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Is It Necessary To Let Moving Companies Near You Do All Of Your Packing?

The tediousness of packing for an upcoming move is enough to make one adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Everyone knows how hard it is to organize and transport things. So much so that no one will fault you for entertaining the thought of discarding everything and just buying new things as necessary. Do not let it dampen your excitement for the move.

Undeniably, a clean slate can be very attractive when you find yourself on the kitchen floor at 3 in the morning wondering why you have so many pots and pans when you do not even cook. After all, you are off to a new city and you should be preoccupied with places to explore and fun things to do, not boxes of belongings to pack or storage options for large furniture. Save time while saving your peace of mind. Spend time with your loved ones after a busy season. Start your search for “moving company near me” and choose the best one on the list.

Outsource packing services to reduce stress

When you are relocating for a new job, the pressure is on. You have to make a great first impression and sometimes this can spell out whether or not you can keep your job. You have to learn new processes and learn fast. If you are moving to a new country, you might even need to learn a new language.

Moving is not cheap and it can get complicated. You must work hard to shoulder the cost of starting again. Packing and unpacking might take a back seat and will be at the bottom of your list of priorities. This can be disastrous if you have small kids who will need to get ready for school and also familiarize themselves with a strange environment.

One of the advantages of booking professional packing services is it frees up time so you can focus on more important things. You will need mental space to strategize and plan out your new life. You will need energy to maintain your relationships throughout this demanding season in your life.

Should you let movers pack for you?

Moving companies often include a packing service. While you want to save money, sometimes hiring professional packers is a wiser option. It is easy to get overwhelmed when all your things are in boxes. After all, you can only live out from a suitcase for a few days. One way or another, you will be forced to open the sealed boxes.

It would be easier to pack everything but this will make loading, unloading and transporting belongings especially for long distance moves more expensive and sometimes will take longer. Assess which items in your home should come with you and which can be replaced easily. Seek the advice of professional packers and map out how it can hasten or delay the moving process.

Leave the job to professional movers but do not be AWOL. Make sure you are easily accessible for questions. If you have special office equipment or house appliances, you might need to provide more detailed instructions. If you live in a condo unit, you may have to provide movers with the schedule for the service elevators or show them where the fire exit is located.

Ask moving companies what packing services are included in your movers’ rates

Do not assume service inclusions. Ask early on so you can avoid hidden charges and anticipate additional costs. Ask for the movers’ hourly rate and if the fees will cover packing materials like packing tape, furniture pads, bubble wrap and shrink wrap. Better to learn if this comes with an additional fee. If not, you can always visit a stationery and dry goods shop to purchase these items on your own.

You do not need to go over budget or incur debts. Some people relocate not to chase adventures but to take care of sick family members or to downsize after getting fired. You can still engage cheap professional packers from affordable moving companies. The key lies in doing thorough research beforehand, asking for quotes and rates and comparing prices and services.

Ask around for recommendations from trusted friends and colleagues. This can help you save time and lower the risks of unknowingly engaging scammers.

Are you supposed to help professional movers?

Help is always appreciated. Just do not get in the way and create unnecessary distraction. Trust that your professional packer has enough experience to know how to quickly and efficiently pack heavy items, breakables, and home appliances.

Eliminate non-essential tasks and disruptions to avoid process slowdown. Adequate preparation can make a world of difference especially if you are moving long distance.

Tips on working more smoothly with professional packers

You can also opt to do the following so you can work with your movers more efficiently:

  1. Clean up beforehand. Wipe furniture and appliances.
  2. Throw away broken appliances and trash. Donate old clothes. Sell items which are still in good condition but you no longer need.
  3. Avoid micromanaging but do not give incomplete instructions. Effective communication with your packers is important.
  4. Oversee expensive valuables yourself.
  5. Keep kids and pets away from movers to avoid disturbing the process and slowing down the job. Consider if you need to hire a baby sitter or pet sitter.
  6. Prepare a packing list and inventory to make sure nothing is overlooked or unintentionally left.
  7. Double check refrigerators, microwave ovens and food cabinets to make sure there are no perishables inside.
  8. Do not pack flammable items and hazardous materials such as paint, gasoline, firecrackers, etc.
  9. Prepare necessary documentation such as move out clearances and permits.
  10. Offer refreshments to your packers and tip in cash. Being appreciative of other people always makes the load lighter and the process faster.

How packed should you be for movers?

If you will not hire packers due to a tight budget or if the moving company you engaged do not offer packing and unpacking services, everything should be completely pack and ready to load in trucks and moving vans on moving day. This will save time and hassle for both you and your movers.

If this is your first time moving to another state, another city or another country, consider the following suggestions for an organized way of packing:

  1. Prepare a detailed inventory of all your belongings.
  2. Label boxes and assign numbers for specific categories of items.
  3. Segregate expensive items such as electronics from basic furniture, clothing and other belongings.
  4. Pack items you need to use regularly use last. This way you would not need to open sealed and packed boxes every time you need to use the item.
  5. Pack essentials in a bag for your first 24 hours in your new home. Do not forget your toothbrush, necessary medicine, first aid kit, a change of clothes, jewelry, cash and chargers for your devices.
  6. Double check to make sure you disconnected all appliances. Leaving chords lying around and still connected to wall outlets can be a fire hazard.

How can hiring professional packers save you time?

On the average, it takes 3 to 5 days to pack for a 3-bedroom house. These are full days dedicated to packing, not just 2 to 4 hours per day. If you have to look for a good school for your kids or supervise the construction of your new corporate offices, chances are, you do not have hours in your day to spare. Cramming is not your only option.

Do not panic. Hire packers from a professional packing service or a professional moving company to provide you with a full suite of services. Professional packing can also save you from constantly worrying whether your heirloom piano will make it to your new home.

Unpacking and setting up your new home post-move

After weeks of exhausting preparation and implementation of plans for your move, the last thing you want is to tackle another chore. Conquer procrastination by getting the boxes out of the way as soon as possible. You can quickly do this if in addition to packing services, you also avail of unpacking services.

Packing usually takes more time than unpacking but people often find it harder to unpack. There are always other things that people choose to do over going through sealed crates of stuff. Electricity and gas lines might need to be installed first in your new house. Perhaps you moved to an area where there are plenty of hurricanes and your roof needs to be repaired.

When you start buying things you know you already have just to avoid looking for them in the pile, it is time to put on your favorite music and open those boxes. Of course it would be faster and more manageable if you have assistance from professional packers and if there are other people who can help you unpack.

When you are new to a place, you want to immediately make friends and invite neighbors over for dinner. How can you start entertaining if your place is still a mess? How can your relatives visit if the guest bedroom is still serving as a makeshift storage warehouse?

Do not be overwhelmed. Learn your options. There are professional moving companies that offer maid services, wallpaper installation, handyman services, carpet cleaning. lawn mowing and even yard clean up.


Saving is more than just scrimping on money. Wise spending is often more cost-efficient. With adequate preparation and systematic implementation, you can make it through the relocation process in one piece.

Hire professional packers to help you with the packing and reclaim your peace of mind. Otherwise, you will need to factor this in your budget. Check out the affordable services at the Community Labor Partnership by calling (888) 314-5128.

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