CeilingThing to Consider for Buying Ceiling Fans for Your Home

Thing to Consider for Buying Ceiling Fans for Your Home

After the past summer, you may have discovered that your home isn’t cool enough for your liking and that you need to make changes to help you and your family be more comfortable when that time of year rolls around again. If so, it’s worth considering ceiling fans.

They’re an affordable cooling option and can be installed quickly. Before you buy some, though, it’s worth reading about a few top tips for purchases.

Know Your Budget

For starters, work out what budget you can allocate to purchase fans for your home. There’s no point wasting time and energy looking at products that are too far outside your budget or that might tempt you to pay more than you should, whether you shop online for ceiling fans or look in-store for options.

When determining your budget, remember there’s more to the cost than just the goods themselves. For instance, you may need to pay for delivery and installation and even potentially for the expense of having an old fan taken out and disposed of. There’s shipping to consider, too.

Measure the Space You Plan to Put the Fan In

Next, consider sizing. You don’t want to go shopping without first measuring up the ceiling sizes you have available to place fans on. You may need to decide, too, if you want to and can fit two or more fans in a room if an area is large and requires more cooling options. It’s frustrating spending money on a product only to find that it doesn’t move air around adequately for the space.

Thing to Consider for Buying Ceiling Fans for Your Home

You also want to avoid buying a fan that’s too large for the room you place it in. If you go down this path, you can find yourself with an almost wind-tunnel effect. The fan can look too visually overpowering in the space if you go too big. Another factor to pay attention to is the ceiling height(s) you have at your place. Extra-high roofs require either larger fans or multiple ones, while low ceilings often mean you need to opt for a low-profile product instead of a standard one.

Understand Which Features You Desire

You also want to know which features you’re looking for in ceiling fans before you search through the options. By doing this, you can laser in on the options that will work for your ideal bedroom and save yourself time and energy. For instance, you may focus on the look of a fan, matching it to your home’s architectural style, color scheme, or other interior decorating choices.

Other features you may want are remote-controlled products or specific smart-home ones that can be programmed from smartphones or tablets. Some fans come with lights in them, which are handy when you don’t have space on your ceiling for both a fan and a light fixture. These days, many consumers are also keen to purchase energy-efficient products with an ENERGY STAR seal. You may also want to buy fans made locally or from sustainable materials.

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Look Into Reviews of Brands and Products

Before you say yes to an item, take a look online, on social media sites, blog roundups, forums, and the like for reviews of the products on your shortlist and the manufacturers who make them. Reading this information will help you spot potential issues of concern before you outlay money, such as trouble with installation, use, maintenance, or the longevity or reliability of goods. While no products ever really get a 100 percent positive rating, you’ll notice that some definitely get more favorable reviews than others.

It also pays to ask around your family and friend groups, plus work colleagues and other contacts, for recommendations of great brands and products. People you know and trust can help you feel more confident about the direction you plan to head in, purchase-wise.

Consider Warranty

Lastly, find out what kind of warranty comes with the ceiling fans you’re thinking about investing in. Many provide a lifetime warranty on the motor and motor-related parts and one to five years on other parts. This isn’t a given, though, so always read the fine print before committing to a purchase. The more extended warranty you can get, the better.

Final Words

Fans are a simpler item than many other electrical things in our homes, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care when selecting them. Follow the tips above to make the right purchase for you the first time, and enjoy a product that cools you and your loved ones down for years to come.


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