GuideHow to Improve WiFi Signal in Basement of Your Home

How to Improve WiFi Signal in Basement of Your Home

Hardly anything can disruptively affect the range of your WiFi more than the distance, walls, floors, and disturbances from electricals. The farther the distance of the router, the thicker the signal barrier and the weaker the connection would be.

Although we are living in a digitally empowered and high-speed WiFi access era, internet black spots still exist. The internet signals are yet to reach the corners of the basement and the edges of your terrace.

In this article, we will discuss some effective tips on how to improve WiFi signal in basement areas.

Get an Ethernet Connection

We understand that WiFi brings convenience, but Ethernet can bring along the signal and speed you deserve. That’s certainly the best way to browse the web. Ethernet cables won’t get affected by all the robust equipment, including other computers or microwaves that might be surrounding you.

So, if you can get the cables and wires down to your basement, go for it, as it will prove to be reliable in the long run. A little DIY expertise and weatherproofing skills can help here. Ethernet cables are among the best solutions you can try when your WiFi is slow due to any possible reason. You may also need to drill a hole or two, so keep that in mind.

Get a WiFi Repeater

Also known as boosters, repeaters are one of the most popular and proven ways to boost your WiFi signal. They stretch your WiFi signal and take it over to a wider area; however, the farther the signal travels, the weaker it becomes. Signal strength can be an issue, particularly when you set up the repeater away from the router.

Enhancing the signal strength via a repeater may not allow you to stream videos or enjoy the gameplay, but you can browse the internet, write a blog, and do much more than that. Move the router to a more central location so that you can get a strong signal after installing a repeater. You can also upgrade the antenna as it helps boost the signal.

Get a Powerline Kit

How to Improve WiFi Signal in Basement

Installing a powerline kit between the two devices will allow you to extend your wired connection to the home network. Suppose you are thinking about how to improve WiFi signal in basement settings using a powerline kit. In that case, it’s simple, and you do not need any engineering knowledge or expertise to install it. The only thing is that it will add up to the cost, but that’s bearable.

One of the best things about a powerline kit is that it uses the already installed wires to link the computers together. The technology uses network adapters, also known as bridge adapters, to bring signals to the basement. The network adapters come in two different categories – Ethernet and USB. Ethernet Powerline adapters are speedier than USB Powerline adapters.

Internet Not Working? Read This

So, these are some potential ways to improve your WiFi strength in the basement. What if your WiFi won’t turn on after extending the signal? Check all the connections to ensure everything is up-to-the-mark. If it still doesn’t work, you need to troubleshoot the internet.

Check the Lights on the Router

Nearly all models of modems and routers have status lights that show if the device is working appropriately or not. The lights for internet connection are usually named Internet, WAN, or displayed with a globe icon. If the light is solid, the internet is in good health.

However, if the light is red or not blinking at all, you might be having a signal issue. If the lights are not blinking, turn off the modem from the main power outlet. Sometimes, restarting the modem and router is all you need to fix WiFi problems.

Check Your Cables & Wires

How to Improve WiFi Signal in Basement

Certainly, another way to ensure proper internet functioning is by checking the cables right from the router to the computer. The cables and wires might have loosened up or damaged, due to which the signal suffers, and you face inconsistent connectivity.

Sometimes the cables are chewed by pets or rats, which causes signal leaks and interrupts connectivity. If you are using an Ethernet cable, disconnect it, reinsert the plug, and make sure you hear the click sound.

Check for Internet Outage

After executing all possible troubleshooting steps, if the internet problem persists, make sure you are not the only one who is having issues with the WiFi. Sometimes, the router, the modem, or the cables are not at fault; instead, it’s the internet that’s not available.

You can contact your provider and discuss the situation. The problem can be area-specific or provider-specific, and only the internet service provider can fix it. It is worth contacting your ISP before you upgrade your router or modem to resume internet connectivity.


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