PropertyDesign and Extra Amenities Attract Tenants to Commercial Properties

Design and Extra Amenities Attract Tenants to Commercial Properties

As office workers place greater emphasis on wellbeing and convenience, landlords are meeting their growing demands for additional amenities in commercial properties. Whether they are developing plans for a new building or carrying out refurbishments on an existing property, commercial landlords are taking the opportunity to add high quality facilities to their designs in order to attract and retain tenants. While a priority for landlords is to maintain a safe and comfortable building for its users, when they are considering commercial property renovation and construction, the addition of attractive green outdoor spaces, wellness centers and hospitality services could help to set their offices apart from the competition.

Creating A Good First Impression

Regular maintenance and repairs to internal building systems including plumbing and HVAC are essential to ensure the smooth running of a commercial property but by following these tips for upkeep, landlords and managers can also improve the building’s exterior aspect and general appeal to tenants. The outside appearance of a building is important as it helps to create a good first impression for residents and office workers.

Roofs and canopies need to be watertight and practical but when they are well-designed they can also provide an attractive point of interest as visitors approach the building. In addition, any outdoor space can be enhanced with trees and shrubs, as long as they are carefully managed.

Designing Practical Outdoor Space

While greenery adds visual impact to the exterior of a building, enhanced outdoor spaces within a commercial office property have also been shown to increase the productivity of workers that have access to them. Outdoor green areas offer flexible and inspirational working environments that can help to improve focus and boost energy levels, and commercial property managers are increasingly finding ways to include them in their plans for construction and renovation.

Even in buildings with a limited outdoor footprint, architectural landscaping can transform alleyways, unused courtyards and flat roofs into usable and attractive green spaces. By adding a range of seating options, power outlets and WIFI access, employees can take advantage of the fresh air and a change of scene to hold meetings or recharge during their lunch hour.

Adding High Quality Amenities

Research shows that within the next couple of years, demand from tenants for buildings offering extra amenities could be up to 12% higher than for more basic properties. As well as attractive and practical outdoor space, tenants are increasingly looking for high quality facilities including coffee shops, gyms and spas. These help to create a vibrant working community or residential space and help to reduce the risk of commercial buildings remaining vacant.

Final Words

In a competitive property market, well-maintained commercial buildings that offer additional high quality amenities are more likely to attract and retain tenants. While outdoor green spaces improve a property’s curb appeal, together with hospitality services and wellness facilities, they also enhance the overall experience and comfort of workers, and help to prevent commercial buildings from sitting empty.

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