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3 Elegant Interior Design Ideas to Consider to Bring Nature in Your Home

Houseplant demand surged by 18% during the coronavirus pandemic, according to one 2021 study conducted by Garden Center. While having houseplants around can be a great way to reduce stress, improve productivity, and bring nature directly into your home, incorporating them into your interior design can be a bit more of a challenge. From how you can create a striking statement piece to the unexpected value in faux plants — and how natural materials can make a welcome difference, here are just three worthy ideas to transform your home.

A Unique, Living Focal Piece

One of the easiest ways to introduce nature into your interior design is through the incorporation of living plants. However, simply placing a houseplant on a tabletop can be underwhelming at best. Instead, opting for a more creative approach (such as through the use of a trailing plant rail) can seriously enhance the visual appeal of having live plants in your home. A trailing plant rail allows for plants to hang from the fixture and lets ivy flourish — not to mention the fixture can be used as a unique take on a room divider,as highlighted by Real Homes.

Indoor trees can also double as a bold design piece, especially when placed thoughtfully. For example, while a large indoor tree can make for a focal piece in any room, intentionally placing a tall tree in an otherwise empty space will instantly create a ceiling-high proclamation. Furthermore, because indoor trees are visually very appealing, they can be used in other parts of the home like the bathroom to create a relaxing environment.

Nature-inspired Decor

When looking to bring nature indoors to mesh with your interior design style, it’s imperative to note that you don’t necessarily have to invest in indoor plants to accomplish your goals. Faux houseplants, for instance, offer a variety of benefits. Not only do they require minimal maintenance like the occasional dusting (a major bonus, especially when considering that the average plant parent has killed seven houseplants), but they don’t need certain conditions to thrive, either. As such, a faux tropical plant can make a visually appealing design statement regardless as to where you live or the conditions present.

The Spruce further highlights additional upsides of investing in faux houseplants, including the fact that they’re safer than the real thing (as some real plants can pose a risk to pets/children).

Fake plants aren’t the only way that you can bring nature indoors, either. According to House Beautiful, adding nature inspired motifs can be a great way to add greenery into your home’s design, and can be done in a variety of amazing ways. Photos or even artwork of nature can make a bold focal piece themselves, regardless as to where you put them in your home.

On the other hand, House Beautiful notes that giving “subtle nods” to the outdoors can be done in ways like investing in bedding or cushions with plant motifs. An earthy color palette can also allude to nature throughout the home — from a range of greens to pastel blues to warm tones of taupe.

Transforming a Space With Natural Materials

To further incorporate elements of nature into your home, the use of natural materials can go a long way. Natural wood furniture is just one popular way to do this, as artisan crafted furniture can achieve a “rustic and country appeal” to your interior’s design, notes My Move. Natural materials can also put nature at the forefront of your home’s design in areas like the bathroom — Residence Style cites a variety of examplesof just that, from the use of large windows to bring in natural light to the incorporation of wood features.

“You need natural materials inside your bathroom such as wood, rocks, pebbles, and stones. You need flora and fauna to complete the setting,” the article notes, further suggesting the use of a small dehumidifier to protect the bathroom from unwanted mold.

Final Words

Investing in houseplants can instantly bring nature into your home. However, when looking to do so artfully, there are a variety of options worth considering — from using live plants to create an eye-catching focal piece to the value in using faux plants and other natural materials throughout the home.

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