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8 Amazing Ideas to Redesign the Room for Your Growing Kid

Depending on their evolving personality, you should redesign your kid’s space every 4-5 years. It helps the child to resonate with the room and find comfort in it. But changing the entire decoration is not a joke.

To help you with that, I have listed 8 amazing ideas to redesign the room for your growing kid.

1. Pick a theme

The theme is an integral part of a kid’s room decoration as this makes the child feel more connected and comfortable in their room.

So many kinds are fond of fictional characters like mermaids, avengers, Scooby Doo, etc., while others are interested in scientific experiments and developments. Depending on your kid’s preference, you can pick a theme for their room.

This will create a positive effect on the kid’s mind and will help your little one to develop good values.

If you’ve been going DIY with your kid’s decorations and want to do it again, make sure you have all the tools you need. Resupplying can’t hurt, either. It’s a good thing you can find the right mold release solution or carpentry set online or in craft or hardware stores.

2. Place a study table

This is the most important piece of furniture in a kid’s room. It helps your child strengthen their concentration by channeling all positive energy in one place.

Further, placing all study-related items in one area keeps the room organized. The study table also works as a place for storing books, toys, and stationery things.

Arrange helpful studying tools, like calculators and reference books, on the table for easy access. It’s also nice to position the table next to other learning materials, such as posters of maps or other things relevant to your child’s learning.

Consider installing kid-friendly hooks, storage solutions, and cable covers to help organize your child’s things and promote safety. Moreover, ensure the chair suits the table’s height.

3. Dedicated play area

You might think a play space in your kid’s room will make him lose focus on studying, so it is not recommended.

But this is wrong.

Play is an efficient way of introducing your kid to the real world. It boosts the creative side of your little ones as they use their imaginations to build a story for a certain toy. Plus, they make rules while playing with the toys and follow them rigorously.

It enhances their communication skills which help them later in life. Also, playing strengthens the brain’s prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for learning and problem-solving skills. Activities like board games, sudoku, reading, etc., assist in their overall development.

You can also put up a tent and keep your child’s favorite toys. Make sure to add different kinds of toys to promote variety.

4. Keep a calming night light

Kids are fearful of the darkness. So, it is best to install a comforting night light in their room. These calming night lights reduce the stress level in the child and make them feel safe.

It also assists the kid if they must go to the toilet at night. You can either buy illuminated globes or order a customized light. You will find them in online or offline stores.

5. Select light colors for the wall

If your kid is stepping into their teenage years, you should paint their room light colors. It prevents overstimulation and promotes relaxation. Some beautiful light shades for a teenager’s room are off-white, soft blues, light greens, faded lavenders, warm beige, etc.

These reduce blood pressure, create a meditative effect, and promote concentration.

Mini lights are also becoming popular. If you’re putting them up, ensure they’re properly mounted to avoid accidental slipping, electrocution, or strangulation.

Check the manufacturer’s installation and safety instructions. If you’re buying lights in a physical store, ask the sales rep’s assistance to help you find a child-friendly brand and model.

6. Choose beautiful quilt covers

Most kids sweat excessively because of all the activity throughout the day. A quality quilt cover absorbs sweat and helps the child maintain a normal temperature throughout sleep.

As they are soft and made of breathable materials, you don’t have to worry about asthma attacks or skin allergies.

These covers don’t require lots of maintenance, so there is no need for dry washing. Lastly, beautiful covers create soothing effects and help kids fall asleep easily. You can find rich quality quilt cover sets online.

7. Add plants to the room

Plants are living beings, and they require maintenance to grow. You can also use Plant Grow lights that is designed to stimulate plant growth. It is a great way to introduce qualities in your little one, like accountability, empathy, care, etc. You might consider putting some easy to care houseplants for your kids.

It will boost their creativity. Plus, plants need scheduled watering. Thus, your kids will understand the importance of routine.

On the other hand, plants help cleanse the room’s air quality and provide a positive vibe. Some best indoor plants are peace lily, ZZ plant, Dracaenas, Dieffenbachia, etc.

8. Keep a blackboard on the wall

Blackboards help to improve the motor skills of kids. It is a visual platform that showcases their imagination and maximizes their information-retaining ability. It also strengthens their hand and eye coordination.

Traditional blackboards require chalk. But if your child is allergic to that, you can choose modern boards, like whiteboards or even digital screens. Read the product listings to ensure you buy one suitable for your child’s age and skills.

Over to you…

Now that you have several ideas for your kitty, it’s time for some action. First, seek your child’s input for a more personalized approach.

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