PropertyMessi and Miami: How the GOAT Impacts Real Estate?

Messi and Miami: How the GOAT Impacts Real Estate?

Lionel Messi needs no introduction. The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner has won everything there is to win in both club and international football. With his out-of-this-world technique and ability, Messi has unequivocally established himself as the greatest of all time after winning the World Cup in 2022, the only title that had remained elusive throughout his career.

Shortly after “completing football,” in the summer of 2023, the GOAT announced his world-breaking transfer to David Beckham’s ambitious MLS project, Inter Miami.

The move sent shockwaves through the footballing world, and it marked a historic moment in American football, but had its impact on other areas as well, including the Miami real estate.

The Messi Effect

The Messi Effect on the Miami real estate scene is nothing short of remarkable. While Florida’s Magic City is no stranger to welcoming superstars like Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James, this time, it is different as football has a much more global reach than the NBA.

Both Shaq and LeBron are sports legends in their own right, and their arrivals in Miami certainly generated buzz. But football is a global phenomenon, and Messi’s international reputation as the greatest footballer of all time transcends borders.

The worldwide fervor for football made Messi’s move a game-changer for Miami, attracting not only local and national attention but also international investors and property buyers eager to be part of the historic “Messi era” in the city. Everyone wants to be closer to Leo, so people from all over the world are purchasing Miami property.

There is an enormous interest in condos for sale in Downtown Miami, Sunny Isles, Brickell, and other vibrant Miami neighborhoods.

Some are investing in luxury condos hoping to catch a glimpse of Messi on his way to training or a match. Others are purchasing properties to offer them as short-term rentals, capitalizing on the surge of tourists coming to witness Messi’s magic on the field. The Messi effect is very real and palpable and can be felt in other areas of life as well.

Restaurants and bars are themed around Messi, offering fans a unique dining experience while watching matches. Real estate developers are collaborating with architects to create Messi-inspired residences, each one more opulent and stylish than the last.

The “Messi era” has not only elevated the city’s real estate market but has also added an exciting layer to Miami’s vibrant culture. With the fusion of football, art, and entertainment, Miami is experiencing a renaissance that promises to endure as long as Messi graces the city with his presence.

Messi’s Real Estate Properties in Miami

Celebrities and accomplished athletes are well-known for their extravagant lifestyles, and they don’t hesitate to enjoy the rewards of their hard work, especially when they’ve reached the peak of their careers.

Miami, with its combination of beautiful beaches and a lively city atmosphere, is an ideal destination for high-profile athletes. In this city, superstars like Messi can find the perfect retreat to relax after a demanding season. Most athletes prefer luxury homes with top-notch spas, calming saunas, and inviting hot tubs, which are standard in Miami luxury condos.

This is why it should not come as a surprise to find out that Messi has a track record of investing in Miami’s luxurious real estate. In fact, he doesn’t just own one, two, or three properties; Leo has already acquired four stunning properties in Miami.

Back in 2019, before Inter Miami even made official contact with Leo, he had already purchased a slice of paradise within one of Miami’s most prestigious buildings – the Porsche Design Tower.

For a price of around $5 million, Messi secured a spot on the 47th floor in one of the few buildings globally that come with a car elevator that transports residents and their vehicles directly to their private units. A perfect feature for celebrities who value their privacy and convenience, sparing them the need to navigate public areas or parking facilities.

Moreover, Leo has two additional million-dollar condos in Sunny Isles, in the nearby Trump Royale tower. These purchases suggest that Messi doesn’t only buy condos for their luxurious living spaces but sees the potential for profitable investments in Miami’s thriving real estate market, showcasing his investing acumen.

Finally, Messi also has a $7.3 million luxury condo on the ninth floor of the beautiful Miami Regalia, also at Sunny Isles. We can see a pattern taking shape here – Messi loves buying oceanfront condos, and we don’t blame him.

All of that being said, it is worth mentioning at the beginning of September this year, Leo purchased yet another Florida property, though this time in Fort Lauderdale. At a price of $10.75 million, Leo bagged a 10,500-square-foot, 10-bedroom waterfront estate with an additional 170 feet of water frontage.

Messi and the Miami Real Estate – Wrap Up

Leo is undeniably a legend on the field, but we can see a career in investment is on the horizon for the Argentinian after he retires from football. If Messi continues making smart investments like these, he will not only preserve his wealth, but leave a noticeable mark on Miami’s real estate market.

While Miamians are already feeling “The Messi Effect,” and he has already spent millions in Miami properties, we can expect his impact to only continue growing and extend further than his Inter Miami contract.

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