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How to Find Trustworthy Window Repair Contractors for Home Sale in Seattle, WA

When you are selling a home, there are many projects to get done. Making repairs before putting your home on the market can potentially mean getting more for your home at sale time. Some of the more expensive repairs that you might be considering are painting, getting a new roof, or replacing your windows. To keep Seattle homes warm in the Pacific Northwest climate, potential buyers want to know that their next home’s windows will keep the chill out.

Replacing windows is no small expense. Especially if you are replacing windows to sell your home, you might be wondering how you can find the best contractors to get the job done. While searching online is one way to find a contractor, having a strategy can help you be sure you are hiring the best person for the job to get your Seattle home ready to sell.

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5 Things to Consider While Hiring a Window Repair Contractor in Seattle

1. Consider the market

Real estate markets are constantly shifting. In Seattle, the average value of a single-family home is $927,525 according to Zillow, and that price has gone up more than 7 percent in the last year. With 42 percent of sales closing for under the list price, some sellers may be able to put their homes on the market for less than what a home is appraised for, without making extensive repairs.

When considering how extensive your window repairs should be, work with your realtor to understand the market and whether buyers seem more willing to compromise on repairs, to get a better price for their next home.

2. Clarify what needs to be fixed

There’s a big difference between replacing all of your windows and repairing them when it comes to price and the time commitment involved. If it seems that your windows need an upgrade, work with a contractor who you trust to give you an honest assessment of what needs to be done. Your realtor may be your best first contact here.

Some possible repairs are fixing latches, replacing a cracked glass pane, updating weather stripping, and even just giving your windows a major power wash before assessing what needs to be done. If only one or two windows need to be replaced — such as because of rotting wood — it might be possible to install the same type of window for a seamless look. Repainting window frames while repainting your house are other options.

3. Assess who you need to get the job done

Not all window repair jobs will require a specific window expert. If you just need to replace weather-stripping, then this could even be a DIY project, or a job for a licensed contractor without specific licensing for window repairs. If the repairs are more involved, or you need to replace one or more windows, or all of them, then it’s time to bring in the window experts. You’ll know you’ve found a window expert when they are licensed, have proof of insurance, and ideally have at least five years of experience.

While some homeowners might consider working with a contractor who works on windows and other home improvement projects, by choosing a window expert, you’re more likely to have someone on your side who truly knows the industry. By working with an expert, they might even save you money by offering solutions that other contractors aren’t aware of.

4. Ask for a referral

A quick internet search for window contractors in Seattle might bring up more results that you know what to do with. Reviews on Yelp or Google can give you an idea of who you can trust, but when it comes to an important project like repairing your home’s windows, referrals from people who you talk to yourself is the best strategy. Your real estate agent is one person to start with, especially because they will know contractors who have experience getting homes ready to sell.

Another source is to ask your neighbors and friends, especially those friends who recently sold their own homes. It’s best if the referrals are from unbiased sources (that is, don’t ask someone who’s family member works on windows), so that you can be sure it’s a recommendation that you can trust.

5. Get your questions ready

When hiring a contractor for any home repair job, it’s wise to talk to at least three people before signing a contract and moving forward with the work. Once you have those three people shortlisted, it’s time to start asking questions so you can find the best person for the job. Aside from confirming that they are licensed and have insurance, you’ll want to ask them about their process of assessing the repairs needed on your home, and how much it will cost. As contractors can be booked months in advance, it’s also fair to ask about a general timeline and how many projects they typically work on at a time.

Final Words

Light is one of the most important features of a home as it sets the tone for the energy in the entire house. Making sure your windows are in top shape can help you give potential buyers peace of mind that your home is move-in ready.


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