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10 Enclosed Patio Ideas on a Budget With Cheaper Options

With the help of Enclosed patio ideas on a budget, you can completely transform your outdoor area. You can easily create a beautiful space without spending or some penny using your creativity and design talents.

It’s important to revitalize your patio as the warmer months draw near. This popular area in your garden is a haven for relaxation, a place to host delightful get-togethers, and a place to take in the atmosphere of starlit nights. Moreover adding vibrant plants and alluring lighting to increase appeal will make it more alluring.

Although luxurious patio designs exist, you can save money to create a functional and attractive space. Our low-cost patio design suggestions include long-lasting investments, salvaged materials, and eye-catching accents. Additionally with these components, you can create the outdoor space of your dreams without breaking the bank.

What Budget Range is Required for an Enclosed Patio?

The price range for an enclosed patio depends on several elements, including size, type of material, and degree of customization. Generally, a distinctive yet straightforward enclosed patio can be built on a moderate budget.

First of all, figuring out the patio’s size is important. The cost will be higher because it takes more materials and labor to cover a larger area. However, choosing a smaller enclosed patio can help you stay within your budget while giving you a pleasant space.

Second, choosing the appropriate materials is crucial. Using durable yet affordable materials like vinyl or aluminum can greatly cut costs. Also these materials are practical because they last a long time and need little upkeep.

Additionally, without spending a fortune, considering unusual yet straightforward design options can improve the overall appeal. While staying within your budget, you can add decorative elements like pergolas, string lights, or potted plants to your space to create a charming ambiance.

In conclusion, a well-designed enclosed patio can be built on a budget by considering size, materials, and inventive design choices. Without going overboard, designing a unique and welcoming space is possible by carefully considering each aspect.

10 Enclosed Patio Ideas on a Budget With Cheaper Options

We can help if you’re looking for inexpensive patio cover ideas. Check out this selection of low-cost items that are both fashionable and practical. There are many options, ranging from inventive designs to do-it-yourself patio covers. However these suggestions help you save money while also beautifying your outdoor area.

Look over these recommendations, get ideas and turn your patio into a comfortable, shaded retreat without spending a fortune!

1. A Fabric Patio Cover

Using a fabric patio cover is a simple and affordable way to offer shade and shelter on your patio. Making a fabric canopy or shade sail is a simple way to accomplish this. Garden supply stores sell pre-made fabric canopies, but if you feel crafty, you can make one and save money. Simple supplies like fabric, PVC piping, an electric drill, and hooks are all you’ll need.

Also sewing a pocket for the piping along the fabric’s edge is the first step in making the canopy. Next, drill holes into the pipes’ ends. After that, insert the piping into the pocket you made and use the hooks to fasten it to the wall.

By following these easy instructions, you can quickly and inexpensively set up a fabric patio cover that offers shade and shelter for your outdoor space.

2. A Pergola

A pergola creates a lovely outdoor dining area by acting as a stylish patio cover. Its design features columns and a wooden frame with beams across it. Basically place pots at the bottom of each column to serve as a base for the pergola’s climbing plants, which will climb the structure and provide shade and aesthetic appeal with their foliage.

A pergola can provide shade from the sun but cannot shield you from rain because it is not waterproof. The pergola will only provide minimal shelter once the plants grow to cover the top of the structure, even with quickly growing plants, so patience is required.

To create a warm and opulent setting for evening gatherings, consider hanging decorative lights from the pergola to improve the ambiance, such as a Moroccan lantern or chandelier.

3. A Veranda

If you’re up for the challenge, consider building a veranda as a long-term option for a patio cover. A veranda provides a more permanent structure while performing similarly to a patio cover. However a veranda is a roofed portion that wraps around or along the side of a building. You could build it over an existing patio or as a raised area.

Though building a veranda might call for some prior construction experience, you can still do it by following a comprehensive guide that takes you through each step of the procedure. Rather you can successfully DIY a veranda to build a strong and fashionable shelter for your patio with the right instructions and effort.

4. A Wooden Patio Roof

As a simple solution to create a protected area, think about installing a wooden patio cover. You can complete the project yourself or hire someone to do it for you, guaranteeing a quick installation. Generally building a wooden patio cover is doable even for DIY novices, thanks to the abundance of online tutorials that offer detailed instructions.

However, using a wooden roof or any opaque material, like metal, has the disadvantage of obstructing natural light. As a result, the covered area might feel darker compared to other patio cover options.

5. A Patio Cover With a Translucent Roof

A transparent patio cover can maintain sunlight while relaxing in a covered area. Polycarbonate panels, a translucent material, are a great option for creating a patio cover. In addition to providing rain protection, it also lets light through.

Polycarbonate panels have advantages like durability, waterproofing, affordability, and usability. Also they offer UV protection, which makes them a preferable substitute for traditional building materials.

6. An Attached Structure

A simple way to make shade and shelter is to attach a patio cover to your home. A cost-effective patio cover is a good option if your patio is next to your house. Moreover fasten the cover to your home’s walls.

This style of patio cover requires little building or do-it-yourself labor, making it a practical and affordable choice. There are numerous cover designs that you can use to fasten your house with bolts. However these covers come in various sizes, and some even have retractable features, giving you more flexibility and versatility to meet your needs.

7. An Umbrella

A big umbrella is a great option if you’re looking for a cheap patio cover. Various parasols and umbrellas with weighted bases are available in outdoor retailers to ensure stability in windy conditions.

It’s crucial to remember, though, that umbrellas only offer protection from the sun and not from rain. In comparison to other options, they also have a smaller coverage area. Generally you’ll need to reposition the umbrella as the sun moves throughout the day to maintain shade in various patio areas.

8. An Adjustable Gazebo

A freestanding gazebo is a great option for a quick and adaptable patio cover solution. The availability of ready-made gazebos makes it simple to customize them to fit the dimensions and aesthetic of your patio.

An adjustable gazebo adds practicality because it is simple to take apart and store when unused. However the benefit of this strategy is that you won’t need planning permission, which will expedite and reduce the cost of the procedure.

9. A Prefab Patio Cover

Prefab patio covers are an easy way to shield your outdoor area from the elements if you prefer a hassle-free solution. If you take the time to look, you can find affordable prefab covers, though they might be more expensive than DIY alternatives.

In particular, if you’re not inclined to DIY projects, choosing a prefab patio cover will save you the time, effort, and potential stress of building a cover from scratch. Also you can use your outdoor space all year by quickly and easily providing shelter for your patio with a ready-made cover.

Prefab patio covers are an appealing option for those who prefer a straightforward and effective way to protect their patio area due to their convenience and accessibility.

10. A Stone Ceiling

A stone ceiling over your patio is a great option to create a permanent outdoor area. Adding a stone roof to your patio can become a year-round, all-weather outdoor room.

While installing a stone ceiling requires more time and work than other options, it can be less expensive if you source the materials and do the work yourself.

A stone ceiling will have a stunning aesthetic and protect from the wind, rain, snow, and sun. Overall this means that regardless of the weather, you can maximise your patio space.

FAQs Related to Enclosed Patios

What is the Cheapest Way to Enclose a Patio?

You can consider a few low-cost options when enclosing a patio on a budget. Utilizing outdoor drapes or curtains is one of the more affordable options. These are simple to hang from a rod or wire and offer privacy and weather protection.

Utilizing bamboo screens or blinds is an additional cost-effective choice. They provide a sense of enclosure and a touch of natural beauty to your patio. However you can attach them to pre-existing structures or build a freestanding frame for a more distinctive appearance.

Repurposing old windows or doors can be a budget-friendly way to enclose your patio if you want a do-it-yourself project. You can turn a space into cozy and charming using reclaimed materials such as walls or partitions.

Whatever you decide, consider the aesthetics, usability, and durability to design an enclosed patio that matches your taste and budget.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a 10×10 Patio Cover?

The price to construct a 10×10 patio cover can change depending on the materials used, the complexity of the design, and the location. However, as a ballpark figure, you should budget between $1,500 and $5,000 for a straightforward patio cover installation. The cost might increase if you decide to use expensive materials or add extras like lighting or ceiling fans. To determine the true cost of your particular project, it is advised to get several quotes from local contractors.

Does Enclosing a Patio Increase Home Value?

Yes, there are several ways to increase the value of a home by enclosing a patio. First, an enclosed patio expands the home’s usable living space, frequently regarded as a valuable asset by prospective buyers. It offers a second room that can be used for various things, like a sunroom, a home office, or an entertainment space.

Second, a covered patio can improve the home’s overall appearance. It adds a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to the house, making it more appealing to buyers and commanding a higher selling price.

Finally, increased privacy and weather protection are advantages of an enclosed patio. This additional comfort and adaptability are frequently regarded as desirable features, increasing the property’s appeal and possibly resulting in a higher home value.

What is the Best Material to Enclose a Porch?

Your particular needs will determine the best material to enclose a porch. Glass or acrylic panels offer excellent insulation and visibility if you’re looking for a year-round, weather-resistant option. The screen material is the best choice if you’re looking for a more affordable insect protection solution. Aluminum and vinyl are strong materials that need little upkeep. To choose the best material for your porch enclosure, consider your priorities, financial constraints, and desired functionality.


You can use your patio year-round if you convert it into an enclosed space. By enclosing your patio, you can create a cozy atmosphere and add indoor furnishings and accents to make it feel more comfortable.

When planning your Enclosed patio ideas on a budget, consider the available space and select a design that blends in with the style of your home. This list provides ideas for your project, whether you choose a consistent aesthetic or a distinctive standout feature.

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