BackyardA Designer’s Guide to Making Your Ideal Outdoor Space

A Designer’s Guide to Making Your Ideal Outdoor Space

Do you live in a townhouse or a family home in the suburbs? Having access to your outdoor space is truly a luxury.

As extensions of your home, outdoor living spaces make for cozy, warm-weather spots for relaxing and entertaining with family and friends—as well as a private oasis for you to tune out the everyday bustle.

Comfort must be as much a priority in your indoor spaces as it’s inside your home. Luckily, there are numerous options to maximize comfort, whether your space is a small balcony, deck, an expensive poolside, or an urban backyard.

Here are some recommendations for you to consider:

1. Find outdoor planters that could be indoor sculptures

Swap planers and run-of-the-mill pots for more decorative ones that would look just as at home in an indoor living area to blend the lines between your outdoor living spaces.

You can display them on the ground and on tables to add interest at various levels.

2. Add some color

Whether through accessories, furniture, or flowers, adding a pop of color to your outdoor space will make it more welcoming and inviting.

Remember that color can add life and personality to an otherwise boring space. Also, bright colors are especially efficient in making a small space feel bigger.

It is essential to find a color scheme that you like and that fits your home’s overall style.

3. Hang curtains

Hanging curtains around your outdoor space will offer it a more intimate feel and help safeguard you from the elements. For instance, curtain panels can be utilized to make various areas within your space.

Also, you might utilize them to divide off a seating area from the dining area. It is also a great idea to utilize weather-resistant fabrics so that your curtains can endure the elements.

4. Get a comfortable furniture

Are you going to spend time in your outdoor space? You’ll like to make you have comfortable furniture for patios and outdoor spaces. That means chairs that you could sit in for more than five minutes without getting cramps.

Wooden furniture could add some rustic touch, while wicker furniture can offer your outdoor space a beachier vibe.

You can also consider choosing sturdy and lovely garden chairs. Pick stylish pieces for outside living that are not too bulky and would not be out of place in a living room or conservatory.

Group them around an outdoor rug, include a side table, and now you have the perfect, sociable living area set up only for the outdoors.

5. Add some water

Whether it is a small pond, a birdbath, or a fountain, adding water to your outdoor space will be more enjoyable and relaxing.

Water features also add a sense of luxury to your space. Integrate a water feature design that fits your home’s overall style and outdoor living area.

If you have a big outdoor space, you might wish to consider a pond or a fountain. If you have a smaller area, a small fountain or a birdbath might be a good option.

6. Add a firepit

Do you agree that nothing says cozy like a copper fire pit? Whether you use it for ambiance or roasting marshmallows, a fire pit is excellent to make your outdoor space more welcoming and inviting.

On top of that, firepit tables are convenient, as they offer a place to set snacks and drinks. You can always hire a pro if you are not comfortable or confident building a fire pit on your own.

7. Add some shade

Part of what is great about an outdoor space is that it offers an appealing interstice between the outdoors and the indoors, providing the comfort and coziness of the indoor with the outdoor world’s natural beauty.

Having some shade, whether a canopy of overhanging trees or plants or an actual ceiling, is an excellent way to compartmentalize your space and offer it that “best of both worlds” vibe.

What’s more, if the rain should begin falling, a ceiling will offer some much-needed cover and safeguard your decorations and furniture.

8. Light it up

Remember that lighting could make all the difference to your space, whether it’s outdoors or indoors. When we talk about your outdoor space, you have lots of opportunities for amazing lighting that will add to the space’s magical ambiance.

Tealight lanterns, fairy lights, and candles—can all lend your outdoor space a whimsical and magical sense of ambiance.

9. Bring the inside out

Everything about your interior décor is selected to reflect your unique sense of style and personality. It is what makes you feel at home when you are actually at home.

Given that your interiors are the impression of who you are, why don’t you extend it to your outdoor space? You can use the same shapes, materials, textures, and colors to make a unified aesthetic that brings the inside out.

10. Play with seating and levels

Covered or secluded garden spaces will benefit from having lots of types of levels and seatings.

For example, shelving with added plants and more décor will draw the eye up. That makes the space feel more luxurious and spacious, adding more character and interest.

Also, if your outdoor living room is not covered, make sure you pick shower-resistant fabrics, or you can put them away on a garden storage bench. Of course, you can also accessorize with plenty of vases and planters.

Final Words

No matter what you have in mind for your stunning outdoor space and gorgeous patio, these tips will surely give you some inspiration.

As the winter starts to retreat and spring draws closer, you will also begin moving your attention outdoors. As the weather becomes more conducive to lazy days in the sun, barbecues, and garden parties, it is also time to begin thinking about how you will make a comfy, gorgeous, and cozy space outdoors.

We hope this guide will help you do just that. We wish you the best of luck, and enjoy your outdoor space project!

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