Moving & Packing4 Helpful Tips to Prepare for The Moving Day

4 Helpful Tips to Prepare for The Moving Day

Moving days are notorious for being stressful and nerve-wracking. You may be worried that you didn’t pack your things properly or may have forgotten a minor detail in your moving plan, like canceling your mail subscription. On top of that, you may be apprehensive about living in a new and foreign place, especially when you have no prior experience of living there. Unfortunately, despite how scary moving is, sometimes you have no other choice but to relocate.

For instance, regions like South Florida are ideal as holiday resorts but not the best place to live. Places like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach are extremely expensive and often cost way more than the average house in California. Business Insider data collected from a roughly 14,000-member Facebook group stated that severe weather, low wages, crowded beaches, and expensive housing are enough to force them to move away. So, if you’re leaving South Florida and heading to your new life, learning about the essentials of moving out can make this transition seamless. Let’s go over some practical tips to help you move out effortlessly.

Call A Moving Company

Moving companies can make moving out easy for you. These experts have years of experience and knowledge that can work in your favor as they pack up your things for the big move. If you plan to leave South Florida, for instance, Miami, and move to San Francisco, you should understand this is a giant leap. California is about eight states away from South Florida, and the drive is about 39 hours.

Hence consult experts such as Bekins of South Florida, who specialize in long-distance moving across state lines. These professionals will know what route to take, how fast to drive, and how to load your luggage to minimize damage.

Make the Necessary Arrangements for Your Children or Pet

You need to help your child get ready for the big move. Start by ensuring their car seat is safely locked and comfortable. When movers come to your house to load the van, keep your kids from getting into the mover’s path. If your children are known for being escape artists and might slip away from you, ask your family or friends if they can watch over your child for a few hours until it’s time to leave and the movers are packed away. But, take some time out to talk to your child as this big change can emotionally charge them.

As you put your child into the car, ensure they have everything they’ll need for the long ride, including snacks, refreshing beverages, toys, and electronics like iPad. The same rule applies to your pets. Animals often get hyperactive in the presence of a stranger. Your dog or cat may not react well to having someone unknown in their space, like a mover. It can cause them to attack, bark, or tangle themselves between items which can not only cause chaos but injure the mover.

So, before movers arrive, crate or leash your animal. Or restrain them so they don’t cause havoc as you prepare to move. Likewise, you need to ensure the car is ready for your pet. If you plan on putting them in a crate for a long journey, you’ll need to make their cage comfortable. Add their favorite blanket, toys, pee pads, water, and treats in their carrier. If you have a large animal, take frequent pit stops to let your animal stretch and relieve themselves so they don’t mess up your car or get stressed from being cramped up for so long.

Have Food Ready

Moving days can be extra stressful since you must stay on top of everything. Constantly running around burns up energy resulting in you getting hungry often. So, having food ready before can make it easy to snack or have a quick meal between packing up. While ordering out is an option, you should avoid doing that since your house will be entirely upside down, and you may not have the stamina to place and receive an order.

Snacks like sandwiches, biscuits, fruits, and salads are convenient to toss together. You can also make a few more sandwiches for your movers as they help you pack. Ensure you have enough bottled water and juices to keep everyone hydrated throughout the day. Don’t neglect your health on this crucial day.

Charge Your Gear

Always ensure your electronics, like your phone and iPad, are charged completely. Consider charging up your backup devices in case your phone runs out of juice fast. While you’re moving, stay connected with friends and family. Consider purchasing a mobile internet so you can talk to your family anytime. It would also help if you downloaded google maps and saved the routes you’re supposed to take to your new destination.

You can also add check-ins to your Facebook during every pit stop to reassure your loved ones that you’re doing well. Furthermore, take pictures of documents and necessary paperwork since this can make it easy to refer to them without ruffling through your purse. Keep your charger on you and ensure your car’s charging dock works.

Final Thoughts

No one wants to experience a bad moving day or things spiraling out of control. Hence, prepare for your big day by taking care of all the factors that can make shifting easy for you. These include contacting movers, ensuring your child is cared for, and having food to munch on as you bid farewell to your old life.

Shifting is a monumental occasion; you may feel emotional watching your house steadily get empty as boxes move out, so don’t make the day harder for yourself by not preparing. And most importantly, hire professional movers to ensure a stress-free move. As long as you manage every aspect in advance and stay on top of your moving schedule, you’ll feel less stressed about moving out. Use every facility you can to make moving out less stressful and give yourself the space to prepare for your new life.

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