TipsTop 5 Unique Open Space Idea For Offices

Top 5 Unique Open Space Idea For Offices

The world is going through a tough phase. The entire humanity is running a rat race to reach the mountain of success. Their scope for people-to-people interaction narrows down.

The idea of open office space probably emerged with the intent of developing and enriching people-to-people connections. You can say that making the best use of open space for the office has some philosophical connotations.

Since so many people now rent office space for their businesses, the cost of renting services is less compared to the cost of buying an office space. With this option, you can have your own set of offices, without sharing them with other employees. This can be a great way to boost your productivity and get more done in less time. Plus, if you find that you don’t need the extra space after all, you can always lease it back to the company or sell it on the open market.

The office spaces undoubtedly add value to the contemporary workplace. No matter why business organizations are hell-bent on creating smart and open office space. Let’s discuss some of the unique open space ideas for offices.

Unique Open Space Ideas For Office

The idea of open space development in commercial areas is evolving fast with the advent of different new designs and fresh decorating ideas. Let’s take a sneak peek into some of the Unique open space ideas for Office

1. Vibrant Walls

Office open spaces are now designed to make them colorful. Sometimes we associate white, cream, and shades of gray with professional space. But gone are the days.

Organizations paint large-sized walls with vibrant colors. Employees gather on occasions like lunch breaks or other free time. An element of positivity must radiate through the entire setting. Large-sized walls positivity encourages smart ideas and tunes the mind for better productivity.

Vibrant colors like yellow, chocolate, green, sky blue, and orange create a fresh ambiance of happiness and bounty.

So if you want to design the open space of your office with a similar philosophy, consult some commercial fit out companies in dubai. They can help you out with enviable ideas.

2. Open Layout Work Table

Open layout work tables are also great open space ideas. This arrangement is suitable not only for small chats and light gossip but also great for some project planning.

Open layout work Table has the aura and gravity of an office with an admixture of light mood. This ambiance is a prerequisite to holding small meetings and sharing some lighter talks and banters.

This is the ultimate objective of open space in the office. Remember, your open space must have that feeling of amicability coupled with the warmth of coziness.

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3. Industrial Ceiling With Vibrant Artwork

When we are discussing the architecture of open space designs, the industrial ceiling is the new trend. The industrial ceiling design must be associated with warmth and friendliness.

While discussing the industrial ceiling, you will have to consider the height, color, texture, and patterns. While discussing the industrial ceiling, you consider different design patterns. Out of them, the domed style design works really great. No matter why business organizations are going for domed-styled ceilings.

Steel frames also serve the aesthetics quotient. These steel or iron frames evoke the feeling of stability, strength, and grace- you know, an amalgamation of masculine and feminine traits.

4. Bench-Style Sitting For Common Meals

Open spaces are now decked and arranged for bench-style sitting. Bench-style sittings are suitable for common meals. While the employees come out for their lunch, they have something more than mere lunch– short meetings, light conversations, and alike.

With arrangements like circles and squares, employees can sit and have a light conversation. This is really effective from the point of view of team building.

Remember, your surroundings are among the chosen factors that contribute to the reciprocation of vibes and conversations. The ambiance must soothe your eyes, that is engaged in concentration for hours.

Now, if you talk about the materials of the table- the best thing will be bamboo or wooden furniture.

5. Hanging Led Lights

Lights not only eliminate darkness but also work beyond that. Lighting is definitely an important factor in designing an open office space. Hanging lights with interesting lampshades really works to beautify the space.

Be selective with the hue and pattern of the lampshades. Keep it gray, white, and cream to serve your requirements. They need to be simplistic and minimalistic in design. Replace your existing lights with smart led lights. They adjust the light with time and temperature. Futuristic has to be the call.

What Else?

Other than this, you can also work on the open space with new designs, floor designs, installation of sculpture, glass walls, and others to keep a harmonious balance between professionalism and coziness. So make sure that you work on the ideas discussed above to make your office open space look gorgeous and great.


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