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How To Decorate My Vacation Rental Property

Attracting guests to stay in your vacation rental is no easy feat. You must have standout features, photos, and design to get your property the attention it deserves and bring that extra income you desire. Learn how to decorate your vacation rental property like a pro and get your home-away-from-home rented all year long.

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8 Tips to Decorate a Vacation Rental Property

Stand the Test of Time

Our first tip when decorating your vacation rental property is to choose materials that will stand the test of time. Don’t select furnishings and décor that are delicate and wear out easily. Guests won’t be delicate with your furniture or home items, so keep that in mind before you start your design plan. Whether you decide to go bold in your design or keep things simple, it’s important to choose materials and finishes that are durable.

Along this same vein, understand your target guests. If your place lends itself well to families, keep in mind kid-friendly décor. If you are allowing pets, select flooring, and rugs that will withstand a furry friend’s paws.

Make a Mood Board

Keeping in mind durability, it’s time to make a mood board to get the aesthetic of your space. If your target guests are romantic couples, choose cozy designs that will set the mood. Families staying at your spot? Shoot for a bright and light look that will appeal to them. Not sure who your target audience is, go for a design that speaks to you. You can utilize the internet for inspiration photos and ideas.

Mix and Match

A great way to save money while still appealing to a luxury look is by mixing and matching. Consider some inexpensive furniture for items that see less wear-and-tear (like a dresser someone may or may not put their clothes in), and splurge on other furniture pieces by going vintage or selecting something at a higher price point. Splurge-worthy pieces maybe your coffee table, couch, and even mattress. These items will for sure be used by guests, so you want them to stand out as quality and offer a durability factor.

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Consider Lighting

Lighting can really set the mood and aesthetic of your space. It can an average-looking space into an elevated place guests will want to hang out. Ditch harsh, fluorescent bulbs and go for a warmer-tone look. Add lamps around so guests can adjust the lighting easily. You can make your space shine (no pun intended) by selecting lamps with a unique design for an added wow factor.

Keep It Simple

In terms of actual décor pieces, it’s best to keep things simple. Clutter will make your vacation rental property seem unappealing and untidy. Instead, go for a simple stack of chic books, a faux plant (we don’t want any maintenance for guests), or an elegant vase when decorating shelving. Keep the coffee table nearly clear to ensure function, as with kitchen countertops. You want to make sure guests have everything they need and not a ton of what they don’t. Of course, you want your space to look beautiful, but sometimes loads of décor pieces can overdo it. A clean space will have a calming effect, which is what most guests will want when they’re on vacation.

Be Purposeful

When decorating your vacation rental home, you should always be mindful of the purpose and function of your space. For example, in the bedroom, consider adding an ottoman which will offer an easy place for guests to place their suitcases. In the bathroom vanity, keep drawers empty (or bonus, stocked with toiletries your guests can utilize) so there is an easy place to store away their bathroom essentials.


If decorating and furnishing a vacation rental property, a bit of thoughtfulness goes a long way. Splurge on higher-end sheets and mattresses for a comforting night of rest. Offer nice shampoo in the shower or have a vase of fresh-cut flowers on the nightstand. These little touches of thoughtfulness for your guests will go a long way. Things like these also are ways to encourage people to take better care of your property when they stay with you.

Be Stocked

Our final tip when decorating your home to be a vacation rental is to stock up on things guests may need. Consider function and design by getting a chic toilet paper holder with backup rolls ready, or cute and functional spots to hold cotton rounds or toothbrushes in the bathroom. When stacking books, consider having them be guidebooks for the city your rental is located. These small, but functional touches will make your guests feel like they are at home in a new place.


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