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6 Style Tips For Interior Window Shutters – Give It a Try

Interior window shutters have made a comeback like no other style of window and they are a universally liked concept at once both vintage suburban and modern farmhouse. There are a number of benefits to having interior window shutters apart from the fact that they are super stylish, such as reduced light and noise and the ability to do without curtains entirely if you wish. Window shutters can also be painted in any color to match with the rest of the interior design.

1. Neon And Bright Colors

Interior window shutters look beautiful in bright colors or even neon ones like green and blue. You can choose to strike a sharp contrast with a neutral interior décor or let the shutters be their own statement piece in a similar, matching setting.

Interior window shutters can be painted DIY style with window appropriate paint and bright colors really liven up kitchens or small bedrooms or any area of the house where the window does not receive enough natural light and there is a general dreary feel.

2. Shutters To Be The Same As Walls

Many contemporary homes have an interior design that blends the color of the interior shutters with the color of the statement wall directly perpendicular to the window or all the rest of the walls in the space. If the living area is a sky blue or mauve then the shutters will follow suit and be the same color.

This offers a degree of uniformity to the space which is an aesthetic that many people prefer especially if they are trying to tone down the structural elements of the room like the walls and the windows in favor of a statement art piece for example. Adding décor elements like lamps or rugs in the same color can further enhance this effect.

3. Double Decker Shutters

Tier on tier or double decker shutters are a stacking aesthetic in which there are two rows of shutters one upon the other. This ‘stacking’ look can dress up a plain wall and also offer endless opportunities for how much light or noise you want to allow into the house.

At any point of time during the day, half the shutter windows can be closed and the other half kept open. In order to make the room look larger an ivory white or creamy white paint is best but the shutters can also be matched with the furniture and the surrounding wall paint and décor.

4. The Solid Shutter Style

Solid shutters are anything but a dated style and they are ideal for optimal privacy or to block out dust, noise and light especially in the case of bedrooms and study rooms. Paint them any color from the rainbow and they will stand out due to aesthetic appeal and simplicity as well as on practical grounds.

Many people that have night shifts have to sleep during the day and no one likes the look of blackout curtains so investing in stylish solid shutters is a great alternative as they won’t cheapen the look of your bedroom or basement. Choose brightly colored solid shutters from atlanta shutter company or paint them yourself with special wood paint.

5. French Full Shutters

If you are trying to bring the outside-in or vice versa then having shutters on some classic French windows or doors is a stunning look. The full shutter look is effortlessly old-money and full of class especially if you keep the paint palette within shades of white. If you have a neutral interior design or a white kitchen, these French shutters will blend in well as well as impart a sophisticated touch.

If the color scheme is kept white, the room will also look larger but the doors can be painted a bright pop of color in order to instantly capture attention when someone enters the room.

6. Natural Wood

Using an organic material like wood for your interior shutters is a very rustic and outdoorsy look that is incredibly fashionable over the last many years. If your house already has many wooden, outdoorsy accents, then interior shutters that are either made from natural or faux wood will just enhance the overall effect.

They pair nicely with organic planters, flowerpots, jute baskets, wicker furniture, handmade rugs and other bohemian and Hygge lifestyle décor accents. The wood can also be painted light or dark depending on the rest of the interior design so it matches with the furniture or shelving.

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