FurnitureHome Reserve Review: What's Good and Bad?

Home Reserve Review: What’s Good and Bad?

Our Home Reserve sectional arrived at our house two months ago, and now is the perfect moment for an in-depth, honest Home Reserve review. We didn’t need a new couch at the time, but I found Home Reserve online and fell in love right away. I had the sectional mentally bookmarked because we were moving in a year. My parents had trouble finding a sectional they liked that was in stock nearly two years later. After pointing them to the Home Reserve website, they purchased it because they were so happy with what they saw.

We knew we had to have their sectional for our most special area after seeing it in person. Before I get into the Home Reserve reviews that impressed us with our sectional, I’ll also answer some frequently asked questions I’ve received on social media and their official website.

How Long Did the Home Reserve Take to Deliver?

Your couch or sectional will usually arrive within 15 days of placing your order. Although they were a little behind schedule when I placed my order, they did a fantastic job. You can track your shipment by going to a specific section of their website. You can learn about their progress and the orders they are currently working on each week from this tool.

How Long Did the Home Reserve Take to Deliver?

I noticed that they were processing our order that week when I looked up the status of our shipment. I was shocked to learn via email the following day that it would arrive in two days! In the end, the couch did show up in the allotted 15 days.

Home Reserve Reviews: What’s Good?

Built-In Storage: Each seat cushion has a secret storage space underneath it for things like blankets, toys, and decor. Nothing touches the floor, thanks to the wooden bottom. We chose our sectional based in large part on this feature. Who wouldn’t value additional storage? It has turned out to be the perfect addition to our playroom, providing extra storage options and toy storage.

Kid And Pet Friendly: The fabric that Home Reserve offers is very pet and kid-friendly. Every piece of clothing, including the chair arms, is machine washable. They are highly durable and stain-resistant. Our dog’s paws didn’t stay on the couch for long when we sprayed thieves on it. Regarding pet hair, I’ve found that it is more likely than other colours or materials to display black dog hair. However, it is still simple to vacuum and remove. For this reason, we may use Retriever Bisque in the future. Still, we adore the colour we chose for our current look.

Renewable Parts: The 10-year warranty exceeded the other appealing features and convenient storage. Every Home Reserve item is renewable. For any reason, you can replace the cushions, foam, frame parts and fabric!

Changeable Fabric Covers:The design of this sectional makes it simple to change the fabric colour whenever you’d like. This sectional is a long-term investment due to its versatility. It is amazing how much flexibility there is regarding layout and fabric. What more is there to ask for? We know our couch will still fit in our new location even if we move. It is an easy decision to make.

Home Reserve Reviews: What’s Bad?

Though its features have won compliments, the Home Reserve still has room for improvement in a few areas. This section explores potential improvements while providing a thorough review of the brand’s consumer offering.

Assembly: Although this wasn’t a deal breaker for us, it is still important to note. It took my partner and me around two hours to put the first five pieces together. It is essential to work as a team, and having a strong partner is necessary. Many screws need to be tightly twisted. We started with a power drill but quickly stitched to a manual method because our children were sleeping. The assembly’s obvious drawback was the mess. Seven boxes of cut plywood arrive, all outside surfaces unsanded, leaving particles of plywood everywhere. That was not really to my taste.

Catches fur: The fabric we choose has certain drawbacks. There are many options for materials, but not all have this problem. Still, I regularly vacuum the fur on many dogs. Even though I vacuum multiple times daily, those who don’t find it annoying. Fur rollers are great, especially for leather, but this fabric’s weave makes them less valuable. The vacuum attachment is my favourite. The material has a stunning colour and is soft and lovely.

Unsanded plywood: All the wood pieces that come into contact with the fabric have only had their outside sanded. Although I can see the logic, it impacts the storage areas. I have to take out the plywood shaving before I can get my fall throw pillows back. It restricts what I can keep in there because blankets need to be washed before use, and toys could split. Thus, it is helpful for non-daily essentials but not for my children. The Home Reserve should sand more wood for a cleaner assembly and safer usability if it doesn’t compromise structural integrity.

Seat depth: For us, it is not a disadvantage, and we are comfortable with it. That might be an issue, though, if you are taller or like a deeper couch. This couch was our choice for our small living room, and it is perfect for its intended use-offering plenty of seating.

Home Reserve Reviews: Online Customer Reviews

Reviews of Home Reserve offer helpful details about the products and services of the business. They provide us with a glimpse into the actual experiences of the clients who have made online furniture purchases. Consumers frequently commend Home Reserves for being reliable and easily accessible. Many appreciate having customization options that meet their unique needs.

However, specific assessments highlight possible areas for development. These include the selection of fabric, improving the responsiveness of customer service, and increasing the accuracy of shipping and delivery schedules.

Overall, Home Reserve reviews provide a variety of user viewpoints, performing as educational resources for aspiring purchases and essential feedback for the business’s continued development.

FAQs Related to Home Reserve Reviews

Where is Home Reserve furniture made?

All of the Home Reserve’s raw materials come from the United States. They keep a close eye on their supply chain, ensuring the ability to be tracked of all the materials, foam, back cushion fibres, and even cardboard boxes. Every single one of the materials is from the United States. One of the main principles of the Home Reserve’s operations is its dedication to using domestic resources. It shows that boosting transparency and supporting regional business is very important.

Does Home Reserve Have a Risk-Free Trial?

Of course! Home Reserve provides a risk-free 30-day trial. A single armless unit in the style of a fabric of your choice is available for purchase. Assemble the team as soon as your package arrives. Return it for a complete refund, including shipping, if you are unsatisfied. Although I haven’t tried it yet, I’m glad I have the option. There are different sizes of sofas.

Additionally, they provide a risk-free trial and allow you to order fabric samples for just $1. I suggest taking this action. We did, and it was a big help when positioning fabric swatches throughout our space. Before deciding on the ideal colour, we set them out on the carpet, picked out a rug, and evaluated how they looked in our room.

How Do You Return Items to the Home Reserve?

Returning items to the Home Reserve is an easy process. Consumers who contact the company’s customer services can initiate a return. After acknowledging your return, the Home Reserve will provide return instructions. This efficient procedure ensures a straightforward return procedure and helps to maintain a positive customer experience.


This in-depth Home Reserve review dives into the company’s product lines and provides helpful comments. Popular items like couches, sofas, sectional chairs and ottomans are all part of their collection, focusing on modular and individual seating. It works well in various room types thanks to the customizable shapes, sizes, colours and compartment options.

Regardless of lifestyle, I strongly suggest Home Reserve to everyone. It is flexible enough for individuals, parents, and pet owners. The couch features a beautiful appearance, outstanding quality, first-rate customer service, and an easy ordering and assembly process. It only took 30-40 minutes to assemble each section, thanks to the clear instructions. It’s a lot simpler and better than Ikea!

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