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5 Easy Steps for Selecting the Best Bar and Counter Stools

Bar counter stools are not just functional piece but they also add aesthetics statement in placement. Bar stools provide stylish and versatile seating solutions, perfect for elevating the ambiance of any bar, kitchen counter, or entertainment area. When selecting the right bar and counter stools for your home, here are a few things you would consider including style, layout, material, and height.

When selecting your kitchen bar and counter, the first thing you want to get right for your modern home is the style. The tone of your kitchen is very importants. You want to have a matching feel between your modern stools and your kitchen. There are a variety of styles, colors, and designs for everyone depending on their taste and preference. In terms of color, almost every color is available in the market and the non-available colors can be custom-made by the manufacturer.

Evidently, Alchemy Homes has a wide variety of bars and stools to choose from. The preference for material is also another important fact when it comes to selecting the right bar and counter tools. A durable and easy-to-clean material should always be your number one preference.

Additionally, you want to be sure of the available space in your kitchen when choosing your stools. Now that the bar stools occupy only limited space, you will have to choose keenly. If the aforementioned factors are taken into account, a perfect feel and style can be achieved at your home. In the article, we’re going to discuss the ideal facts to check in order to achieve a complete picture when choosing bar stools for the kitchen.

Things to Consider for Best Bar and Counter Stools

1. The Right Height of Your Stools

You want to make sure that the selected height of your bar and counter stools is perfect because it affects the comfort of the people using the stools. Stretching to reach for something from the countertops is very uncomfortable for the users especially if it’s the guests. They might end up having a really bad experience with your stools which is not so good. The rule of thumb is to have your bar and counter stools have the hips height or just a bit lower.

Before you get too attached to a specific bar and counter stool, it is important to check the height it offers at first. It is also important to check with the manufacturer or the company if they have a return policy to make sure that you can return or exchange the stools if they don’t fit in your home, as you would love them to.

2. Comfort in Style

Put emphasis on the people who will be sitting on your bar and counter stools when choosing the stools’ style.

Apart from the height, it is also important to put much more emphasis on the bars’ stools’ style. The bar stools and countertops come in different designs and shapes, which will depend on one’s taste and preference. Most people with children will opt to choose the easy-to-clean material and might also go for black or non-shouting materials. Others may prefer the leather stools which would add a greater taste of style to their spaces.

The material size and shape of the selected bar and counter stools should also be considered when choosing the right modern stools. Modern stools come in various materials, designs, and colors; therefore it will greatly depend on the buyer’s preference and taste. Some have narrow seating areas; flat tops while others have a saddleback as well as different various shapes.

3. Understand what comfort means

It’s very vital to go for suitable stools depending on what comfort means to you as an individual. Some people may find the stools with cushions very comfortable while others prefer the cushion less. Comfort will therefore vary from person to person. Find what makes you feel comfortable in your home. It is advisable to test each stool to get along the way until your comfort thirst is quenched.

4. The perfect layout

It is very crucial to have in mind the layout of your counter or bar area when choosing the perfect stools. Availability of enough space to ensure your free movements around the kitchen area, and that you do not move around being knocked on the knees is very key. Before purchasing any brass counter stools, you will be asked how much space is available in your home. You want to ensure that there is enough space between the edge of the countertops and your stools. With this put in place, you will achieve the perfect layout you need.

5. Choose the bar stools that complement your space.

Color is an important factor to consider when selecting the best stools for your modern kitchen. Most people tend to focus more on color when it comes to selecting the perfect chairs and stools. Many times, people choose black, brown, or even metallic stools over the brass-made, wooden bar and counter stools. Interior designers also advise that it is important to match your countertops with the most suitable bar stools. For instance, wooden countertops usually go well with wooden bar stools while matching their colors appropriately.

Also, modern homes consider metallic stools as classy while wooden bar stools are regarded as traditional and used in rustic kitchens. The leather bar stools are believed to add a touch of luxury to modern homes while plastic stools can be used where there are kids and are ideal for small families. The contemporary kitchen may prefer the metal bar stool due to its light-weighted nature and their industrial feel.


1. Can I mix and match the bar stools?

Yes, you can mix and match your bar tool! As a fact, it’s a great idea in adding personality and interest to your home. It is also to take note of the height of the stools and ensure that its consistent in order to ensure the comfort of everyone. You also want to check on the material and style of the stools and that they complement each other suitably.

2. Are brass bar stools and counters durable?

brass counter stools are durable and largely depend on the usage and maintenance of the owner. If the stools and bar counters made of brass are well taken care of, they can last for many years. It is also vital to check the originality to avoid being sold as imitations. They are a great choice in terms of style and durability.

3. Are the bar stools for heavyweight users?

Yes, there are bar stools that can comfortably hold heavyweight users. A good example of this is the Hamptons bar stools. It is suitable for heavyweight because it allows huge people to sit easily without obstacles such as armrests and backrests. All the same, it depends on the weight capacity of the stool. It is also vital to read the stool’s specifications before purchasing it.

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