GarageWhy Do You Need a Garage Heater? Our Top Recommendation

Why Do You Need a Garage Heater? Our Top Recommendation

Garages are often unheated parts of the house. While this doesn’t present any issues in mild weather, it can become a nuisance during the cold season. This is especially true if you use the garage as a workshop, or as a storage space for items that may be vulnerable to freezing temperatures.

A garage heater is a nifty addition that can greatly increase the comfort and safety of your garage. Here’s four ways how

Why Install a Garage Heater?

Installing a simple space heater in your garage makes sense. You help protect both of your largest personal property investments – your home and your car. You can use the same types of space heaters that you would inside the rest of your home, so there’s no extra expense or special shopping to do.

1. Reduce Your Overall Home Energy Bills.

Without its own heater, your garage grows quite cold during late fall and winter. That cold air seeps into your home. You’ll probably notice it the most in any room above or adjacent to the garage. This extra blast of cold means you spend more money trying to heat those two rooms to a comfortable level when making a difference of just a few degrees in the garage would solve the problem.

2. Improved Vehicle Maintenance.

A heated garage helps you upkeep your vehicle. In cold weather, your vehicle’s metal parts expand and contract. When you start your engine in cold weather, engine heat affects the cold metal of the engine block to warp it. Cold weather also causes your vehicle’s battery, body, and engine block to freeze daily, then need to thaw before you drive it. That’s horrible for your automobile. Avoid this damage and improve your vehicle’s health with a garage heater.

3. Reduce Engine Emissions Seeping Into Your Home.

When you park your vehicle inside your unheated garage, you need to warm it up every cold morning before driving it. That means it runs inside your garage, allowing emissions to seep into your home. That adversely affects the air you breathe in your home. Installing a garage heater means you can avoid needing to warm up your car to drive it because it stays warm in your garage.

4. Use More of Your Home’s Square Footage.

Installing a heater in your garage extends the utility of your home. You transform your garage into a viable workshop area. This offers you tinkering space and a cozy environment in which to do vehicle maintenance.

Finding the Right Heater for Your Garage

Finding the right garage heater only requires a little shopping and knowing how many BTUs you will need.

A small, one-car garage only needs about 18,000 BTU if well-insulated. Larger spaces or those with poor insulation require more BTUs to heat them effectively. Some manufacturers only make home devices, but some brands offer heaters up to 400,000 BTUs, so you can keep a five-car garage or larger toasty.

Our Recommended Garage Heaters

You don’t need to break the bank to install a garage heater. You probably already own one of these devices and use it in your home. The term garage heater refers to a space heater that typically uses an industrial design you might also see on a construction or other worksite. Avoid infrared heaters for use in the garage since you need the air heated. Unlike purchasing a heater for your greenhouse, you don’t need a design specific to the use, i.e. a greenhouse used for plant cultivation.

1. Dayton Portable Electric Jobsite and Garage Heater

This small heater with a protective grill puts out 3kW to 4kW Watts of energy using a tubular heating element with a fan-forced air distribution system. This affords you high-efficiency heating and thoroughly heats the garage. This design can’t overheat since it automatically shuts off.

2. Comfort Zone 5,000-Watt Electric Garage Heater with Thermostat

This ceiling-mounted heater distributes 17,065 BTUs of heat throughout your garage. Designed for use in poorly insulated areas, you can run it continuously with peace of mind. Made of heavy gauge steel, it stands up to continued use.

3. Reznor UDX-125 120,000 BTU Power-Vented Gas-Fired Unit Heater

When you need to heat a multi-vehicle garage, you need a heater designed especially for that size job. Reznor offers these industrial-sized heaters that pump out the BTU needed for larger spaces. You can also use this design in commercial and industrial buildings.


A garage heater can be a great investment in the cold weather if you want to reduce your bill and keep safe of your belongings in the garage. Especially your vehicles that are prone to such weather. So, You can go to any of the above-recommended garage heaters to save your time.

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