GuideCan Trazodone Kill A Dog? Everything You Need to Know

Can Trazodone Kill A Dog? Everything You Need to Know

Like humans, canines also go through emotions like anxiety and depression. Trazodone provides an effective remedy for managing these conditions, particularly when travelling or being apart from their owners. However, due to the possibility of serious side effects, It might be lethal to your dog’s life and is imperative to use this medication cautiously.

We’ll look into whether Trazodone can kill a dog in this article. We’ll examine the advantages and drawbacks of trazodone use, even though overdose-related fatalities are unlikely. To ensure a thorough understanding of how to best care for our cherished canine companions, we’ll also discuss additional strategies for addressing dog anxiety. For the sake of the welfare of our furry friends, let’s gather the information and make wise decisions.

What is Trazodone?

Trazodone, also marketed as Desyrel and Oleptro, is an antidepressant that balances the “happy chemical” serotonin in our brains. This medication selectively blocks the uptake of serotonin, which is essential for mood regulation and wellbeing. This enhances the effects of serotonin.

Trazodone was first prescribed to humans in 1981, and today it ranks among the most frequently prescribed drugs in the country. But in addition to helping people, it has also shown to be effective and safe in treating canine anxiety disorders.

In order to give dogs the much-needed relief from anxiety, veterinarians frequently prescribe Trazodone. Trazodone thus shows promise as a useful aid for promoting mental wellness and raising quality of life, whether for humans or our furry friends.

When is Trazodone Prescribed to Dogs?

Dogs can experience stress just like humans do. While a contemplative stroll or calming music may be helpful, they aren’t always sufficient. Then, Trazodone enters the picture, successfully controlling our furry friends’ anxiety levels.

This medication is a go-to for canine generalised for anxiety and is especially helpful for situational anxiety, such as anxiety during travel. Furthermore, veterinarians frequently prescribe dogs Trazodone after surgery to ensure restricted activity during recovery.

Travel anxiety, separation anxiety, stress from doctor visits, post-surgical recovery, and noise anxiety (such as from fireworks or thunderstorms) are among the anxiety triggers that Trazodone helps dogs with. Trazodone is an effective medication with various applications that can assist our cherished pets in maintaining their composure under pressure.

What Are the Side Effects of Trazodone for Dogs?

Trazodone may have side effects despite being generally safe for dogs. Some possible side effects include dilated pupils, low energy, vomiting, colitis (colon inflammation), ataxia (loss of muscle control), heart arrhythmias, and aggression.

Usually, Trazodone’s side effects disappear after 24 hours. However, the effects might last longer in liver or kidney disease canines. After giving Trazodone, be on the lookout for any worrying symptoms and contact your veterinarian immediately to ensure your furry friend’s safety.

Can Trazodone Kill a Dog?

Wondering about the right trazodone dosage for your dog? Veterinarians typically advise 12-15 mg per pound of weight for your dog. To reduce side effects, they frequently start with the smallest dose.

Don’t give too much because doing so could have unfavourable effects and harm your hormones. Trazodone may not suit your dog if they have a history of seizures, epilepsy, or heart problems. To ensure the safety and well-being of your furry friend, always consult your veterinarian before giving any medication.

To minimize side effects of Trazodone , it is best to start with a lower dose and gradually increase it. With an average of 3.5 mg per pound per day, the range is roughly 2.5 mg to 15 mg. When combined with other medications for behavioral modification, lower doses are used. A safe and efficient treatment plan is guaranteed when the dosage is adjusted to your dog’s requirements.

Trazodone is prescribed to dogs differently depending on their weight. A 300 mg daily dose, split into two or three administrations, is suitable for an 88 lb dog. On the other hand, giving 300 mg to a dog that weighs less can cause an overdose.

So, Can Trazodone kill a dog? Yes, a fatal overdose is possible. To ensure safety, strictly follow your veterinarian’s dosage instructions and contact them immediately if you notice any problems. Your animal friend’s health is the top priority, so their treatment plan must be cautious and transparent.

What to Do if Your Dog Eats Trazodone?

Accidents do happen, and occasionally our curious canine friends manage to get into inappropriate situations. It can be concerning if your dog accidentally takes Trazodone. Knowing what to do in these circumstances as a responsible pet owner can significantly impact your dog’s wellbeing. We’ll walk you through what to do if your dog consumes Trazodone in this article so you’ll be ready for any unanticipated situations.

Symptoms of a Trazodone Overdose

If they access the pill bottle or accidentally consume excessive amounts, dogs may overdose on Trazodone. Keep all medications, including Trazodone, out of your dog’s reach to avoid this. Serotonin syndrome, a dangerous condition that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, depression, drooling, hyperthermia (high body temperature), seizures, blindness, breathing problems, paralysis, coma, and even death, may result from a serotonin overdose.

Call Your Know Veterinarian

If your dog consumes Trazodone, call your veterinarian right away and ask for guidance. Call your veterinarian as soon as you notice any strange behaviors in your pet, including vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, pale gums, difficulty breathing, lack of appetite, tremors, seizures, hyperactivity, difficulty walking, or any other indications of distress. To ensure your animal friend’s wellbeing and get the advice they require for their care, you must act quickly and keep the lines of communication open with your veterinarian.

Contact Emergency Pet Helpline

Don’t freak out if your dog consumes Trazodone and you can’t get in touch with your vet. Speak to your neighborhood emergency clinic or dial a pet poison control helpline. The Pet Poison Helpline (855-764-7661) and the ASPCA Pet Poison Hotline (888-426-4435) are two popular options. You should be aware that there might be per-incident or consultation fees. It can be very important to act quickly and seek professional guidance in order to deal with such situations successfully and protect your dog.

What Are the Alternatives to Trazodone for Dogs?

Like people, dogs can experience anxiety or phobias. While medication may be required in severe cases, it is possible to approach milder cases differently. Investigate practical ways to calm your dog down naturally without using medication. Let’s look at some of the best ways as an alternative to Trazodone for your pet.


Regular exercise is beneficial for humans and puppies alike. Your dog may get cabin fever if they spend all day inside the apartment with little opportunity to go outside. To combat this, take them for a walk and allow them to burn off some energy; this is a great way to reduce their anxiety and produce a happier, calmer animal companion.

Thunder shirts

Here are the snug Thunder shirts! These outfits tenderly encircle your pet and give them the comforting “hug” they long for. Dogs are den-dwelling creatures, so they naturally seek solace in cozier settings. Thunder shirts imitate this feeling by hugging them tightly, successfully calming their nervous tremors and giving them a sense of security they’ll love.

Proper Training and Routine Interruptions

When leaving the house, the majority of us have a similar routine. Before leaving, we eat lunch, prepare our backpacks, tie our shoes, and grab our keys.

Try a different approach the next time,like take a break after your usual routine and watch TV for a while. Fluffy may become anxious when you begin your routine if she suffers from separation anxiety.

She will start calming down, though, if you take a breath and unwind momentarily. With enough repetition, Fluffy won’t know whether you’re going or staying, and she’ll understand that she’s fine either way. She will feel less anxious due to this gradual approach, and you both will have a more peaceful departure.


To sum up, Trazodone probably won’t kill a dog, but it can have serious adverse effects for dog’s life. It’s important to give your dog the right dosage of Trazodone and to pay close attention to how they behave afterward as responsible dog owners. Before choosing medication for anxiety, researching alternative therapies can help prevent any negative effects. Prioritize your pet’s health, and ask for help if needed. Always remember that a healthy, happy puppy is the ultimate goal, and there are many ways to guarantee your beloved companion’s comfort and happiness.

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