Guide12 Things You Must Do for a Winter-Ready Home

12 Things You Must Do for a Winter-Ready Home

When winter is just around the corner, there’s no better time than late fall to prepare your house for the cold season. It may not top your priority list just yet, but you’ve got to take our word for it, when the first wave of cold hits every winter, all we wish to do is lie back in bed, put on a pair of warm socks with a steaming cup of coffee and stay buried in our blankets.

You’re not alone, winters tend to make us lazier, and we long to have all the tough chores catered to beforehand. That being said, it’s always fruitful to have your house ready for winter before it arrives and the cold wave hits your home.

This article lists the twelve best measures you can take to ensure your house is prepared for the frosty season.

1. Check Up on Your Fireplace

With cold air circulating within your home, it’s natural to seek warmth. If you live in states like Billings, Montana, where the temperatures easily drop to a single digit, it would be wise to examine your fireplace as you start your winter preparations. If you don’t have one yet, it’s better to take a detour and search for a fireplace store Billings MT and get one installed at the earliest.

Hiring a professional to take a look at your existing fireplace, either wood-burning or gas, can help minimize any future breakdowns. Experts can scrutinize it, look for repairs and clean it to ensure it’s in usable condition.

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2. Inspect Your Roof and Chimneys

Next in line are the chimneys. Before you burn them, have the chimney swept to ensure it’s safe and diagnose any potential maintenance issues.

While you’re at it, go up a notch and inspect your roof. If you see any of the shingles out of place, don’t take it lightly. Irregularity in shingles can cause snow to enter crevices and make the surface crack. It can lead to water leaking inside your house. And no one likes that.

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3. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Ensuring your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working right is very important as they can be lifesaving. It’s recommended to have their batteries changed every six months. Before the winter starts rolling in, have the batteries replaced.

4. Reprogram Other Appliances

If you’ve got programmable thermostats, now is the time to reprogram them. Make the switch from cooling to heating, and you’re good to go.

The same goes for fans. Clean them and if you have multi-functional fans, consider reversing their blades’ direction of flow. This can often result in saving excess money spent on heating devices, as the new way of operating throws out warm air.

5. Attic Insulation

We love to relish all the warmth we can gather, so who’d like it being stowed in the attic for no use? Having your attic insulated not only regulates the heat flow but also prevents ice blocks from forming on your roof, which may damage it. The amount of insulation you require depends on the temperature drops in your region, so take your time and figure out what best suits you.

6. Pipes’ Insulation

Water is one of those things you never stop using, no matter the season. For winters, though, you have to follow different procedures. Since the temperatures are too low, water is very likely to freeze everywhere, and pipes are no exception.

To prevent your pipes from bursting, you must insulate them properly. It would save you the trouble (and substantial money) of buying a new set. Pay attention to the ones under your sinks, attics, exterior walls, and basements.

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7. Over-hanging Tree Branches

Out of sight, out of mind. The same can be said for tree branches. They’re usually outside our homes or in the backyard and don’t account for much thought. During a blizzard, overgrown and overhanging branches tend to snap, resulting in probable damage.

When you’re prepping the house for winter, have an eye out for possibly dead and ailing tree branches, and if you feel wary of anything, consider calling an arborist.

8. Prevent Frozen Door Locks

Winters can alter the way things work. In some areas, the climate makes the door locks freeze. Using a powdered lubricant is one way to prevent this from happening. It’s usually sold at hardware stores and is easy to find. Spray some inside the lock, where the key slides, and turn the key. It’s recommended to do this once every season.

9. Clean the Gutters

Keep your gutters free of accumulated debris. It can cause them to clog and the trash to freeze into a big lump that makes the water back up instead of flowing when the snow melts. Ensure your gutters are clean so the melted snow has a clear path.

10. Anticipate Snow Removal

Winters and snow are a package deal. If it snows in your region, you’ll need a shovel at the ready. Once the heavy snow falls, you might be unable to track it. Therefore, if you’ve got a snowblower, fire it up and get repairs if they’re required to keep it ready for the big day.

You might also want to mark the boundaries of your paths, driveways, lawn, etc. You can use driveway markers appropriately every few feet or use fiberglass snow to make a boundary for ease.

11. Generators

Emergency power outages never happen with a warning. Why suffer, though, when you can prepare wisely? If you can, try having a portable generator on standby to make sure you’re covered when it blacks out unprecedentedly.

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12. A Service Visit, Perhaps?

To be perfectly in the clear and have no regrets later, go for a service visit. Schedule one before winter and have professionals look into your house. They’ll inspect it thoroughly and look for potential problems that may result in substantial damage and loss later.

Final Words

Every season has its perks and feel. There’s no prescribed way to enjoy a season. However, certain measures can enhance your experience all the same. Having your house insulated and prepped up can mean you can enjoy both the indoors and outdoors whenever you want, the way you want, without worrying about bills skyrocketing or the cold wreaking havoc behind your back. Happy Winters!


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