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5 Quick & Cost-Effective Curb Appeal Refresh Tips For Home Sellers

The first impression is often a game-changer when it comes to selling a property. Even if you don’t have any plans to cash your home, you want neighbors and visitors to be awe-struck. A curb appeal refresh can make all the difference either way.

A study by the University of Texas at Arlington validates the fact, stating that you can sell your home for 7% more by investing in curb appeal. You can be a proud owner even if you don’t want a premium. It’s a win-win both ways.

Like any other home improvement project, a curb appeal refresh project costs money and requires time. A complete makeover may cost you thousands and take months to complete. As a busy homeowner or seller looking for a fast deal, you may not have the bandwidth for either.

Fortunately, you can overcome second thoughts by picking ideas costing a fraction and wrapping them up within weeks. With these ideas, you have flaunt-worthy exteriors before you imagine.

Here are a few quick and cost-effective upgrade ideas to get your curb appeal on point:

Begin with a Deep Clean

The most basic home improvement job for beautiful curb appeal is a deep clean for your exterior. That’s something most homeowners tend to overlook because of the focus on the indoors. Remember that dirt and grime can make your house look forlorn and turn off buyers. Spend a little time and effort on cleaning to get a perfect offer.

Here is a checklist of steps to make your place appear shiny and clean:

  • Tidy up your yard by removing clutter, debris, and dead leaves. A little housekeeping for the outdoors gives you a great start.
  • Rent a pressure washer to blast the dirt off the deck, porch, and sidewalk. Also, powerwash the windows, siding, and gutters.
  • Check for mold on the exterior walls and vinyl siding, and get experts for the cleaning job before listing your home for sale.

Get a Paint Job

According to Spruce statistics, the average cost of painting the exterior of a home is nearly $1.50 to $4 per square foot. The overall cost may vary depending on the size, condition, siding material, and prep work for the project.

Spending a few hundred dollars on a paint project is worthwhile if it gets you a significantly higher offer for your property. You may economize in several ways, from choosing to skip a few areas to trying a DIY paint project refreshing only the front door.

Upgrade Exterior Trim

Upgrading exterior trim may not be on your checklist when it comes to a curb appeal refresh, but it is a worthy investment that adds value to your property. Exterior trims are prone to rotting due to exposure to elements, making it crucial to check them before listing the house for sale. Replacing the barge board may be enough if you don’t want to spend time and money on a total replacement.

Belco recommends treated and primed materials as they last longer and retain their shine and strength over the years. A small expense can enhance the beauty and value of your exteriors, making it the best decision whether you want to sell the house or own it for the long haul.

Illuminate the Pathways

Lighting plays a significant role in making a first impression on visitors or potential buyers. Most buyers prefer to check the property at different times of the day before sealing the deal. Lack of proper illumination outdoors can go against you because people often consider such homes unsafe. Moreover, darkness often creates negative vibes.

Adding lighting to the pathways from the main entrance to the front door can bring allure and elegance to your house. You can get LED or solar-powered lights to gain some brownie points for energy efficiency. Remember to add bistro light strings to your patio or deck for an extra dose of beauty.

Add Some Greenery

Another super quick and cost-effective idea for a curb appeal refresh is to add some greenery to your exteriors. Leafy plants, shrubs, and bushes are appealing, and flowers bring a pop of color to your outdoor space. Plants can be expensive, but you can pick affordable options such as hostas, ferns, or azaleas.

A pretty feature like a small waterfall or a wooden bench can enhance the overall appeal. A vertical garden on the wall and artificial turf on your deck is good enough to create a gardening spot if you don’t have a garden. You can consider hiring a professional landscaper to prepare your space if you expect buyers to drop in sooner than later.

The Bottom Line

An outdoor makeover is the best way to make your home sales-worthy. You may even pick a project to enhance it if you don’t want to sell. Either way, you need not spend a fortune on a curb appeal refresh. Follow these tips to beautify your home exteriors within your budget and without spending a lot of time.

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