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Awning Maintenance Easier Than You Think: Did You Know?

Does the sound of the words “awning maintenance” make you tremble in your boots?  Do you think only the professionals can keep your awning in great condition?  Don’t believe this common misconception that you can keep your awning in tip-top shape quite painlessly.  The reality is that awnings will require some maintenance, but the process is simple enough that most people can do it themselves.  If you have believed that awning maintenance will require dangerous climbing, strong chemicals, or lots of elbow grease, think again. 

Many people erroneously believe that awning maintenance is not only difficult, but also extremely time-consuming.  While it will take some time to properly care for you awning, in comparison to other outdoor items it is a relatively short process. 

Continue reading to learn more about proper maintenance for your awning! 

Take Inventory

It is advisable to take time to regularly look over your entire awning, as well as its components.  This will allow you to perform preventative maintenance, before your awning becomes damaged.  You don’t need to become obsessive about this step but take care to look over your awning on a regular interval. 

When you inspect the awning, look for any buildup of debris.  Then, take care to gently remove all offending debris using a broom with soft bristles.  Removing debris, early on can prevent damage from occurring when these items create punctures in your fabric.  Not to mention, a clean awning simply looks nicer. 

Weekly Routine 

Keeping your awning looking and functioning at its best requires limited but consistent weekly maintenance.  Prevent dirt, debris, and other grime from settling into your fabric by implementing a weekly brushing with a soft bristled broom.  Be gentle with your strokes and never use a harsh broom on your awning. 

Monthly Routine 

In addition to your weekly routine, implement one additional step into a regular monthly chore.  All you need is your garden hose and a few minutes to thoroughly rinse your awning off.  A good rinse will ensure you are getting all filth removed, even that which was missed by brushing alone.  It is crucial that you keep your Denver awning extended until the awning has dried completely to avoid mold and mildew growth. 

A Little Extra Care 

Over time, your awning may acquire some dirt that doesn’t brush or rinse off quite so easily.  In such cases, you may need to give your awning a little something more.  Consider mixing dishwashing liquid and water together to form a solution.  Gently apply the solution with the soft bristled brush you use for weekly cleaning.  Brush as normal and follow with a good rinsing. 

The Specifics of Retractable Awnings 

For those with retractable awnings, the main point to remember is to always allow the fabric to be completely dry before retracting.  Be sure to regularly check gears and joints, in addition to the fabric itself.  If these areas are found to be squeaky, utilize a bit of dry silicone lube to remedy the problem.  Take care on keep lube off the awning fabric as to avoid damage 

Trim Your Greenery 

Be sure to keep plants and trees from growing into the path of your awning and hindering its ability to retract and/or cause damage from pressure put on the fabric.  Check regularly and trim or remove any offending greenery. 

Final Words

Don’t fear, awning maintenance is simple and manageable, yet a crucial step to ensure the longevity, appearance, and functionality of your awning! 

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