Room IdeasWhat is the Backrooms? Everything You Need to Know

What is the Backrooms? Everything You Need to Know

Did you know there is a place outside of reality where no one wants to fall in or “non clip”? It is widely popular and know as the backrooms. You might wondering what is backrooms? And might be curious about it. Where is it located? How to get in there, and who created it?

Backrooms, a never-ending hallway filled with yellowish color, damp, musty carpet, and zero windows. Yes, you guess right, the backrooms are infinite and scary for the real world. It is said that if you enter the backrooms anyhow, it would be your hell dream that rarely you can leave.

If you think it’s true, wait. First, understand, Backrooms is a concept of a fictional and creepypasta-style story that is described as a loophole between reality and space. Also, “backrooms” is a popular internet meme that started on platforms like 4chan and Reddit. This concept is demanded by creepy images, stories, and videos people post online. So why are people so excited about the idea? Let’s find out everything.

What Are the Backrooms?

Before understanding the back rooms, you should know there are two answers to this question. First is the mythos that most writers, storytellers, video makers, and other influencers say. Secondly, there is the reality of backrooms in the physical world. So below are the standard explanations about backrooms.

Myths about the Backrooms

Backrooms are spaces that are available out of this world. Additionally, these rooms behave differently than we think. They may twist, turn, loop, sound, move, and others that the human mind never expects. The concept says backrooms are spread over 600 million square feet, which is an estimate, so accurate data is unavailable.

The hallways and rooms don’t look different from our regular messy office or apartment. Indeed the space is filled with yellowish walls, musty aging carpets, questionable wallpapers, and zero windows. However, this is only the case sometimes. In some cases, the backrooms also look like a study hall, an old hotel, a parking lot, and others. Should you be the only person entering space? Not always. Sometimes there is someone like you, obviously, they are not human or human-like. So you heard some voice from behind, don’t look back, it’s better to turn as quietly as possible.

In Reality

The backrooms are a popular internet meme that spread as a fictional story to others. The place does not exist in real life, but people love to know more about the concept. The backrooms concept is free to contribute, so writers, artists, and influencers always contribute their thoughts and extensive mythos to the story.

But it is a fun story for people who love to read creepy, scary concepts that keeps them excited and engaging with the topic.

Who Created the Backrooms?

The origin of the backrooms is still being determined. Indeed, no individual creator may be responsible for the backrooms. Instead, this fictional concept is described and spread by internet users. Everyone collaborates with the topic and leaves their thoughts, creativity, and mythos that feel meaningful. Some users claim backrooms may be a collective dreamy story or government initiative.

When we asked the creator of the bedrooms, it meant who started the fictional idea. Now there is some information about the questions. The backrooms concept was first avail on Imageboard 4chan on May 12, 2019. Some anonymous users post two pieces of content with the tagline “unsettling images.” When other users ask about “what is that,” someone replies, “it is the place that everyone should be aware of. People be careful not to fall into this out-of-reality world.

Two days later, someone copied the image and text to create a fictional concept that quickly spread on the internet.

Where is the backrooms Located?

Indeed, the backrooms location remains to be discovered. Now there are two theories available on the topic. The first is mythos, and the real world explains the other.

Within Mythos

Where the backrooms are located is unspecified, but the influencers say it is a hidden space between space and time. These hallways or rooms are not available in real time. Instead, the place starts where the physical world ends. People define the place in their own way, and never enter the site, so it is complex to explain where the backrooms are located.

In reality

The question “where the backrooms is located” refers to how people find its images. Honestly, this is also unspecified where it comes from. Still, there is some information related to the topic.

Some pictures of backrooms are considered a place related to an office in Montana, New York city, and so on.

How to Get in and Get Out of Backrooms?

The question “how to get in and out of backrooms” applies only if you believe in this fictional concept. If so, here is the explanation.

Entering the backrooms is done by non clipping. It is a term commonly prevalent in the gaming community. However, the simple answer is that non-clipping refers to teleportation, which is traveling to two locations without crossing the physical spaces.

In the gaming community, users use non-clipping or cheat codes to enter a specific level without completing the previous steps. It helps them to identify how the next level operates.

In the fictional concept, non-clipping is the way to get into back rooms. Now there are no specific steps to jump from reality. Sometimes it just happens without understanding. So if you fall into the backrooms, how would you get out? None knows. But, I believe if there is entry and there must be exit.

How Many backrooms Levels Are There?

Check Video:

After you get in the back rooms, you experience lonely, scary, and long hallways without exits. In 4chan images, this evel called 0, where users see yellow bridge walls and musty carpet. Once you start walking miles of miles level open. In the concept of back rooms, these rooms and hallways are infinite. However, the influencer says the number of levels varies on an individual perspective. Still, if you pass level 0, darker and scarier spaces will open from next.

Remember, this is a fictional concept where internet users contribute and deliver their ideas. As people engage, more levels open with unique properties.

What is the Scariest Part of the Backrooms?

What’s inside the backrooms depends on personal thoughts and fear. Talking about the original 4chan image and text, the backrooms are filled with dull yellowish walls. There are stretching rooms and hallways that always continue. The space feels lonely, scary, and isolated once the visitors walk through the musty carpet.

The backrooms has no furniture and windows, so no natural lights exist. Each level can bring new hazards, changing environments, and a sense of danger.

In the original texts, influencers explain unfamiliar sounds and sensations available in the backrooms. So it is possible to experience strange noises, flickering lights, and paranormal activities.

FAQs Related to Backrooms

Is the Backrooms Game?

Yes, a backrooms is a game that Pie developed On A Plate Productions. It is an indie game that lets users experience backrooms from comfort. You can play this game on PC or Windows.

Do Backrooms Have Jumpscares?

Yes, jumpscares are available in backrooms designed to surprise the viewers. However, the level is hidden inside a shady place.

Is the backrooms Dream?

The backrooms is a concept or internet meme that describes the collaboration of multiple users. In this creepy story, people share their thoughts or dreams meaningfully.

What is the Last Level of the Backrooms?

In the concept of back rooms, there is no last level. Still, the backrooms has a room or group that is numbered 9223372036854775807, which is a gray spiral staircase. Each floor has a number in this space, but after 99, there is an ∞ (infinite ) symbol.


Remember, backrooms are creepy style stories that are described and spread by internet users. The origin of this concept may start in the 4chan website according to the data. Inflcuer says the backrooms is a place available between space and time. Anyone can fall into or non-clip to this place by leaving the real world. But the truth is these are some mythos available about the backrooms. If you love to read scary, interesting and mysterious stories this fictional concept is perfect for you.

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