FurnitureTop 4 Best Types Of Outdoor Furniture Material To Choose In 2023

Top 4 Best Types Of Outdoor Furniture Material To Choose In 2023

Outdoor patio furniture is an essential part of your home decor. Finding the right furniture set for your home can be more challenging than deciding the theme of your house decor. Different furniture materials offer unique features and functions depending on several factors. If you are not familiar with the different types of furniture materials or features, you might not know which outdoor furniture material is right for your home.

Hence, it is important to conduct thorough research and expand your knowledge about various types of furniture materials available in the market. If you are looking for ways to learn more about different types of furniture or don’t know what to expect from your outdoor furniture purchase, we are here to help.

This article will walk you through some of the best and most versatile outdoor furniture materials to choose from in 2023.

1. Wood furniture

Wood furniture is one of the most popular and widely used furniture materials across the world. Wood furniture is known for its natural aesthetic beauty that helps in enhancing the visual appeal of your decor. Teak, pine, shorea, eucalyptus, and cedar are some of the best wood furniture options to choose from. However, it is important to note that not all wood furniture types are created equally. If you live in an area where weather conditions are unpredictable, you should opt for sturdy and high-tensile strength wood furniture for your home

2. Metal furniture

Metal furniture is another widely used and most common furniture material for household purposes. Depending on your budget and other preferences, you should choose the metal furniture that suits your needs the best. Here are some best metal furniture options to consider

  • Wrought iron and Iron cast- Wrought iron and iron cast is an expensive, highly durable metal material. However, because it is made from iron, the material is more susceptible to rust and corrosion, especially in coastal regions. If you plan to store your furniture sets in shade, wrought iron and cast iron furniture sets are suitable options for your home.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum outdoor furniture sets are lightweight and rust and corrosion-resistant furniture sets that offer a more modern look to your outdoor spaces. The only drawback is that aluminum furniture doesn’t last for prolonged periods. If you are looking for lightweight furniture sets for kids or a temporary period, aluminum furniture sets are the best available options. Decorate your furniture with the sunbrella patio furniture fiber cloth to add more aesthetic appeal to your home.
  • Steel – Compared to the other two options, steel offers high corrosion resistance and durability. Steel outdoor furniture sets are long-lasting and sturdy furniture materials that can easily withstand harsh weather conditions. Stainless steel patio furniture sets are best for outdoor dining tables, sofas, and other purposes. Decorate your stainless steel patio furniture sets according to your house theme to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home.

3. Wicker furniture sets

For garden furniture sets, wicker furniture is one of the best available options. Wicker furniture sets are made using organic materials and offer modern touch. Wicker furniture sets are lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. During winter or rainy seasons, you can easily store them indoors to increase the lifespan of your patio furniture sets. When exposed to extreme conditions, organic wicker furniture sets tends to deteriorate and sustain severe moisture spots.

4. Plastic resin furniture

If you are looking for durable and lightweight furniture sets for your pool or garden area, plastic resin furniture sets are the best option. However, compared to other options, plastic resin furniture might not withstand pressure but it is surely a good choice for simple and temporary solutions. Here are two popular plastic furniture material options to choose from.

  • Recycled plastic

Recycled plastic patio furniture is made from eco-friendly materials such as milk cartons, shampoo bottles, and other recyclable waste materials. Compared to other plastic materials, recycled plastic is more durable, strong, moisture resistant, and doesn’t peel easily.

  • Others

Other plastic furniture materials you can consider over recycled plastic that offers high resistance, moisture, and durability include polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, and acrylic-polymethyl methacrylate ( PMMA).

Final Words

Hopefully, this article helped you expand your knowledge and understanding of different patio furniture materials. Choose the type of patio furniture set that offers great functionality at affordable prices.

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