EnergyHow a Pergola Adds Value to Your Home?

How a Pergola Adds Value to Your Home?

If you’re one of the many Calgary homeowners who are looking to add value to your home on a budget, it can be hard to see beyond a costly home extension or kitchen renovation. Both of these are great investments if you’re planning on staying in your home for a considerable number of years as it can take a while for you to make your money back. However, you can add instant value, and living space, to your home by upgrading your outdoor spaces with a Desert Sun Patios pergola.

What is a Pergola?

While there are many different types of pergola, there are a few common themes that link all the designs. They are all lightweight structures that provide shade to your outside area, perfect for those hot Alberta summers, and can sit on top of a deck, a patio or can even be installed on your lawn with a very quick installation time.

They fall into two broad categories: free standing and attached. A free standing pergola is what most people think of (or find when they Google it!) and it’s a post and beam structure that stands by itself away from your home. Many people grow climbing plants to create an inviting outdoor area or entertaining space.

On the other hand, an attached pergola connects to your house and provides shade to your patio or deck. This pergola on patio design is a more affordable option than a screen room, as there are no walls to worry about, yet it still gives the impression of an extra room to your home. The installation of a pergola in Calgary is a quick and straightforward process, making it an ideal choice for homeowners looking for an immediate upgrade.

What Are the Benefits of a Pergola?

Whichever style of pergola you choose, it’s a surefire way to add value to your home for a variety of reasons:

  • Additional living space – many homebuyers across Calgary are looking for houses that give them additional living space without the additional cost. A pergola effectively creates an extra room in your outdoor area but doesn’t count as one for tax and property value purposes which means your pergola will get you top dollar offers on your home.
  • A sense of elegance – whether you choose a modern aluminum structure with solar panels or a classic wooden post and beam structure out in the yard, a pergola will add a sense of elegance to your property. As the outside space is usually the last thing that viewers see on a house tour, they will leave with this feeling of luxury that will have them putting in offers in no time.
  • Increased Privacy – While pergolas are open structures, they can be modified to provide a certain level of privacy. By adding drapes, latticework, or climbing plants, a pergola can create a private sanctuary in your backyard. This added privacy can be a desirable feature for many homebuyers.
  • A shaded oasis – there is a considerable trend in homebuyers looking for shaded outside space to help them enjoy the hot Calgary summers in peace. A pergola provides the best blend between being outside with the breezes and being shaded inside, so you’ll find that a pergola allows you to push up your asking price as you’re selling a property with a shaded oasis already installed.
  • Versatility – Pergolas are incredibly versatile structures. They can be used as a dining area for alfresco meals, a BBQ pergola for outdoor cooking, a lounging area for relaxation, or even a space for yoga or exercise. This versatility can be a strong selling point for potential buyers.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – A well-designed pergola can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. Whether it’s a modern design with a pergola canopy or a traditional wooden structure, a pergola can transform an ordinary backyard into a visually appealing outdoor living space.

Enchanting Pergolas: Elevating Outdoor Living

Consider, if you will, the great outdoors as a stage and a pergola as the ornate backdrop. It’s an unmissable opportunity to bask in the joy of open-air entertainment. Imagine this: a summer barbeque buzzing with the laughter of your family, the simmering anticipation of a dinner party under the star-studded sky, or the uncomplicated ease of a casual congregation – all of it elevated by the inviting charm of a pergola. A magnet for social butterflies, no less!

Now, transfer this scene to a lush, verdant tapestry. To those with a penchant for gardening, a pergola can become an unparalleled sanctuary. Whether it’s independent or attached, it provides an irresistible canvas. Picture climbing plants, intertwining vines, blossoms nodding in the breeze, all harmoniously using the pergola as their trellis. The result is a vibrant blend of human craftsmanship and nature’s artistry, a sweet lure for anyone nursing a green thumb.

From the sizzling heights of a Calgary summer to the drizzling whispers of an unexpected rain shower – Mother Nature is, after all, a fickle mistress. But in the company of a pergola, you’re prepared. With the right pergola canopy, you get a comfortable haven that repels the sun’s scorching rays and provides a semblance of refuge from the rain. Under this sturdy companion, the weather stops being an intruder, instead becoming a part of your outdoor experience.

And then there’s the chameleon-like charm of pergolas. With a flick of creativity, they transform, mirroring the aesthetics of your dwelling. Be it in the selection of materials, the choice of colors, or the layout of design, pergolas adapt. They become extensions of your home’s character, adding a distinctive allure that makes your property stand out in a sea of real estate sameness.


The decision to install a pergola at your home shouldn’t be hard to make, but you’ll need to decide whether to install one yourself with a DIY kit or get a team of professionals to come and build it for you. In either case, you’ll still add value to your home as well as providing a great new space for you and your family to enjoy.

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