Guide5 Types of Windows to Consider for Your Next Home

5 Types of Windows to Consider for Your Next Home

Renovating a home or building a brand new nest for you and your family is a complex affair that requires a great deal of planning, effort, and money. Therefore, it is only natural that you want to settle on the very best design choices to make it as comfortable as possible.

It’s no secret that windows can literally make or break the whole final look of your house. However, with so many options out there, it may be challenging to determine which style will fit both your needs and your preferred aesthetics. Additionally, nowadays, most windows last at least 20 years, so the pressure to make the right choice is even more significant.

Luckily, there’s no need to lose your sleep over this seemingly daunting process. Make your life easier by reading the article below to learn about the five types of windows you should consider for your next house!

Garden Windows

If you’re not afraid of bold choices and want to make your kitchen stand out from all the cookie-cutter kitchens taken straight out of an interior design magazine, you should pay attention to garden windows. They feature four glass panes — a middle one, two on each side, and another one that serves as a “roof.”

A garden window can look stunning over the kitchen sink, and that’s usually where most homeowners decide to install it. Still, nothing stops you from installing yours in the living room or bedroom. Thanks to this unique window, you’ll be able to let more natural light inside and have an extra windowsill space to use for potted plants and decorations.

Bear in mind that garden windows should always be installed by a skilled professional. They tend to sag, leak, or be drafty when installed incorrectly.


Skylights are an ideal solution for every gloomy room in your house that could use more natural light. Whether it’s a north-facing office, a windowless bathroom, or a dark staircase, the right skylight can help you keep it well-lit and transform it into a more comfortable space.

Skylights come in many shapes and sizes. So, even if you can only fit in the smallest Velux window in your design, it will tremendously increase the room’s charm.

You can also consider a flat roof window, a dome skylight, or a sun tunnel for a more unusual look. Besides extra light, skylights are also a great way to ensure better ventilation and save some money on energy bills throughout the year.

Sliding Windows

Underappreciated, yet still classic, sliding windows can be a fantastic addition to your house, especially if you pick the ones with horizontal orientation. They’re truly effortless to open, as all you need to do is slide them like you would with sliding doors. They work particularly well in hot areas, as they allow for excellent airflow but are also well-sealed.

Sliding windows can look truly stunning in a bedroom or living room, and the bigger they are, the better the overall effect. They’re usually quite cheap to install, are relatively durable, and provide lots of natural light while allowing you to enjoy unobstructed outdoor views.

Nevertheless, cleaning them from the outside may require you to use a ladder or even hire professional cleaners. Over time, they may also be harder to move and are likely to need to be replaced faster than other types of windows.

Sash Windows

Sash windows are yet another interesting option that’s definitely worth every window shopper’s attention. This type of window comprises one or more movable parts (sashes). You can slide them up and down to let the fresh air in. Sash windows are a popular choice among many homeowners who often praise their classic and elegant look as well as how secure they are.

Still, the more “elegant” looking sash windows that feature decorative frames or mullions (vertical bars between the panes of glass) can get pretty expensive, while the most basic types tend to look cheap. Sash windows also require regular maintenance, need to be installed by a professional, and can easily get stuck or damaged if used with excessive force.

Awning Windows

Usually, awning windows come in the form of rectangles or squares with a hinge on top. You can open them up or outward, thanks to a hand crank. They are an excellent choice for finished basements turned into livable spaces, bathrooms, or small areas that need extra ventilation but aren’t wide or tall enough for any other type of window.

Installing an awning window may be a perfect solution if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain because they aren’t as prone to leaks as other types of windows. You can leave them open when it’s raining, leave the house, and come back to a dry floor. Nonetheless, the hand crank can get worn out over time and require replacing every few years.

In Conclusion

If you’re remodelling your existing home or building a new one, you should spend some time thinking about all the different window types. These windows will be your first line of defence against the elements, and they’re also the biggest design feature that can elevate the whole look of your house. Of course, with so many options, it may be hard to decide which is best for you.

After reading this article, you should have a better idea of what options are available and how you can go about picking the one that will suit your needs best. Remember that the types of windows listed above are only a few suggestions. It’s also always a good idea to browse interior design magazines in search of inspiration before you make the final decision.

Good luck and happy window shopping!

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