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Secrets of Luxurious Towel: How to Choose the Perfect One for Your Home

Many different brands, toweling materials, suitability for specific needs, and several other features may confuse you in selecting the best towel set for your home use.

Everyone wants to purchase luxurious towels having the perfect softness, absorbency, and life span. Specifically, people are conscious while buying towels for spa, bathing purposes, and for kids.

To choose luxurious yet cheap towels for your home, we have put together a guide where you will learn what to look for in a towel and how to choose the best one for the respective purpose.

How to Choose the Perfect Towel for Your Home?

Between too many choices, finding a durable, affordable, and high-quality towel may be a drawn-out process, especially for novices.

However, when you invest a large sum of money, it is better to know what to look for in a towel before deciding on the perfect one. Here are the Home Expert’s Tips to help you learn how to choose the perfect towel for your home (for bathing, kids, kitchen, and other purposes).

1. Check the Fiber of the Towel

Its fiber is the most important thing to look for in a bathing towel. Turkish, Egyptian, and Supima cotton are popular in manufacturing luxurious towels.

Towels made from these materials are super absorbent, soft, anti-bacterial, fuzz-free, and durable.

Pro Tip: Choose different colored towels for different purposes, for example, cream white or dull grey for bathing towels, red-colored hand towels, etc.

2. Read the Production Highlights

Production highlights of a product or towel help you understand the quality enhancement techniques of the product and its material. All good Towel Shop or brands always mention production highlights for for gaining customer’s confidence and satisfaction.

Towels are usually ring spun or combed; the former technique produces smooth and durable towels while the latter one produces stronger towels as it utilizes longer cotton fibers only.

3. Make Purpose-Based Selection

Purpose-based selection will not only save you money but also let you utilize it properly. You can buy cheap towels for kitchen use and luxurious towels for bathing or at-home spa.

4. Check its Softness, Weight, & Care Instructions

It is obvious that a towel soft to the touch absorbs quickly, and dries faster will be everyone’s favorite.

But the question is “Can you ensure these quality points by merely touching the towel one to two times?”

The answer is “not always”. Therefore, to ensure that you are buying a quality towel, you should check its production highlights, care instructions, the weight of the towel, how it feels to touch, and price.

5. High Price Doesn’t Always Mean Good Quality

Sometimes, price can be an indicator of quality toweling but it is not a steadfast rule. Expensive towels offer exceptional features (that are not mandatory to have in a towel), while cheap towels can also provide great value.

Some branded and local towels may have a huge price difference just because of the popularity of that brand while the quality of both of the towels will be the same. The key is to differentiate between a low-price and low-quality towel.

Types of Luxurious Towel Materials

1. Turkish Cotton

The specialty of Turkish cotton towels lies in its long and strong fibers. This difference makes it stand out among the rest types of materials used in manufacturing towels.

Towels made of Turkish cotton are soft, have little to no fuzz, and are very absorbent. It can withstand machine washing and due to the strength of fibers and sleekness of Turkish cotton, it is marked as the most durable towelling stuff.

2. Egyptian Collection

The Egyptian collection is well known for its longer, denser, and absorbent fibers. Towels made from this cotton are amazingly absorbent and perfect for use as bathrobes, bath towels, washcloths, hand towels, etc.

Along with the remarkable moisture-holding capacity, Egyptian collection towels are also good for quick drying. Moreover, it has a longer life span and finely withstands machine washing.

PS: Egyptian collection’s towels are so good at absorbing moisture that they soak up the moisture in the air and become wet when left outside. Therefore, they are recommended for more arid climates and not for tropical areas.

3. Supima Cotton

Supima cotton grown in the USA is unique in the extra-long staple fibers that make it perfect for manufacturing towels. Quality and durability are the other names of Supima cotton towels.

Color retention, softness, and fiber strength are the prominent features of this toweling material. Being indulgently soft and absorbent, Supima towels are ideal to be used as bath and hair towels.

4. Organic Cotton

As its name indicates, organic cotton is sown, grown, and harvested naturally (without the application of any pesticides, herbicides, etc.).

Towels made of this material are best for people who prefer eco-friendly things for daily use. Besides being safe for the environment, organic cotton-made towels are durable, soft, and absorbent, therefore, known as ideal stuff for luxurious towels.

5. Rayon

Rayon toweling stuff is a mixture of bamboo and cotton. It is best known for its extraordinary absorbency and anti-bacterial and odor-resistant properties.

It is one of the preferred choices for spa and bathing towels as it soaks moisture efficiently and dries quickly. You will love its fluffy, soft, and luxurious feel. For its softness and fluffiness, it is the most demanding as kids and luxurious towels.

6. Micro Cotton

Micro cotton-made towels are excellent at quick moisture absorption, lighter mass, and eco-friendly properties.

This cotton material is soft, ideal for all skin types, and therefore widely used for manufacturing luxurious towels demanding spa and kids towels.

How to Care for Your Home Towels?

As the fabric of different towels varies so are the care requirements to use them longer. The most important are the washing and drying methods. The following points of instruction will help you to keep your home towels clean and maintained:

  • Never use bleach for washing or removing stains off the towels
  • Wash like-colored towels together
  • Wash the newly purchased towels to reduce lint, set their color, and improve absorbency
  • Do not use fabric softeners as they deteriorate the fibers slowly
  • Avoid drying towels in the machine dryer as it would destroy its fabric weaving
  • Do not store even slightly damp towels due to the high chance of producing mildew

Final Words

Towels are one of the most important things in any home for everyday use. You need it after bathing, cleaning up messes, drying hands after every while, etc.

Luxurious towels (specifically bathing towels) are quite expensive. Therefore, you need to know how to choose the perfect one for your home. You should look for its fabric material, softness, weight, size, color, price, and care instructions.

Remember that you can have all these qualities at low prices, the secret is to explore and do some research. Some online towel shops sell supreme quality towels at highly reasonable prices.

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