GlassInsulated Glass Vs Regular Glass - Which One to Choose?

Insulated Glass Vs Regular Glass – Which One to Choose?

Do you know that you can significantly reduce your energy bills by just replacing your glass windows? You read that right, insulated glass windows, aka insulated glass units, aid your HVAC system in maintaining the desired temperature range with ease. So if you are thinking of window or front door replacements then taking the help of professionals is the best idea to reduce the workload and also for your own safety. Now the question is which glass is best for your door.

Insulated glass blocks UV rays and reduces noise levels compared to regular glass. Therefore, insulated glass is the hot pick of those who want a reliable glass option that also saves some cost in the longer run.

What Exactly Is the Insulated Glass Unit?

Insulated glass consists of multiple layers (usually two). An inert gas is present between the multiple layers which separate these glass panels from each other. The presence of insulating material in between the glass layers helps it block the transfer of heat or cold from the outside. That’s the reason why insulated glass is so good at diffusing the heat and cold transfer, although you can improve the insulation of any glass door by using folding door blinds.

Benefits of Insulated Glass Unit

An insulated glass unit is the perfect glass option for any residential or commercial property with multiple layers and excellent insulation properties. Here are some of its benefits.

1: Lower Energy Bills

The insulated glass insulates the room from the outside heat by blocking the direct sunlight. Similarly, when it’s cold outside, it would prevent the cold air from penetrating into the room. So, the insulation characteristics of this glass don’t put an extra load on your home’s HVAC system. In this way, the insulated windows and glass doors can lower your energy bills by a good margin.

2: Strong and Durable

Insulated Glass Vs Regular Glass

Unlike regular glass, insulated glass is quite a strong and durable option. It’s the dual glass layers that strengthen it. Further, it’s tough to break it, which also improves your home’s security. It can deal with minor damage (cracks etc.) without hurting anyone. In short, you get perfect peace of mind when you’ve installed the insulated glass door or windows at your home. They won’t break easily and also don’t require frequent replacements.

3: Reduce Noise Levels

Another great advantage of insulated windows and glass doors is that they are good at reducing noise levels. Thanks to the multiple glass layers, they prevent high noise levels from entering the room. So, insulated windows may be the right pick for you if you live in a busy neighborhood.

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A Few Limitations of Insulated Glass

1: Up Front Cost

No doubt, the initial installation cost of an insulated glass unit can be on the higher side. However, their practical benefits and excellent insulation performance are worth each penny. Also, the reduced energy bills and maximum noise reduction justify the upfront cost. So, it’s an investment that pays you in the longer run just like double glazing windows installation in homes.

2: Requires Care during Installation

Whether it’s an insulated window or glass door, it requires some extreme care while installing it. That’s because it’s essential to seal the whole glass unit. As a result, even a minor leakage of gas could harm its performance. In this regard, you can take help from an expert glass installer.

Benefits of Regular Glass

Despite the practical benefits of insulated glass, some people still use regular glass panels. Here are a few of its benefits.

1: Easy to install

Insulated Glass Vs Regular Glass

Regular glass panels have no additional glass layer or any insulation material. Therefore, they are easy to install. You can even install regular glass panels without professional assistance.

2: Low-Cost Option

Regular glass panels don’t cost that high. That’s because there isn’t any additional protection offered.

Limitations of Regular Glass

1: No Value Offered

Regular glass panels get the job done. That’s it. They will look good but won’t offer any additional benefits or protection. For instance, you cannot expect them to help you save some bucks on energy bills. So, there isn’t anything extra apart from their looks.

2: Easily Breakable

The worst part is that when a regular glass window or door breaks, it tears into tiny pieces. Its razor sharped edges can hurt anyone. The absence of any safety add-on can be a risky ask.

3: No UV Protection

Harsh UV rays can fade away the color of your furniture items. For example, it may change its original color and finishing, which could harm your interior looks. So, regular windows aren’t ideal if you want to protect your furniture items from direct sunlight.

A Brief Cost Analysis of Both Glass Types

Insulated glass panels usually cost around $10 per square foot. On the other hand, regular glass panels cost around $6 per square foot. So, double pane glass panels cost nearly twice the price of standard glass.

Well, it’s the insulation properties of insulated windows and glass doors that make them cost higher. In this regard, opting for replacement insulated glass panels is best. You can replace your regular glass panels to avail their benefits that justify their additional cost. You should always buy insulated glass panels from a place that’s trusted by the majority.

Final Thoughts!

So, that was a brief comparison between insulated glass panels and regular glass panels. The benefits you get with insulated panels make sense. You end up saving a good amount on energy bills every year. Given the dual glass layers, insulated panels are also less prone to damage. So, they don’t require replacement that soon.

On the other hand, regular glass panels are available for everyone who want to add that unique look of glass to their home décor. Regular panels don’t offer any protection and can also hurt anyone (if broken).

In short, if you want a reliable glass option that serves you for some time, you can go with an insulated glass unit. However, for the best quality, ensure that you buy it from a reputable glass seller.


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