WindowWhat Are the Bay Windows Types and Benefits to Install?

What Are the Bay Windows Types and Benefits to Install?

Bay windows are made up of three connected panels that extend out of your home’s structure. They are composed of a fixed window in the middle, which is usually parallel to the wall, then, two functional panels on both sides, which can be double-hung or casements, that are set at a viable angle. 

Because of the unique aesthetic of bay windows, installing them in your home will surely boost curb appeal and add significant value. If you’re considering getting a bay window replacement, read on to learn about their types and benefits.

What Are the Types of Bay Windows?

There are different kinds of bay windows; they come in various shapes, designs, and angles, allowing them to fit different styles of homes. Here are some of them:

Canted Bay Windows

This is known as the modern bay window, as it features its classic shape—a flat front and angled sides. Canted bay windows are designed to be installed on the first floor of residential and commercial buildings, so you won’t see them on the higher floors. This is one ideal choice for those who want a first-floor window that will let in lots of natural light. 

Oriel Bay Windows

If you’re looking for a more traditional bay window, consider getting this kind. Oriel bay windows are typically found over the entrance of a building or on the upper floors of a house. Since they are typically supported by corbels and stone or wood brackets, they present a stunning curb appeal.

Box Bay Windows

This bay window variation is shaped like a box and is set at a 90-degree angle. Box bay windows are composed of a large center panel and smaller side panels, which are usually positioned below head level. Additionally, they are constructed into the home’s structure, making them unsuitable for replacements.

Circle Bay Windows

This type of window is less common but is still easily recognizable because of its unique visuals. Circle bay windows are a combination of several panels forming a semicircular shape. Out of all the other bay windows, these utilize larger panes of glass and have the most complex moldings and intricate features.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Bay Windows?

Aside from enhancing your home’s appearance, it’s also important to consider the other advantages that come with installing new windows. Here are some of the benefits of getting a bay window replacement:

They Welcome Plenty of Natural Light In

Since bay windows have three window panels, they not only provide a great view of the outdoors but also allow lots of natural light to enter your home. So, they are a great choice if you want to make a certain area in your home receive more sunlight. Besides that, bay windows also help save energy as they lessen the need to turn on the lights during the day, and they also come with energy-efficient panel options.

They Provide Improved Ventilation

Bay windows are essentially made of two side panels you can open and close freely, offering better ventilation to your home whenever needed. Plus, instead of having to adjust your home’s thermostat multiple times a day to stay comfortable, you can opt to open both windows to let cool air in.

They Create Additional Space

As bay windows protrude outside the structure of your house, they provide extra space inside your home. You can utilize this area according to your wants and needs. Some of the common practices include putting together a cozy window seat, creating a quiet reading nook, or adding a desk for studying or working.

They Increase Your Home’s Value

With the varying styles, features, and eye-catching appearance of bay windows, as well as the previously mentioned benefits, installing them can add significant value to your home. This is greatly beneficial, especially if you’re planning to put your home on the market in the future.

Final Thoughts

Learning about bay windows will help you decide whether or not to install them in your home. Take note that there are other factors to consider in determining if bay-style windows are suitable for your home. So, it’s best to consult a professional before having them installed. If you need a bay window replacement or want to learn about other window options, consult a trusted home remodeling company near you.

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