GuideThings to Know When You Need Furnace Repair and Replacement

Things to Know When You Need Furnace Repair and Replacement

There are many problems that can happen when your furnace stops working properly, especially during the cold months. Apart from the possibility of pipes reaching frozen temperatures and bursting, a damaged heating system can also reduce indoor air quality, raise the risk of illness, and cause other problems like sleeping difficulties.

Your furnace often stays off for lengthy periods during the year so it can need a repair or replacement without you being entirely aware of it. A conventional furnace has numerous parts that work together and the whole system can stop functioning normally if there is a problem with a single component.

Our repair and replacement company for heating problems is available around the clock to help keep your furnace functioning properly. Our trained professionals can identify problems and recommend the most cost-effective and efficient ways to fix an issue.

The following signs indicate that your heating system is in need of a repair and should be inspected by one of our trained heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians:

  • A decrease in indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • A strange smell coming from the furnace
  • Continuous unsettling noises
  • Trouble turning the unit on or off
  • Insufficient heat flow
  • A discolored pilot light

You will generally need a furnace repairif one or more of the above mentioned conditions apply to your heating system. Alternatively, if your unit is more than about 15 years old or it malfunctions frequently, a furnace replacement is usually recommended. Also, if the cost of repair is more than half the price of a new unit, a replacement furnace is usually the best choice.

When Should I Replace My Furnace?

From time to time, a heating system may need to be replaced entirely before it malfunctions and causes an abrupt drop in temperature during cold weather. Replacing a heating system is often beneficial in the long term, particularly if your furnace is old and breaks down on a regular basis. At our furnace repair and replacement company, we generally recommend a complete replacement if:

  • Temperatures are inconsistent and change frequently
  • Loud, unusual noises can be heard coming from the unit
  • There is an increase in the electricity bill
  • The flame in the furnace is yellow and not blue
  • Breakdowns happen often or a costly repair is needed

Furnaces today are designed to be considerably more energy efficient than those just a decade ago. Replacing an old furnace has notable benefits. A new furnace can significantly reduce energy bills and provide remarkably improved performance, ensuring a maximum level of comfort during cold winter months.

Call for Furnace Repair and Replacement

Our technicians are trained to fix or replace all types of furnaces. They receive ongoing training to keep updated with all the latest safety standards and technology. With our furnace repair and replacement company, you can be sure of reliable repairs and installation, ensuring optimal safety, performance and lasting quality.

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