GuideDo Custom Bobbleheads Have Intellectual Property Risk?

Do Custom Bobbleheads Have Intellectual Property Risk?

We all admire custom bobbleheads and tend to assume obvious things like legal problems that may arise from owning them. Besides, Human beings tend to overlook knick-knacks’ ownership rights. This brings us to this vital question. Yes, custom bobbleheads have intellectual property risks. However, the risk I can say applies selectively. Wait, A risk applying selectively? Yes, Here’s how.

Some customized bobblehead designs are owned by certain organizations and are therefore ultra vires their property. This means that they are protected from reproduction by the intellectual laws relating to trademarks, trade names, and other similar rights. This means that if you reproduce similar bobbleheads you’re likely to face some legal summons which would otherwise be costly.

To mitigate such kinds of intellectual risks, you have to agree with the governing bodies of the individual bobbleheads.

On the other hand, you can also protect your bobblehead designs under the intellectual property protection policies. This will enable you to mitigate the risks of copying your creativity and benefiting from it.

Custom bobbleheads come with intellectual risks too. There are bobbleheads solely owned by individual affiliates, suppliers, and licensors. This means that they’re the ones solely mandated to reproduce and distribute them. This means that acquiring some bobbleheads illegally may land you in trouble. These suppliers also own the rights to the selling websites that deal in bobbleheads which means that you cannot use hyperlinks and meta tags to their sites without their approval.

So, are bobblehead websites intellectual properties too? Definitely yes, It would be noble if you recognize the fact that all bobblehead websites contain marks and unique looks that give a look and feel to the site which has been designed by a programming creative personnel. Therefore for one to mitigate intellectual legal risks he/she should desist from copying websites data.

Other intellectual risks involved with custom bobbleheads include names, logos, graphics, trademarks, video clips, and artwork skeletons. Some materials and machines for designing

bobbleheads belong to certain organizations and properties, which means that using them without their prior go-ahead approval is a breach of intellectual law. Similarly, some services in the bobblehead world are protected by copyrights and licenses. This may range from marking their designs and marketing such designs, meaning that you cannot perform these duties without seeking their intellectual approval.

However, it is important to note that not all logos and designs belong to their respective owners which means anyone is free to use them and even modify them in creating shapes for any kind of benefit. This also means that you can add, delete, and distort to come up with more creative and satisfying designs.

Final Thoughts

Just like any other creative field, Custom bobbleheads’ authenticity is governed by intellectual properties and through mitigation of risk. Regardless of how mean and scary those intellectual risks sound, you shouldn’t be scared to buy off some customized bobbleheads for yourself because we are legit dealerships.


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