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5 Excellent Ideas to Spend a Weekend in Nature [Must Try]

When you become tired of the city and the daily chores, you want to get away into the great outdoors. You want to spend time in nature. There are various options for spending time outside, and one must look through them carefully before making a choice.

Tons of options are available, but not everyone is fond of all of them. Some are afraid of heights, others prefer the land over water adventures, while some love sleeping under the open sky. It’s all about personal preferences, and you must know what your favorite idea of an adventure is.

In this article, we’re sharing some ideas you might love. If you’re struggling to find the best one for the upcoming weekend, you should go through these options and choose the one that seems the best. Keep reading to learn more about making the best adventure this weekend.

1. Camping in the mountains

Do you remember the days when you were part of the scout squad? You used to go to the mountains, set up camp, light up the campfire, tell stories, laugh, and enjoy life with your friends. Why not do the same today? Gather a few friends, pack the essentials, and spend a night in nature.

Find a perfect spot up in the mountains and create the perfect camping spot. Set the tent, breathe fresh air, listen to the sounds of nature, and enjoy the phenomenal view of the sky and the stars visible up there. You can’t have this view in the city, so enjoy the moment fully.

2. Driving a UTE on an off-road track

A UTE or a truck is a specifically designed vehicle capable of much more than just driving around the city streets. These vehicles are capable of going through all sorts of terrain. If you own a 4×4 UTE, you can use it for an off-road adventure.

Pack everything inside the toolbox canopy, the drawbar toolbox, or the tonneau, and head to a designated track outside the city limits. No matter where you live, specialized off-road tracks always allow you to drive through challenging parts, which is an adventure on its own.

You can spend a day for a short trip back and forth, or make a circle across exciting parts, see spectacular views, tackle different obstacles, and sleep inside your remote bedroom designed for this moment.

3. Fishing at a specialized fishing resort

Are you a passionate angler? If you are, this one’s for you. Did you know there are fishing resorts where anglers go to have a perfect weekend? They sleep in perfect hotels offering all the commodities a modern hotel would offer, eat and drink everything they want, but spend most of their time nearby, where lakes, rivers, or oceans provide fantastic fishing opportunities.

These specialized fishing resorts will often create artificial lakes where the owners care for the fish. This allows anglers to enjoy their time by the water and catch fish, yet be pampered and cared for when they come inside. If you’re an angler, you might love this idea.

4. Hiking to a nearby location

Hiking trips can be so liberating. Spending time in nature and activating nearly every muscle on your body is a perfect weekend for many people. You’ll find hiker’s resorts or mountain cabins in many parts of the world. Sleeping there is optional, so if you’re up for something like this, you might enjoy an amazing trip.

Go through the internet and find information if the location you’re headed for your hiking trip has a mountain cabin where you can sleep. You can still camp or head back before dark if there’s none. Plan your trip well; you don’t want to end up alone and lost in the forest.

5. Boating or rafting in wild river waters

One more for those who love water and water adventures. Find a company that offers rafting or boating. The latter is possible in lake or sea waters and includes various options – from small kayaks to larger sailing boats. The first one, rafting, is done in mountain fast raging rivers and is a true adrenaline sport.

Pick your option and head to a place where these two are possible. If you’re in for rafting, you must have the right equipment, be careful not to fall off the raft and hurt yourself, and, most importantly, be brave and fearless while doing it. If you are, tons of excitement awaits you.

Final Words

If you were on the fence about what adventurous things to do in nature this weekend, now you have five different options to choose from. Pick the one you love the most, and have the best weekend of your life. If you love the ideas, you might want to use a second one for the next weekend.

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