Home DecorationCopper Lanterns - The Perfect Accessory for Outdoor Home Spaces

Copper Lanterns – The Perfect Accessory for Outdoor Home Spaces

When it comes to the interiors of homes, you’re super careful of the minutest details – right from picking the suitable theme, and color scheme to the tiniest home decor item, you choose each and everything carefully. In the tryst of making the interiors of our home perfect, you forget that you can actually extend the same creative vibe to the outdoors of our home, too!

Even to the exteriors of our home, you can add a number of creative elements so that the outdoors of your home are in sync with the interiors. And one such element that you can add to the exterior of your home is copper lanterns!

The best part about copper lanterns is that they complement both rustic and modern themes. Irrespective of the decor theme of your home, you can comfortably add them to your front yard or porch – they’ll perfectly fit in, without looking out of place in the whole setup. Let’s find out more about these beautiful copper lanterns, and how you can add them to give the exteriors of your home a beautiful revamp:

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Add an Instant Charm to the Home Exteriors

Decking up your outdoor space with copper lanterns will be one of the best decor choices you’ll make! You can further add an element of wonder by adding string lights or candles to the space, making it appear all the more dreamy. The soft light from the lanterns and the twinkling light of the overheard lights can instantly convert your outdoor space from ‘just another seating area’ to a cozy, welcoming wonderland!

Durable and Functional

Copper lanterns aren’t just a showpiece – they are functional and apart from adding charm to your outdoor space, they also illuminate the whole area. They feature a warm metallic luster, which translates into a subtly lit ambience in the exteriors of your home.

Most importantly, copper lanterns are durable, sturdy, and capable of withstanding tough outdoor conditions for a longer time span. The lantern may develop a bluish-green coating over a period of time, but with timely maintenance, it will once again be shining bright and beautiful.

Simple, Elegant and Rustic Finish

Copper lanterns have an unmissable charm of their own. The elegance and character of these beautiful lanterns increases as the years pass by. If you’re looking to add a simple yet impressive element to your outdoor space, there’s nothing better than copper lanterns!

How to Choose Copper Lanterns for the Exteriors of Your Home?

Pick the Right Design

Copper lanterns are available in different designs to suit different themes such as modern, rustic, traditional, coastal, and a lot more. You need to carefully pick the lantern style that works best with the vibe of your home.

Place Them in the Right Spots

You can place your lanterns either in covered or open outdoor spaces. In covered spaces, you can hang the lanterns from the ceiling areas of porches or decks. You can also consider fitting these lanterns on vacant walls on the outside of your home too.

Choose the Right Size

You can find copper lanterns in different sizes and shapes in the market. Depending on the intensity of illumination you require, you can pick the size of the lantern. A larger lantern will, of course, render greater illumination, whereas smaller lights will offer lesser, more intimate, and subtle light.

Price of the Lantern

The most important factor to consider is the price of your copper lanterns! Authentic copper lanterns can be super expensive. If you’re shopping on a budget, you can always look for lanterns with a copper finish, as they are relatively cheaper compared to the ones made completely using metal.

Summing Up

You can literally use the copper lanterns anywhere you wish to, in your outdoor space – gardens, decks, porch covers, walkway linings or walls! So if you’re looking for the perfect copper lanterns to add to the exterior of your home, you can always look at Teton Lighting for a stunning collection of copper lanterns, leaving you spoiled for choice.


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