of your home while increasing energy efficiency, it can also prevent leaks that lead to mold growth as well as leaks that allow air infiltration problems to form in your foundation. Magcor: Demolition Company has the experience and expertise necessary to provide reliable underpinning services for your home.

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